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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 8,419

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anyone know of a site that keeps track of tRump actions by day?

There are so many daily transgressions, just wondering if someone is keeping the entire history.

It is time, we need to go after the media

Republicans are the biggest threats to Western Democracies, but they are being enabled by the media.

Jake Tapper going after AOC for her concentration camp comment, while completely ignoring that there are concentration camps.

The media reporting Barr's comments about the Mueller report without ever contemplating that Barr might be lying.

The cluster fuck this week with the Mueller testimony.

Ignoring Pelosi's comments today YET focusing on a supposed Pelosi/AOC feud.

Ignoring all of the tRump history in 2015 and 2016.

We could go on and on. Point being, they are pushing propaganda. They aren't ignorant, they know what they are doing. It is anti-democracies, and it in no way follows journalistic ethics. If we don't take immediate action they will skate by and get tRump reelected.

We need to make them uncomfortable, unwanted, and unwelcomed. When they collectively take their jobs seriously then they get respect. Until then Tapper, Mitchell, Todd, Williams, Ruhle, and on and on, must be reminded daily that their focus on supporting their corporate master does not make them a journalist.

There you have it folks - Lindsey Graham just directly stated what this is about

Other than blaming the Squad for the discourse and stating that the send her back chants are a reaction to their statements, he stated, if she was wearing a MAGA hat she would be welcomed and would likely be invited to the White House.

Republicans truly believe that ALL liberals should be "sent back" thrown out of the Country. And if not stopped they will criminalize being a liberal.

Wow! tRump gets pressure due to Epstein/Pedophile ways and has a racist meltdown, but don't Impeach!

The logic escapes me, because there is no logic.

FFS it is like nobody dealt with a bully. You increase the pressure and make them fold.

Come on folks, this isn't that hard.

Psst, hey DUers, we need to talk

That Pence photo op today, that gives all your Repuke friends a woody.

They get off on people of color shoulder to shoulder in cages.

They will also get off on white liberals shoulder to shoulder in cages.

Gay or Lesbian, bonus.

Any person that is still a tRump supporter is a horrible fucking human being. FULL FUCKING STOP!

I don't give a shit if they are your neighbor, your brother or sister, your in law, the are horrible fucking human beings.

We have gone way past political discussion, we are in basic moral discussions, and they lack morals.

So I get a new explanation from a MAGAt about his greatness

Blue States took a huge hit from the tRump "Tax Cuts"

The 10k limit on State and Local Income Taxes (SALT) hit the blue states hard.

To provide an example I will use Neighbor 2 as an example. Bought his house for around 900k, to keep it simple we can call it 1 million.

Taxes on his home would be about 17k per year, but he would be capped at 10k. Ignoring all other factors he would lose 7k of deductions plus interest deduction, so in all about 40k. Resulting in about 15k of higher taxes due to the tRump "Tax Cut."

His take, tRump is penalizing blue states to make them get in line with other States. A genius move to make all States better. Now this was stated as a good thing. So I commented, we are already taking CA tax payments and sending them to those other "good" states. So in fact we were sending 23% of our tax payments to the "good States" and now will be sending even more money to the "good States."

If we are a "bad State" why do we need to subsidize the "good States" and why is tRump using income redistribution to penalize "bad States?" Shouldn't it be the opposite?

He said jack shit, point being, they will never vote Dem, they will never admit to their ignorance. There is no use reaching out to them. There is no reason to compromise, even when hit with a huge penalty they find a way to justify their ignorance.

btw, Evangelical Christian. We see this with the farmers, we see it with the Evangelicals. Thers is now hope.

CNN Live at National Mall

Around WWII Memorial - huge amount of open grass.

God HATES ...... Republicans

Karma is a bitch you anti-American, anti-Democracy, racist, assholes.


Oh and one more thing, ..... FUCK YOU!

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