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TheNutcracker's Journal
TheNutcracker's Journal
October 1, 2014

TECO to launch its largest solar project at Tampa International Airport

Source: 10 news Tampa Bay

TAMPA, FLA. -- Tampa International Airport and Tampa Electric Co. today announced an agreement to install a canopy of solar panels on the top floor of the airport's south Economy Parking Garage.

At 2 megawatts (MW), it will be Tampa Electric's largest solar photovoltaic (PV) installation and its first foray into utility-scale solar power. The solar panels will produce enough electricity to power up to 250 homes. Tampa Electric will own the PV array, and the electricity it produces will go to the grid, to benefit all 700,000 Tampa Electric customers, including the airport. Construction is scheduled to begin in a few months and is expected to be complete by the end of 2015.

"This is the next big step in Tampa Electric's renewable portfolio," said Gordon Gillette, president of Tampa Electric. "We are proud to be a partner with the airport and others in the community through a variety of solar projects and rebates, and we believe renewable energy has an important role in our energy future."

The Hillsborough County Aviation Authority board on Thursday will vote on a 25-year initial lease agreement with Tampa Electric Co. The utility will pay the Authority $15,000 a year to lease the space. The canopy design creates covered parking and ensures no parking spots are eliminated.

Read more: http://www.wtsp.com/story/news/local/2014/09/30/teco-to-launch-its-largest-solar-project-at-tpa/16496457/

Finally the Sunshine State will act on it's namesake!

September 30, 2014

Paul Ryan just got punked on PBS!!! So he can't run because of what he just said!

He was asked just now by Charlie Rose, "do you want to be speaker of the house".

Ryan: "NO, I'm not interested in that at all.

Rose: "Why not?"

Ryan: "Because that is a terrible family job!" "It requires you to work weekends, and travel across the country for other candidates." "I don't want to be away from my family." "Look, I'm going to go home on the weekends." "I'm going to go to ball games and scout meetings". "I have three kids, 8, 9 and 11. "I want to be home at night and home on the weekends with them." "It's too important!"

Rose: Well that rules out Speaker, and certainly running for President.


Rose: You ran with Mitt Romney! Did you not campaign on weekends????

Ryan: quickly..."I took my family with me"

Rose: So you think you can do that while being a President? You can balance that?

Ryan: "Yes, I think there is a way to do that."

DU'er do remember this....he is more committed to family. Nothing wrong with that, but we need a more dedicated person to be the President.

Ryan just got punked!

September 30, 2014

I'll tell you EXACTLY what the 'culture' of the Secret Service is and then some!

I have already written posts about the 'sex romps' and the 'drinking within the Secret Service. So let's move on from there, though congressional oversight will be reviewing that as well, once again.

Some reports are a little more thorough then the WaPo, concerning the shooting at the White House from Constitution Ave. "They somehow came to the conclusion it was a shooting argument between two people on the street."

In the most current incident, the 'crash box' right inside the doorway to the White House had been "muted".

Soooooooo, let me explain the culture. The White House USHERS inside wanted it muted, because they said it was TOO NOISY! Oh my, was it agitating to read their cell phones, texts, etc. while listening to the BEEP every time someone entered?

Now back to the shooting on Constitution Ave. It was a White House M A I D who was dusting who saw the BROKEN WINDOW and glass on the floor! The BROKEN GLASS! Soooo, then they go look outside and find chunks of concrete laying below where bullets hit the White House AND the window. But it was beneath them when the incident happened, to go and look while they were ON THE JOB? These 'ushers' and these 'agents' don't deserve their jobs! Turn them loose to the unconnected world like the rest of us live in. They won't be able to stand on their own two feet. All of this is so absurd, it's unfuckingbelievable!

I'll bet they're good at backslapping and taking selfies and enjoying the "look at me job".

What is the culture? It is people, working on our tax payer dime, that are SO DAMN FULL OF THEMSELVES, who were raised in an elite lazy culture! They are our nations brightest? World class educations? Elite connected family members? I've worked on campaigns where this culture is their breeding ground for future work. The Yale interns...blah blah. Oxford....blah blah. Let me tell you....even in a campaign capacity, THEY S U C K !

That is the damn truth. So I hope Cummings, on the committee today, can see further than what steps were not taken as to improve future roles by the Secret Service. Was the first point guy near the door where he was suppose to be or off to the right? He was off to the right. Nothing can improve that, unless he is a little more serious about his job. The shooting at the White House that broke a window? Just because someone says it was two people fighting on the street, they don't even look, do a walkabout? And, the ushers don't like the beeping on the CRASH BOX inside the door? Then go get a civilian job somewhere else. Then see how full of yourself you are.

Only when you realize that, can you improve it. So many are looking for work, that would love to be an usher and listen to that beep. For the beep means someone is entering and to be aware of anyone without a pass. That means it's your turn to protect the POTUS. WOW! But the usher's think they are more important, and that little annoying beep...beep....beep.

This....is a culture of B R A T S!

Start there Rep. Cummings.....these are my tax dollars!

September 25, 2014

Another good potential AG also female is Christine Gregoire!

Another good potential, also female, is Christine Gregoire. She had a very successful Governorship in WA State.

A former Mayor mentioned her on Facebook and I agree with him on that choice as well.

Will Obama actually appoint a progressive to match the work and mood of the states?

September 25, 2014

I nominate Jennifer Granholm for Attorney General

Jennifer Granholm

Former Governor of Michigan

Jennifer Mulhern Granholm is a Canadian-born American politician, educator, author, and political commentator who served as Attorney General and 47th governor of the U.S. state of Michigan. Wikipedia

She is by far qualified, and this will energize the female base. She has also worked hard for the democratic party.

That's my pic!

September 22, 2014

I apologize for the LBN post, that was not 'new'

I see the thread was locked. I want all to know I did receive that as current news, without the dates in a list sent to my email box. Because I did not check thoroughly due to time constraints, along with the fact it came with several current stories in the paper today, I have unsubscribed to these timelines from the Washington Post.

While there seems to be a huge problem with our Secret Service in these times, the story was from March. But the context remains the same. Heads need to roll, and many should still be fired. Do we dare to research, do a FOI request, to see where the drunk working in the Netherlands, ahead of the President is working today????? I'll do a better job of watching the dates on the stories, but just know, that's the second time the WaPo has done this. Inserting old stories with the new, into my subscription timeline. I'm angry about it. Just wanted to explain.

September 22, 2014

Secret Service agents sent home from Netherlands were warned to avoid trouble

Source: Washington Post

Three Secret Service agents responsible for protecting President Obama in Amsterdam this week were sent home and put on administrative leave Sunday after going out for a night of drinking, according to three people familiar with the incident. One of the agents was found drunk and passed out in a hotel hallway, the people said.

The hotel staff alerted the U.S. Embassy in the Netherlands after finding the unconscious agent Sunday morning, a day before Obama arrived in the country, according to two of the people. The embassy then alerted Secret Service managers on the presidential trip, which included the agency’s director, Julia Pierson.

Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan confirmed Tuesday evening that the agency “did send three employees home for disciplinary reasons” and that they were put on administrative leave pending an investigation. Donovan declined to comment further.

The alleged incident took place in Noordwijk at the Huis Ter Duin Hotel, where the president stayed Monday night, a White House official said Wednesday morning. This is a resort town in the Netherlands about 15 minutes outside The Hague.

more at link

Read more: http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/secret-service-agents-on-obama-detail-sent-home-from-netherlands-after-night-of-drinking/2014/03/26/86d1a8a6-b4e6-11e3-8020-b2d790b3c9e1_story.html

September 21, 2014

Help me to understand the temperment here at DU ...please.

I was put on alert for calling a congress critter a 'bitch'. Yet I see others calling out certain members of congress as 'asshats', and 'fuck them' and so on.

Is it only allowed if they are republicans?

I get a jury is used. I get the board is about democrats. What I'm not getting, is when real outrage strikes a nerve in the readers, it also is an outrage to the poster. Especially if it's a democrat. I expect republicans to be evil, and I get the name calling there. But when it's one of our own, why is it treated as if the poster should be sanctioned, or the post be removed?

This board is very important, and the members need to grow a spine when it comes to opinions. This board is like cable news which I refer to as 'anger-tainment". There is no tolerance anywhere, and if dems who have been screwed by elected dems are not allowed to vent and discuss without people running to admins, then the purpose here is lost. I am seeing hypocrisy here at a level that I thought the board was way beyond. It worries me, what has been done to discussion in politics, making it impossible, has filtered down right to this board. Certain members cry, whine, and go tell, like babies. I had to say this, because I see what some have to say, the same curse words and when others say it, they are "alerted" upon. They have become exactly what they are fighting against. I see it. I'm having trouble understanding why it's happening here, and just had to write about it.


September 20, 2014

Debbie Wasserman Schultzís awkward day with party leaders


Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s awkward day with party leaders

By Nia-Malika Henderson September 19 at 5:29 PM

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz introduces Vice President Joseph Biden during the Democratic National Committee's Women's Leadership Forum, Sept. 19, 2014 in Washington. (Mark Wilson / Getty Images)
Oh, to be a fly on the wall backstage.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz had an awkward task at the Democratic National Committee's Women’s Leadership Forum on Friday. She had to have back-to-back-to-back public encounters with the leaders of her party, who gathered there a day after a scathing and deeply reported story suggested that Democrats are all but done with her as chairman.

One by one, she introduced Vice President Biden, Hillary Clinton and President Obama. And it was essentially air-kisses all around. But the subtext was hard to miss, even as they praised her as something amounting to the best DNC chair they had ever known.

Biden: “I have worked with a lot of chairpersons of the Democratic Party, but I’ve never seen anybody work as hard and as tirelessly as Debbie has.” This after Wasserman Schultz fondly recalled that, as a college student in 1988, she had worn a "Biden for President" button on her backpack, even after the party’s nominee was chosen. (was this before or after he spilled accolades on Packwood, forgetting he was sent packing for sexual harassment of 10 female staffers?) http://www.democraticunderground.com/10025560895

Speaking of Democratic nominees, Clinton was up next. Wasserman Schultz said there was “no finer role model as woman leaders” than Clinton, whom she clashed with in the closing days of the 2008 campaign. Clinton said, “Debbie wears so many hats, so well. DNC chair, congressman, trusted friend, mom.” What wasn't known at the time was that reports would later surface that Wasserman Schultz would be a no-show at a New York fundraiser with Clinton.

More praise and publicly warm feelings were next up between Obama and Wasserman Schultz. But, naturally, the questions about her future were still hard to miss. “I want to thank Debbie for the great work she is doing to keep our party strong,” Obama said. “Nobody anywhere works harder.”

The question is how long Wasserman Schultz will remain working at the DNC. Even putting the reports of tension aside, she has been at the helm for a tenure that is longer than many of her predecessors. Having started in 2011, her term is set to end in 2016, but it's hard to imagine her staying beyond the upcoming midterms. (after Fla loses the gov race to Scott as polling shows?)

A few sources at the event who are familiar with DNC staff and its inner workings noted that the big problem with the piece that surfaced wasn't the awkward timing (shortly before the women's event and weeks before the midterms), but rather the clear sense that people who are in her inner circle aired grievances in such a public way. WHY SHOULDN'T THEY AFTER SHE'S BETRAYED SO MANY IN HER PARTY?

They also said they expected that Wasserman Schultz would continue to appear out on the stump. At least that will be less awkward than Friday.

September 19, 2014


Joe Biden name drops Packwood

By JONATHAN TOPAZ | 9/19/14 2:06 PM EDT

Vice President Joe Biden on Friday offered praise at a Democratic National Committee women event for retired Sen. Bob Packwood, who resigned amid multiple sexual harassment allegations.

Appearing at the DNC’s Women’s Leadership Forum in Washington, the vice president suggested that the modern Republican Party is out of touch with its principles, citing a previous generation of GOP lawmakers who worked with Democrats on issues like voting rights. “It’s Republicans that were involved. Guys like [former Maryland Republican Sen.] Mac Mathias and Packwood and so many others. It wasn’t Democrats alone,” he said.

In 1992, former Republican Sen. Bob Packwood of Oregon was accused of sexual harassment by 10 female ex-staffers. Three years later, after the Senate Ethics Committee unanimously voted to recommend his expulsion from the chamber, Packwood resigned.

Biden’s comments at the women’s event came the same day the White House announced the “It’s On Us” campaign targeting sexual assault on college campuses.

The vice president made headlines for misspeaking earlier in the week, using the term “Shylocks” and “the Orient” while speaking at an event in Iowa.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/09/joe-biden-bob-packwood-111148.html#ixzz3DnXUoE9p

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