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Hometown: Dayton
Current location: Ohio
Member since: Wed May 6, 2009, 03:16 AM
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Why was the White House not put on Lockdown on 1/6?

Would one not expect the White House, just up the street from the Capitol with the sitting pResident inside .... a lockdown should of been an immediate response.... I have never heard of the White House being in a lockdown by Secret Service or anyone during the insurrection...

I find this highly suspicious and odd.....To me, it is a clue right under our noses...

I am grateful every day that Joe Biden is our President.

This man stepped up to the plate and beat tRump... He didn't have to do this but he rose up to save the nation. He brought his 8 years as a VP to the table...only Biden had that on his resume...Now we have learned how deep the 4 years of tRump mobsters have infected no, created a cancer on our democracy. Joe had the skills to do CPR on our government....

Just think about where we would be if tRump was elected....We would no longer have a Democracy. All the players were in position to clinch the takeover.

Just a thought about 45's current Secret Service detail.....

I think these agents want to be with 45....I strongly recommend that they be switched out ASAP....they can't demand the position........send them elsewhere off his detail and assign fresh, trusting agents to 45 and his family/ all that apply.

I bet they relay information for 45....just a hunch..... but this move would be a prudent action. My gut feeling....

Time to clean HOUSE with Secret Service.

BOSCH TV Series---Prime

I just started watching this series....nicely paced, good characters...good mystery for law enforcement drama....Not all the excessive violence which in a world/ and America of such....it is a nicer pace watching this show...

If you may be looking for something more traditional....this is good.

I am rewatching the "Handmaids Tale" on Hulu....

I recognize so many early signs of the right fundamentalist in our society today.... Insightful series....

Moe Brooks on 1/6/ pre-riot speech, he had on a bullet proof vest...What did he know?

Just recalling that this issue was brought up the day of 1/6 riot.....Now that we know tRump was supportive/ welcomed weapons from supporters during his speech on the Ellipse, that his crowd was armed with weapons....I have to ask, Did Moe Brooks come prepared? Did he have pre-riot information?
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