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Member since: Thu Oct 28, 2004, 10:13 AM
Number of posts: 509

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That's why we make the sleeves so long we can wrap them around

the dangerous and deeply insane person, buckle him in and haul his ass off to the asylum. That's what civilized society used to do to crazy people. This is what we said we should have done to Hitler (Stalin, Mao, George III, etc.). Take these ruthless criminals OUT of polite society, and off to the asylum.

Odd phrase

I'm 73 and just got hearing aids. I'm suddenly struck by the phrase "hard of hearing". We don't call people with a limp "hard of walking", or folks with a speech impediment "hard of talking". Where does it come from?

We have been assured for years that the National Security Agency collects and secures

ALL phone calls, emails and texts. Remember John Poindexter and Total Information Awareness? All of these 'missing' records should be recoverable. What am I missing here?

Regime change in MOSCOW - Nothing Less!

Our so-called 'intelligence community' has spent easily a billion dollars perfecting this capability (admittedly, mostly on Democracies). How many opportunities to stop Hitler did we let slip through our fingers?

Profiles in amorality.

Think Gorden Gecko, greed is good. Hell, greed is great. That's where all the luxury is. The really good life. Always cheat better. That's been part of the human story since the start. It is how the elephant in the rooms everywhere is global, organized crime syndicates, the mafia families. In the dark side, some cheaters always win. Be on that team. Most profitable is to both own and run the game. The result is vastly too much ill-gotten gains. That leads mostly to more bribery, blackmail and corruption. Generation after generation.

Anyone else reminded of the 1973 rightwing coup in Chile by Pinochet,

which overthrew and murdered the democratically elected Salvador Allende?

Triple the guard on EVERY entrance.

These BrownShirts must be prevented from provoking insurrection. If they get inside, the provocateurs can easily trigger violence, destruction and chaos. Putin could hardly be more pleased.

Most unlikely he is dead. Billions buy backdoors.

Like Jimmy Saville (UK), he was a pimp for the royals and elites. And he ran one of the top, honey-pot blackmail operations for multiple intelligence communities and private clients.

I think he's likely getting a massage, as you read this.

Indeed! What if they took back control of the debates,

pledged to support the choice of the Democratic Delegates, offers to serve that ticket in a UNITY CABINET, and campaign as a 50-state team, up and down ballot. Expand the House, turn the Senate, win back Governors and state house/senate races.

PAPER BALLOTS. Nothing less.

Redefine the game. Start running as a team, like the Avengers, ASAP. Stop this useless horse-race and 24/7 play-by-play. Always, a crippling, circular firing squad; the friendliest of fire.

Thought exercise to help us appreciate the depth and breadth of our candidates

Before we grievously wound or destroy some of our best, brightest and most promising Democrats in the circular firing squad of the debates ahead, might it help to imagine BEYOND WINNING, to the team of former rivals in the future Cabinet of whoever turns out to be our selection for POTUS and VP.

Candidates might well take gracious opportunities to celebrate the strengths, experience and competence of everyone on the debate stages. How many vacancies in the current dRumpf Cabinet; and how shallow and incompetent are most of them?

"We in these debates will be at the heart of the TEAM to deliver on our popular policies."

Just a thought before it's too late. #MacroContrast
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