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Member since: Thu Jul 30, 2015, 08:17 PM
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Rhetoric and the BS Revolution

... A revolution is appealing on a visceral level. To those experiencing injustice, anger is a real and completely justified emotion, and change is a matter of survival. But how can he save us from inequalities when he seems incapable of understanding that economic inequality is a symptom for far more complex social inequalities? How can he bring people together to resolve complex problems when he so consistently paints any dissenters as either foolish or malicious? And most critically, how can he create the change that he owes the people who are justifiably angered by their suffering if he refuses to overlook political disagreements to build coalitions for the greater good? [whole article http://www.dailynewsbin.com/opinion/empty-rhetoric-and-the-bernie-sanders-revolution/24442/]

Breach of Trust: Why Bernie's Foot-Dragging on Tax Returns Raises Serious Concerns

There is only one candidate, Republican or Democrat, who has been more opaque when it comes to allowing the American people to see their tax returns than Bernie Sanders: Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders, who has made it his business to police other people's transparency practices, has released full tax returns tax returns for... zero years, though he released the summary for a single year, 2014. Compared to Sanders, John Kasich is more transparent (having released seven years of partial returns). Even Ted Cruz (who released four years of partial returns) has shown more commitment to transparency than Bernie.

Hillary Clinton has walloped the entire field and is the only candidate to have released her full tax returns for every year since 2001.

For a while, Donald Trump held the record for the most ridiculous excuse ever not to release returns: that his returns are "under audit", which a publication no less conservative that Forbes points out is not an actual reason to hold back one's tax returns.

Move over, Donald. Bernie Sanders' wife and tax preparer Jane Sanders went on Bloomberg on Monday and came up with this excuse as to why Sen. and Mrs. Sanders have not yet released any of their full tax returns, which Mrs. Sanders said she filed using Intuit's tax preparation software Turbo Tax. ... http://www.thepeoplesview.net/

Live Video: Hillary Clinton Campaigns with NY Gov. Cuomo in New York City

The true revolutionary is running a positive campaign!

Bernie Sanders promised a clean campaign without personal attacks. But as soon as such a campaign looked to be losing, he changed track. Hillary Clinton is the one delivering an upbeat, clean campaign that is spending less but earning a lot more votes. ...

"Senator, you are forming a mob of angry ...."

Article in Huff today:
You have been a lifelong champion of human equality. You have kept economic inequality, an issue I care very deeply about, at the forefront of an election cycle that might otherwise have been dominated by the antics of a reality TV clown.

On foreign policy, the issue that is generally considered your greatest weakness, I believe that you have consistently shown yourself to be responsible, inquisitive and level-headed. And you and Secretary Clinton have run campaigns which, a few stumbles aside, stand in such stark contrast to the GOP field that it is difficult to fathom how anyone could possibly consider any of them over either of you.

Senator Sanders, I like you. I admire you. Most of the time, I wish that we had 99 more senators just like you.

And I would, wouldn't I? I'm on the younger end of the likely voter spectrum. I'm male. I'm white. I'm liberal as hell. I'm the kind of voter that you should have a lock on.

But Senator, we have a problem, and it's a big one. When it comes to the specifics surrounding the core issue of your campaign, you have too often come across as either disingenuous or strangely removed from current reality.

The red flags have become too frequent to ignore. ...

Interesting Reads for Today ....


Sanders has not been vetted yet!

Let the vetting begin:

Hillary Surges in Reuters Tracking Poll

Here's a chart showing the preferences of likely Democratic primary voters over the past couple of months in the Reuters online poll. As of Friday October 2nd, it's Clinton 58%, Biden 19% and Sanders 17%. You read that right: a whopping 39-point lead over her nearest competitor.

As you can see, it's generally been fairly stable...but not always. For instance, notice the slow and steady Sanders surge around mid-September? That was about the time that Quinnipiac came out with their much-publicized poll which showed Bernie leading Hillary by one point in Iowa and the general "Hillary Doom" theme was reaching its apex in the media.

Now check out the huge one-day spike towards the end for Clinton. That was on Wednesday September 30th. Something to keep in mind is that this is a five-day rolling average poll...so it seems as if something particularly dramatic might have happened right around then. What could it have been?

It just so happens that last Wednesday was when the Kevin McCarthy thing really blew up after his nationwide admission the night before about the purely political nature of the Benghazi committee. And it looks like Democrats noticed big time.

It should also be noted that this past weekend, which included the very widely-viewed SNL appearance which capped off her best week ever, is not yet registered in this poll. So no one should be surprised if Hillary's support in the polls goes even higher in the coming days. ... http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/10/05/1428047/-Hillary-Surges-in-Reuters-Tracking-Poll

Republican 'Benghazi' Obsession

House Democrats have been tracking the progress of the "Attack Hillary Clinton Benghazi Select Committee, day-by-day, dollar-by-dollar. As of this week, we're closing in on $4.6 million spent by the party of fiscal responsibility to discover that Hillary Clinton did something that may or may not have had anything to do with Benghazi. That's taken more than 500 days. ... http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/10/01/1426385/-Republican-Benghazi-obsession-by-the-numbers

NH Gov Endorses Hillary!

DURHAM, N.H. Hillary picks up another key endorsement as she continues her campaign swing through New Hampshire Friday. Gov. Maggie Hassan endorsed her at an event at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. The event focused on the rising cost of college tuition. ...

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