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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,687

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It Didn't Look Like The Crowd Was That Big In Missoula.....

has anyone heard about the crowd size in Missoula?

Has Anyone Watched "The Hunt For The Trump Tapes With Tom Arnold"?....

I happened upon it the other day while I was changing channels and DVR'd eight episodes of it. I'm on episode 6 now and am really enjoying it. I just was wondering what others thought of it. I haven't heard much about it and I don't believe I read anything here on DU about it.

He says of himself 'no one ever thought I'd be an investigative journalist - and then again no one ever thought Donald Trump would ever be president'.

When I heard Tom Arnold was doing this show - I thought probably like everyone else - this guy is a kook. But after watching it - I'm hooked. Tom Arnold means well and I believe he's done and admirable job of this. It was Judd Apatow that said (paraphase here) that one would have to be a bit kooky to do this type a show cause no one else would.

So those of you that watched it - what do you think?

We're Going To Find Out That Khashoggi Drugged, Tortured, Interogated, Killed And Dismembered.....

himself. There's just no other explanation that will be acceptable to Trump.

And you know what - Trump's deplorables will buy that explanation!!!!!

Where's Rudy?.....

I haven't seen nor heard about Rudy for quite some time now. Has Trump finally benched him? Has Trump finally figured out that Rudy was hurting him more than helping him?

Where's Rudy?

To Repugs - Women Are Props......

Remember Susan Collins pro-Kavanaugh speech and the two women that were positioned behind her. How about yesterdays cabinet meeting with two women on either side of Trump (after he slammed Stormy as a 'horseface').

And anytime a Repug male gets in trouble - we see him at the podium with his silent wife by his side.

Women are just 'props' for the Repugs. I don't understand how Repug women don't realize this for themselves.

I'm so pleased that the majority of women are realizing this and are coming out in droves for the Midterms to finally put Repug males in their place.

Women GOTV!!!!!!

A Vote Against 'X' Repug Is A Vote Against Trump.....

Trump is already getting his excuse ready for the 'blue wave' of the Midterms that will cause the Repugs to lose the House and maybe the Senate too.

He's been going around the country saying 'a vote for Marsha is a vote for me' (insert a random Repug in that phrase). He's ready to take credit - if the Repugs win races - it was because of him. BUT - if the Repug loses - he will pass on the blame to them and not accept the fact that it was because of him the Repug lost their race.

Classic Trump!!!!!

In Polling Places Around The Country Where Long Lines And Waits Happen.....

is there any reason why we couldn't have volunteer 'line waiters' to take a place in line and when they get near the front - use their cell phone to call the person that they were waiting for to come and vote?

A lot of people have jobs and have to get to work and don't have the luxury of waiting for hours to vote. If they had a 'line waiter' taking their place (someone that doesn't have the responsibility of work and can spend the time) it would make it easier on those that have a job and can't afford to spend the time waiting in line.

I know we have volunteers driving voters that have problems getting to polling places - so how about volunteer 'line waiters'.

Just a thought here. I'm not sure perhaps this happens already.

Why Would Pompeo Particicpate In A Cover-Up For Trump?.....

What does Trump have on Pompeo or why would he want to allow the Saudi's to come up with a cover story?

I just don't get it. Pompeo is a smart man. He's got to realize that Trump is dragging him into something that is very precarious.

What Did Trump And Kushner Know About Khashoggi's Murder And.....

when did they know it?

Did they know before the he walked into the embassy?

Did Trump send Pompeo to create a cover story?

What the hell is going on?

One Way To Increase Voter Turnout Is To Create A Way....

for people to vote using their phone. It's too late to do this for the Nov Midterms - but I'm sure there is a way to create a secure app/system to allow people to vote using their phones.

Just think of the Millennial vote turnout we'd get if this happened. They do everything from their phones.

This is another thing a Dem Congress should work on.
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