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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 06:32 PM
Number of posts: 4,292

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Mafia don trump...

Ari Melber is reporting that apparently Trump spoke with witnesses who had been interviewed by Mueller. No doubt, he was trying to intimidate them as a mafia boss would do before a trial. He also tried to pressure McGahn, the white house lawyer to do the dirty work.

What was the argument for arming teachers again ?


So does this guy qualifies as a good guy with a gun or not ?

I wonder if it would be enough to tip the scales if

These young kids who are part of #neveragain go out and vote en masse next cycle (many will be 18 soon ) against NRA funded candidates (mostly gop) .

How much a percentage of the voting base are they ? Can they make a big difference?

Air melber is losing it.

With all the breaking news going on, he has two guys on and they are talking about complete nonsense. I'm not even sure what. Mambo rap ???

If #neveragain is getting bamboozled in blaming mental health

Nothing will be accomplished. A few token things will be done like fund this or that mental health program and they will call it done.

It's beyond me how people can believe that it is the issue. Are we so exceptional that somehow we have order of magnitude more people with mental health issues than say, European countries ? If not, how come they don't have a school.shooting every other day ? The answer is simple, it's the access to firearms.

gops are already saying there wont be a daca vote.

As I pointed put in another thread (and was told I did not grasp the fine points of politics) they wont bring up a clean daca bill up and down vote. As a matter of fact senator kennedy (R LA) said he would vote against DACA. What he wants is radical reforms to immigration that wont be acceptable to democrats. I stand by my statement that we got played.

mark my words. The immigration deal will fail.

It won't work because Mc Connell already said he will put on the agenda after Feb 8th, DACA along with border security and related items. In short, its not a clean DACA bill, they will attach a load of bullcrap that we wont be able to go for.

McConnell will be able to say he kept his promise and we will be screwed.

schumer saying they will vote to reopen the government and fold once again..

I am not happy about this. What good is Mcconnell word that he will bring DACA back to the floor.

interesting dynamics on the floor of the senate

Lindsey Graham fist bump with Schumer, Jeff Flake in the aisle kneeling besides Schumer who is talking with him..

vote now happening live.nt.

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