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Hometown: Dayton
Current location: Ohio
Member since: Wed May 6, 2009, 03:16 AM
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Explain to me about assignment of a Special master for tRumps Affidavit...

Mostly wanting to know, will the tRumpster Judge who appears willing to grant this Master make the appointment...thinking the Master will be a tRumpster as well... My fear is the information will go straight to tRump.

Help me understand...

Okay...tRump is in deep trouble so, when will he pull out the " chest pain" card?

I sense he will try and claim illness....then again, he is under tremendous self educed stress of his own making...He indeed could be actually ill as a result of the stress....Sad thing is he lies so much that doubt will be the first guess when he claims illness....

I see this coming after indictments...or when he has to appear in court in front of a Judge...

Crazy thinking...maybe but what might of Donald placed/ hidden into Ivana's casket?

Could there be evidence, burner phones ....things like that?

Kentucky flooding: Is it caused by Mountain Top Mining?

I always got that sick feeling as a young girl when we drove thru Kentucky/ Virgina/ Appalachia area and saw the Strip Mining/ Mountaintop Mining...

My gut feeling always said this was offensive to nature and humanity....

Is the current flooding related to this greedy coal mining system?
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