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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Western PA
Home country: Earth
Current location: It has to be a dream
Member since: Wed Nov 10, 2004, 05:24 PM
Number of posts: 6,393

About Me

I believe in the 99%.

Journal Archives

Alito's Overreach will be the Beginning of the End of the Movement Conservative's attempted Coup.

Mark my words.

The summer of 2022 is going to rival 1968's Summer of Discontent.

The Fight to Save Our Democracy is not over, it has just begun - but Alito has handed the Righteous Sane Progressive Majority the ammunition it needs to take to the streets and make itself heard by the M$M.

And just wait until the 1/6 Public Hearings start.

And if Musk DOES get to run Twitter, TFG's comeback there is going to be a disaster for the Racists.

Buckle up and get your popcorn ready, it's going to be one hell of a ride.


This is OUTRAGEOUS! HBCU Women's Lacrosse Team Bus stopped and searched in Georgia


God damn fucking Redneck Racist Georgia State Police. Institutional Racism IS Systemic and alive and well and kicking in the USA - once again this proves it.

How long are WE going to allow this to happen? The future is what WE make it - it DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bette Midler FTW: Roe wasn't the beginning... 📣


The Divine Miss M keeps hitting them out of the park



Grooming? More like Child Abuse.

Mother's Day Tweet of The Day: The Handmaiden is pwnd 💣


🚨 Critical Read - Election Integrity Consent Decree between DNC & RNC Expired

Please read the whole twitter thread if possible, it's very long.

I've tried to include most of the relevant tweets to outline the issue for those that do not twitter.


I'm in my 60's and NEVER knew this existed, or it's importance in making Elections free and Fair.

We will have only ONE chance to save Our Democracy and Our Constitution, November 2022.

Let's get to work and GOTV - it is what we on the ground can do to help out. The pols and lawyers will need to do the heavy lifting.


Bette Midler FTW again: Fallopians 13:13: It begins with a 🍆


⚠️ Hey America, do You want Rights? Here's the plan. ⚠️


#GOTV2022 #GOTV2022 #GOTV2022 #GOTV2022 #GOTV2022

On EDIT: another way to help. This one really warms my heart - great seeing the newest generation making a stand.

Rep Bill Pascrell, JR. FTW: NEVER FORGET 📢



Bette Midler FTW: Monopoly Rulz 🏨 🚔 🎩


Once upon a time didn't TFG have a Hotel on the Boardwalk?

Past Time for him and his cronies not to pass Go and go directly to Jail.

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