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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 09:20 PM
Number of posts: 5,957

Journal Archives

Please people this has to stop.

I don't know and at this point don't care if it white protesters, black protesters, right wing instigators, left wing extremists, don't let someone's goal of destroying the county thru hatred come true. It's to good to lose. I read somewhere today Be the change you want. Please THINK.

Bill fucking Barr can go fuck off. You and your criminal client trump

are the cause of the protests. You prove daily the total disregard for justice in the country for anyone but your traitorous cronies. Black people have been denied justice for centuries and now under your crooked thumb the rest of Americans are starting to feel what it's like to see the justice department work for the few you select for whatever nefarious goals you choose. Hopefully not only black America but the whole of the country will drag you out by your neck and the neck of your criminal president. God have mercy on your soul cause I won't.

Show of ✋hands. Who thought after hearing trump won 2016

that this would be the state of the country after he got through with it ? Especially after 8 years of the most divisive, traitorous president ever

Ok it's time for someone to call for an end to the violent protests.

Someone has to stop this now. I'm sure the president will do nothing but fuck this up more. Anger for not being heard is understood and now is the time to step back and listen for a response. Please enough violence and destruction for now and give the serious people a chance to engage each other. There are people who want to actually work toward solving problems, let's give them a chance.

These people have been educated most look like

they have been taken care of, don't appear homeless or destitute. Most of them have or had jobs most good paying jobs. What I can't figure out is why in earth would they take all they have going for them shuffle out on to a stage, stand behind the worst president the most corrupt president a man who lies way more than he tells the truth ( common knowledge ) and degrade themselves time and time again. I could not live with myself knowing what I was supporting. I have quit jobs for in my mind were unethical behavior by the company I worked for and in no way am I a wealth man like many of these people. How can they live with themselves ?

I would love it if an intrepid reporter, preferably a woman

because they really get to him ask trump or his press secretary Kaylie if they could have a look at their brand new playbook they have been using for two years now. If no then while they in front of the camera/podium showing off their new, sorry old binder full of plans if they could at random show the camera 📷 3 pages of content. I suspect what you'll find is doddles of hamburgers and bobbies or the entire Obama/Biden plan copied verbatim with the trump logo stamped on top. Kaylie could at least show the table of contents. Please don't let them get away with this fraud. Media, anyone ?

Why can't Joe Biden just

go out scream FAKE NEWS call her a liar and make an ugly face and walk away ? The media has allowed trump to do this several times a week for years. WTF people ?
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