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Member since: Thu Oct 28, 2004, 10:13 AM
Number of posts: 462

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Most unlikely he is dead. Billions buy backdoors.

Like Jimmy Saville (UK), he was a pimp for the royals and elites. And he ran one of the top, honey-pot blackmail operations for multiple intelligence communities and private clients.

I think he's likely getting a massage, as you read this.

Indeed! What if they took back control of the debates,

pledged to support the choice of the Democratic Delegates, offers to serve that ticket in a UNITY CABINET, and campaign as a 50-state team, up and down ballot. Expand the House, turn the Senate, win back Governors and state house/senate races.

PAPER BALLOTS. Nothing less.

Redefine the game. Start running as a team, like the Avengers, ASAP. Stop this useless horse-race and 24/7 play-by-play. Always, a crippling, circular firing squad; the friendliest of fire.

Thought exercise to help us appreciate the depth and breadth of our candidates

Before we grievously wound or destroy some of our best, brightest and most promising Democrats in the circular firing squad of the debates ahead, might it help to imagine BEYOND WINNING, to the team of former rivals in the future Cabinet of whoever turns out to be our selection for POTUS and VP.

Candidates might well take gracious opportunities to celebrate the strengths, experience and competence of everyone on the debate stages. How many vacancies in the current dRumpf Cabinet; and how shallow and incompetent are most of them?

"We in these debates will be at the heart of the TEAM to deliver on our popular policies."

Just a thought before it's too late. #MacroContrast

After my second heart attack, I got a 6-week old Maine Coon kitten from the shelter.

From the first night home, she slept on my upper chest right above my wounded heart. As I was falling asleep that first night, she slowly began to purr, seeming to increase the intensity to a level of purring I had never seen from any cat. Within minutes I had the chilling sensation of being in a walk-in cooler and my chest pains temporarily lifted.

I thought, "Wow, you are a healing animal!"

"Oh, Don," I heard her reply, "we're ALL healing animals."

"...video posted Saturday..." C'mon! This is obviously an op ...

Wacko Papa?! Video immediately. Too convenient by half. So much more to come, like a poker hand with extra aces. Who benefits? Trumpolini has quickly taken it and tripled-down, with one-and-a-half twists into new, uglier territory. How soon till the 'new Kristallnacht'? This year, new and improved: so many more targets, Mexicans, Muslims, the Blacks, the Bleeders; whatever LGBT stands for. (Need I say sic?)

Somebody ordered this; somebody paid for it to happen. Lots of "our" people know about this family (FBI says they cleared the shooter years ago). This shooter, like the VAST majority IMHO, has a handler who has supervisors. Of course, they're good at this, and it always seems to work, and we'll likely never know.

Trump's America: Profiting from Misery.

... this Bernie? he KNOWS from Socialism

What did "they the people" of tiny Iceland do with their Banksters?

Civil War has never ended Class War's never ended

Culture Wars, Race Wars never ended. HateMining, it's just too easy and too damned profitable.

One of my earliest, real, childhood questions was, "How could that most educated and cultured nation of people elect Adolph Hitler?"

Our Wiemar deepens.

It happens like this.

Senator Congruence!

Talks the talk ~ Walks the walk. Heartfelt constancy throughout his public life.

We ask for the support of all people who are disgusted with the status quo and who demand basic social change in this state and country.

Whew! I first thought I saw "... Louis POWELL endorses ..."

I have a bit of political dyslexia. Carry on.

Thank you Lewis Black -- and -- Go Bernie!

Congruence in a sea of hypocrisy. For over fifty years, Bernie talks the talk; walks the walk.

extreme impatience for the rapture

salivating to set it off

orthodoxies run amuck
ever so certain; NOW is our time

a rumbling, rolling volcano
the floor is warm; my toes are vibrating

so many cabals, spheres of influence
fortune$ aggregated; focused

it's feeling like a return of false-flag season
provocateurs abound

we need a wave of illuminated, bell-ringing
"Have you no shame?!" moments

never thought I'd note this: i welcome
the candor, conscience and courage of this new Pope

slavery never died; never stopped; has never ended
just got better lawyers and new PR departments
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