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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
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I'm Blown Away By Their Coordination Of Moving These...

children around the country and keeping the press and people from visiting these detention centers. Also the coordination of building these tent camps and getting the military involved.

Who is doing this coordinating? How are they able to pull this off?

They screw up everything. They say they can't keep track of these kids and getting them back to their parents. Yet somehow the coordination of locking these kids in detention centers and moving them around the country and preventing Congressmen, Senators, Mayors, Governors and the MSM from visiting and inspecting these centers seems to be working perfectly for them. Who is doing this coordinating? Why? How are they able to pull this off? What is going on that we're not seeing and not getting?

I posted this within another thread - but thought that it should probably stand alone as an OP.

Where Are The Parkland Students Today In Their 2 Month Bustour....

of the country to register young voters?

Unfortunately this 'children/parent separation' issue is taking all the oxygen in the news and these Parkland Students are not getting the coverage they should be getting in their effort to stop guns.

If you happen to be in a city that they are at today or coming to in the near future - please keep us informed of their whereabouts and their mission.

They started their tour in my city of Chicago about a week ago. I posted that here on DU - but I haven't seen much about them since then.

It Sure Looks Like Melania Has The Same Penmanship As Trump....

Did you see how she signed that flag at that detention center today?

In The Spirit Of Ann Coulter - Are We Sure That The Children That Melania Talked....

to today - aren't paid 'child actors'?

Trump Likes Reality TV When It Is Staged.....

Right now Trump is probably calling in Mark Burnett to come in and stage a detention center to make it look good. That's when they'll open one up and let the press in to film what is going on. Just like all these reality TV shows they push on us - they'll make the reality what they want and then they will expose us to it. Be wary of what they finally show us.

Remember Back In 2014 - Boko Haram's Kidnapping Of Nigerian Schoolgirls....

Here's a link to what wikipedia had to say to refresh your memory:


What was the U.S. reaction to this? Can we find some inconsistencies here as to how the U.S. reacted about these Nigerian Schoolgirls and the way the U.S. is now treating the girls and toddlers that they have separated from their parents?

As Long As Hillary Is Always A Topic On The Tip Of Trump's Tongue......

then maybe Hillary needs to be more in Trump's face on a day-to-day basis.

I know that typically the losing candidate is expected to fade into obscurity. For the most part Hillary has done that. She has stayed away from the limelight and only comes out from time to time - when Trump does something really offensive and detrimental to this country - like she did the other day when she spoke out on Trump and this child separation issue.

Maybe Hillary needs to take a different tactic.

As long as Trump keeps on going back to criticizing Hillary every chance he gets - on Twitter - at his raliies - when the press catches him on the WH lawn, etc - Maybe Hillary needs to be on Trump's back as much as he is on hers?

Maybe Hillary needs to be out there acting like an alternative president? Maybe she needs to point out Trump's mis-steps and lies as he makes them? Maybe she needs to point out to the American People what she would do if she was elected president instead of Trump?

Maybe she needs to be out there being the alternative president and constantly in Trump's face?

At least it would put Trump constantly on the defensive having to justify his every action and lie.

What does Hillary have to lose if she takes this tact?

She should show the American People what they're missing. And it would really piss off Trump to no end.

What do you think about this idea? Am I on to something here?

Two Observations About This Trump TV Debacle....

Trump says he will be signing something to keep children and families together - 1. Looks like he may be backing down from his Zero Tolerance Policy and listening to Schumer and using his pen instead of legislation; 2. Probably doing this because the Repugs don't have the votes to pass what Ryan said he was going to hold a vote on tomorrow.

What Are The Chances Of This Bill Ryan Will Bring To The House Tomorrow....

of passing? Are all the Repugs for it?

We Finally Know Who The Real Terrorists Are......

Trump and the Repug Party.
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