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Tommymac's Journal
Tommymac's Journal
December 24, 2022

How Apropos. Elon The Man-Baby tries to remove Suicide Prevention Links from his platform.

Per Reuters, Elon Musk tried to remove Twitter's Suicide Prevention Links. They were restored just hours ago after being missing several days.

Twitter restores suicide prevention feature after Reuters report

NEW YORK, Dec 24 (Reuters) - Twitter Inc restored a feature that promoted suicide prevention hotlines and other safety resources to users looking up certain content, after coming under pressure from some users and consumer safety groups over its removal. Reuters reported on Friday that the feature was taken down a few days ago, citing two people familiar with the matter, who said the removal was ordered by the social media platform's owner Elon Musk.

The feature, known as #ThereIsHelp, placed a banner at the top of search results for certain topics. It listed contacts for support organizations in many countries related to mental health, HIV, vaccines, child sexual exploitation, COVID-19, gender-based violence, natural disasters and freedom of expression.
(MY Bold)

Ah, so he probably tried to remove it because of woke issues...see my bold above.

And of coarse, The Man-Baby denied it on his twitter account


But his own Head of Trust and Safety says otherwise...

After publication of the story, Twitter head of trust and safety Ella Irwin confirmed the removal and called it temporary. "We have been fixing and revamping our prompts. They were just temporarily removed while we do that," Irwin said in an email to Reuters.

Eirliani Abdul Rahman, who had been on a recently dissolved Twitter content advisory group, said the disappearance of #ThereIsHelp was "extremely disconcerting and profoundly disturbing." Even if it was only temporarily removed to make way for improvements, "normally you would be working on it in parallel, not removing it," she said.

Being in the IT field I agree with Eirliani 100%. Best Practice is to do improvements/changes in parallel in a testing environment, then roll them out to production.

What a Man-Baby. Only this time his hissy fit could actually be a factor in someone's avoidable death.

Billionaire Killer. Just like his un-billionaire friend TFG.

December 23, 2022

Hey Nancy & DCCC & DSCC - please STOP fundraising texts every single day. Enough is enough.

You are starting to alienate people with the almost daily fundraising appeals, disguised as they may be - no one is fooled.

The Election is over. It's Christmas weekend for crying out loud.

Stop already.

December 18, 2022

Holy Make-A-Profit, Batman! Joe Biden is a Successful Businessman too! Whoda thunk it!


Bill Kristol @BillKristol · 22h Biden sells oil from the SPR high, now buys oil back low. Vote for Democrats if you want government run as a (profitable) business!

The man is a genius. Really smart. Smarter then almost everyone. I've never seen such smartness.

President Joe is the Real Deal.

December 18, 2022

OMG - It's SuperPooper Traitor Greene vs. the Evil Genius Wal Mart!


Ron Filipkowski @RonFilipkowski · 23h Marge declares war on Wal Mart over dildos.

Too much irony here for me to handle.

December 13, 2022

For some hope, read 'The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity'

It is a very tough read, but damn if the authors (anthropologist David Graeber, and archaeologist David Wengrow) are showing us that NOTHING is preordained, and humanity can and HAS overcome periods of authoritarianism throughout our history and prehistory.

Democracy is just as much in our genes as authoritarianism, if not more so. This book explodes the fables of the unchallengeable power of Kings, Princes and other types of Authoritarians of the past in a very scholarly manner.

The future is truly What WE can make of it. Nothing is pre-ordained.

It is giving me hope, at the least - I'm about a third of the way through.

The Dawn of Everything
The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity is a 2021 book by anthropologist and anarchist activist David Graeber, and archaeologist David Wengrow. It was first published in the United Kingdom on 19 October 2021 by Allen Lane (an imprint of Penguin Books).[1]

Graeber and Wengrow finished the book around August 2020.[2] Its American edition is 704 pages long, including a 63-page bibliography.[2] It was a finalist for the Orwell Prize for Political Writing (2022).[3]

Drawing attention to the diversity of early human societies, the book critiques traditional narratives of history's linear development from primitivism to civilization.[4] Instead, The Dawn of Everything posits that humans lived in large, complex, but decentralized polities for millennia.[5] It relies on archaeological evidence to show that early societies were diverse and developed numerous political structures.[2]

The Dawn of Everything was widely reviewed in the popular press and in leading academic journals, as well as in activist circles, with dividing opinions being expressed across the board. Both favorable and critical reviewers noted its challenge to existing paradigms in the study of human history.

The authors open the book by suggesting that current popular views on the progress of western civilization, as presented by Francis Fukuyama, Jared Diamond, Steven Pinker and Yuval Noah Harari, are not supported by anthropological or archaeological evidence, but owe more to philosophical dogmas inherited unthinkingly from the Age of Enlightenment. The authors refute the Hobbesian and Rousseauian view on the origin of the social contract, stating that there is no single original form of human society. Moreover, they argue that the transition from foraging to agriculture was not a civilization trap that laid the ground for social inequality, and that throughout history, large-scale societies have often developed in the absence of ruling elites and top-down systems of management.

(My bold)

December 5, 2022

Hey FBI: If it was good enough for Black Panthers, it should be good enough for White Supremacists.

Pam Keith, Esq. @PamKeithFL · 2h
If you think there is NOTHING the FBI can preemptively do to curb the threat posed by white supremacist terrorists,
I invite you to study what the FBI did to the Black Panthers.

Of coarse, we all know that Institutional Racism does not exist.

That is all.
November 26, 2022

Just Sayin'... what a difference a Flag makes.


Linda @Lindademocat · 14h Replying to @itsJeffTiedrich
Picture: Left pane 4 Trump/Nazi/Russian/Confederate Flags with the caption Trump Flags; Right pane The Stars and Stripes with the caption Biden's Flag

I'm with Joe.

November 22, 2022

Stephen Colbert FTW: "Former president officially reinstated on Twitter. We're not thrilled." 😂


The Late Show @colbertlateshow · 25m Official
The former president is officially reinstated on Twitter. We're not thrilled.

Colbert just nails it.

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