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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Flint MI
Current location: Nevada
Member since: Sun Feb 21, 2010, 05:47 PM
Number of posts: 7,764

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Arraignment Night in Georgia

With apologies to Brook Benton

Sorry - I'm not a writer, especially when it comes to lyrics

Hoverin' by my airplane
Tryin' to find a loophole to exploit
Heavy laws fallin'
Seems I hear the voice chanting "lock him up"

Arraignment night in Georgia
Arraignment night in Georgia
I can't believe it's arraignments from Fulton GA
Over a perfect phone call with a pal

Protest signs a-wavin'
DAs and lawyers acting like I did wrong
The distant droning of pundits
All who say it's sad and claim it's not right

Arraignment night in Georgia
Arraignment night in Georgia
I can't believe it's arraignments from Fulton GA
Over a perfect phone call with a pal

That's all I got for 10 minutes of counting stressed and weak syllables. Maybe somebody else can spruce it up a bit.

Time to bring this out again

It's from 4 years ago in answer to that Loess ( sp? who cares? )woman.

Your favorite cover of a famous song

I'll start.

Javier Colon, Fix You by Cold Play

Disturbed, Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkle

Num Num Cat TikTok Chain

This is hilarious and great at the same time.

The booster knocked us on our asses

Hubby and I got our booster shots Friday morning. Yaay!

We were fine for the rest of the day, cards with our pod, nice and easy day.

Around 9 pm, our was dead tired and sore everywhere except for the shot area. That isn't unusual for me seeing as how I'm ready for sleep early. In fact, a 3 hour nap around 5pm is my normal and I didn't get it that day. I also had the worst headache I've had in years.

I woke back up at about midnight feeling nauseated which is very unusual for me. The best way to describe it that it was almost identical to the food poisoning I got from rice several years ago. I drank water and squelched it down for as long as I could until I threw up at 4am.

That's when hubby got feverish sweats alternating with shakes, chills, and clammy sweats. Between the two of us, we had every single side effect on listed on all the websites.

We slept off and on most of the day yesterday. I took Nyquil around 10pm and woke up this morning feeling great! Hubby is still feeling awful. I keep hoping that he will give Nyquil a try tonight (he won't take it because it affects him too much for his liking).

My MIL got her booster and had practically no side effects, not even a sore arm.

I hope that nobody else had a rough time like we did.

I miss Randy Rainbow

His clever songs and snarky style got me through the past few years. In short, he's a genius.

I know that he's working on working to take his show on the road, but a short video on YouTube from him would make me very happy.

Here's my favorite of his videos:

An idea on how to get rethugs to comply with subpoenas

1. Request that the witness / person appear in front of the committee.

2. If that person refuses or does not respond, send out the subpoena. Notify the potential witness that if he or she does not show up, the committee will show and enter into the Congressional record a video of everything that the person has said on camera in chronological order, complete with date and time stamp of the utterance.

For example, if Kevin McCarthy refuses to answer questions, there are hours worth of his responses to media questions starting on January 6 to the present day. Highlight all those instances where his story has changed and note when he went to Florida to visit That Fucking Goon. If lil Kevvie wants to explain his side of whatever his story of the day is, he will just have to show up and answer questions.

3. Stick to that plan.


I haven't seen rain like that around here in years. Hubby said he heard thunder. I didn't because I was brushing my teeth and running water in an interior bathroom (don't bother talking to me when there's ambient noise because I probably don't even know you're speaking).

Anybody else get rain?

Can anyone recommend a good C++ compiler to download for free?

I've been thinking about teaching myself C++ (don't worry, I have a BS in computer science and I can read and understand most C++ code), but I need a decent compiler and I don't have piles of money to spend on it.

Any recommendations on the best book to learn from are appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance!

I just got my appointments to be vaccinated

I spent a couple hours yesterday trying with no luck anywhere. Now I have both Pfizer vaccines scheduled at CVS, no muss, no fuss.

I would say I got lucky. My mother-in-law ( 75+ ) said that she kept trying for 2 months before she got hers. It's a load off my mind.

Good luck, everyone. I hope you get yours soon.

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