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Member since: Tue Jul 31, 2012, 06:04 PM
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Work in tv/film production - Unionista UPM for the DGA - Mother - Music Lover - Graduate of The New School economics/film - Born & raised in Williamsburg Brooklyn 1981 - living in Manhattan.

Journal Archives

Boston Globe: An Open Letter To Bernie Sanders

Dear Bernie:

I know you and I have had our differences over the past few months, so perhaps I’m not the person you’re most inclined to listen to about your political future. But please, hear me out.

You’ve had a pretty good run so far. A year ago, you were trailing Hillary Clinton by 50 points in the polls. No one gave you much of a chance of winning a single state, let alone 16 of them. And there certainly wasn’t a person alive who thought you’d out-raise the mighty Clinton campaign-cash harvesting machine. You spent $46 million in April. Are you kidding me?


But here’s the thing – and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but maybe a little tough love is in order — you’re not going to win the Democratic nomination. This isn’t one of these “yeah, it’s a long shot, but maybe if I get lucky and everything goes my way” things. You’re not going to overcome Hillary Clinton’s lead in pledged delegates and you’re certainly not going to convince super delegates to vote for you over her. I mean, think about it: You’re trying to convince them to vote against the person who is almost certainly going to win in pledged delegates.

And even if you could win that way, would you really want to? In fact, if we’re really being honest here, the way your campaign has gone the past six weeks isn’t the way you want to win — or even the way you want to lose. Remember back in May 2015 when you said you didn’t want this campaign to be about Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders? Remember when you said you weren’t going to engage in character assassination and personal attacks?

The rest: http://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/editorials/2016/04/22/open-letter-bernie-sanders/AfEtRwYJmTJ5lTNIuw4q8O/story.html?s_campaign=bostonglobe%3Asocialflow%3Atwitter

The End Is Coming: Top Sanders adviser hints at a quiet finish - The Washington Post

Is the end nigh? (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)


There’s a whole lot of hand-wringing among Democrats right now over Bernie Sanders’s vow to keep on trying to flip super-delegates even if he continues to trail badly in the popular vote and pledged delegate count — a quest that, he says, could spill on to the convention floor in Philadelphia in July. Both Sanders himself and his campaign manager Jeff Weaver have rattled this saber.

But now senior Sanders adviser Tad Devine has telegraphed a much more likely endgame — one that would be a whole lot quieter and less contentious. In an interview with Rachel Maddow, Devine was asked whether this strategy is in sync with Sanders’s high-minded campaign, and he answered, in part:

“The key test is succeeding with voters. In 2008 I wrote a piece that they published in the New York Times right after Super Tuesday, and I argued that super-delegates should wait, should look and listen to what the voters do, and follow the will of the voters. And I can tell you, I got a lot of push-back from the Clinton campaign at the time, when I published that piece.

“But I believe that today — that our super-delegates, that our party leaders, should let the voters speak first. And I think if they do, all the way through the end of the voting, that will strengthen our party, and certainly strengthen our hand — if we succeed with voters between now and June.”

The rest:

"I had let myself mistake the loudest people for The People."


Michelle Goldberg really nails this one. Hillary Clinton has over 10 million votes and a silent majority. I can relate in a way, my mom lives in Brooklyn, supports Hillary. She told me a month ago she thought Bernie might win NY. She checked her neighborhood in Brooklyn and it went Hillary 65-35. I live in the outskirts of Alphabet City in Manhattan, only a few blocks from the Bernie rally in Washington Square, my precinct went Hillary almost 70-30. (Even more relatable, author cites her friend at New School, which is also my alma mater!)

End the caucuses and close the primaries.

Then, get rid of superdelegates altogether. Campaign in every state. Winner take all / popular vote wins. There's your 50 state strategy.

This would grow the party through registration, and eliminate the need for superdelegates.

Dont forget to send Bernie more $$$ today.

Coriander crab salad with lemon poached prawns and lime crema...just like the 99%.

Good News, Democrats!

Now that the primaries are pretty much out of the way, we can all unite to stop the criminally insane Republican party! No need for either side to continue bashing each other, we now have a common enemy; an absurd reality tv show host with a dead squirrel on his head. The orange white supremacist:

Donald Trump.
Donald T.
Don T.


Hillary can only win in the South!


South Bronx
South Brooklyn
South Queens
South Boston
South side Chicago
South Tucson
South Miami
South Cleveland


Sanders supporter publishes “hit list” of superdelegates, includes woman’s home address


Bernie needs 57% of remaining pledged delegates to win pledged Dem delegate count. 

Bernie needs 57% of remaining pledged delegates to win pledged Dem delegate count. 
Want 57% to be 56%? Gotta win Wisconsin by 48 points.


This New York Daily News interview was pretty close to a disaster for Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders sat down with the New York Daily News editorial board on Monday, seeking their endorsement in the upcoming April 19 Empire State primary. It did not go well for the senator from Vermont.

Time and again, when pressed to get beyond his rhetoric on the evils of corporate America and Wall Street, Sanders struggled. Often mightily. (The Daily News published the full transcript of the interview so you can check it out for yourself.)

The rest:

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