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USAFRetired_Liberal's Journal
USAFRetired_Liberal's Journal
December 30, 2020

McConnell actually said that the $2000 would go to Democrats rich friends

But I don’t blame him for the outright lie that he can say with no impunity....I blame the ignorant racist voters who continue to vote for people of his ilk despite voting against their own economic interest....he knows he can get away with this shut because of his voters


December 30, 2020

Newsmax and OANN won't be enough for Trump

People think that after his presidency Trump will create his own media empire or latch on to OANN or Newsmax....but As much as he pretends to hate the MSM, he craves their attention and wants to be like by them (or the at the very least being talked about)...but the MSM will move on and ignore him once he is out of office...no more covering his latest tweet, or his MAGA rallies or press conferences...yes, Newsmax and OANN, or his own media channel will cover it, but it won’t be the same for him

December 30, 2020

Why would Democrats be so adamant about not repealing 230/setting up election commission?

If they are included with the $2000 payments...I mean, with those two issues I could care less either way...those aren’t two liberal causes...don’t know why the Dems would care, I would call Mitch’s bluff

#1 repeal of section 230: to me, it seems like this would hurt republicans and conservatives more...I don’t know why Trump and conservatives would want it repealed....if I understand it, the law protects companies like Twitter and Facebook from being sued for what users post....so with the repeal I think that the companies would censor more not less...which is bad news for conservatives because they seem to be more prone to post off the wall crazy shit that would get them sued

#2 election fraud commission....do we need one? No...but what’s the harm...Biden will still be POTUS...I doubt the commission will find any credible findings....and maybe this would shut up the crazies and their theories

Again, I don’t think these actions are needed, but if this is what it takes to give Americans $2000 I don’t see the big deal

December 29, 2020

Trafalgar Georgia senate polls

I know most of you have poll fatigue and are skeptical of them because if recent accuracy, but I did find this one amusing because of the right wing bias of this pollster.


December 29, 2020

Gohmert's suit against Pence

Doesn’t make any sense whatsoever....he is suing saying that The Electoral Count Act of 1887 is unconstitutional and takes away from the Vice President’s 12th Amendment powers...but I read both documents and don’t see anything.. The Vice President really has no powers except to read the certified vote from each state...if anything, the electoral act gives more power to House members and Senators allowing them to object (something that Republicans ate planning to do)...if anything, the allowing of objections should be ruled unconstitutional



December 29, 2020

Sooo...Al Gore could have named himself President in 2000?

That is essentially what Louie Ghormert’s suit is saying....I don’t know why I always get nervous when these frivolous lawsuits are filed, but you never know when a right wing judge with no principles (i.e 3 Wisconsin Supreme Court judges, one Michigan state canvasser, 126 Republican congressman) will finally side in Trump’s favor.

December 28, 2020

Lol, Loeffler and Purdue are really in a bind

1. $2000 stimulus checks, do they support them or not...do they vote for them or not?

2. Overriding Trump’s NDAA veto....do they override it and alienate Trump’s cult or do they vote to not override it and look like they aren’t supporting military

December 28, 2020

In the Trump country

In Florida (closest city Palatka)....now I know why Florida went for trump....Trump signs everywhere like we are still in the middle of the election....no one wearing a mask, geez these people are idiots

December 28, 2020

When a person becomes a former president

As with any human, any former President would miss the pomp and circumstance of being POTUS. The huge motorcade, all of the attention, everyone anxious to hear your every word, being able to basically summons the media to hear you speak, everyone kissing your butt, Marine one, Air Force One, the best security, etc...when all that goes away that is something anyone will have to adjust and get use to....But for a narcissist like Trump all that going away is even worse

December 28, 2020

Woman Falsely Accuses Black 14-Year-Old of Stealing Her Phone, Gets Support From Hotel Manager,

Why didn’t he just hand over the phone to prove it was truly his?. All he had do was follow the orders of the lady and the hotel manager.


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