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Very Weird......Hitlers Jewish Soldiers

I never knew this or even heard about this.

Lucy Flores accuses Joe Biden of kiss on back of head as VP. Lets " FRANKEN" him.

Apparently he was campaigning for her.

Nicest guy and great dem .....Lets rip him to shreds .

Face it... an innocent hug or kiss and she brings this up.

Is it no wonder men have become socially impotent ?

You damned if you do you're damned if you dont

You know...

Forget it... I don't feel like being alerted on.

Lori Loughlin in FBI Custody for Alleged Involvement in College Bribery Scam

After being one of over 40 people indicted in a massive college admissions cheating scam on Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the FBI tells ET that the Fuller House star was taken into custody by FBI agents in Los Angeles early Wednesday.

The actress will be booked at the Metropolitan Detention Center, the spokeswoman adds, and is expected to appear before a federal magistrate at 2 p.m. PT this afternoon in U.S. District Court.

Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, were charged on Tuesday with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services fraud. According to court documents, the two allegedly paid money to have their two daughters -- Olivia, 19, and Isabella, 20 -- deemed as recruits for the University of Southern California's crew team, despite them never actually participating in the sport once classes began.


Free Lori

A List of the Parents Named in the College Admissions Scandal Indictment



Gregory Abbott and Marcia Abbott — The “founder and chairman of a packaging company for the food and beverage industry, and the former chairman and CEO of a private-label clothing manufacturer.”

Gamal Abdelaziz — A former Las Vegas gaming executive who previously worked for Wynn Macau and MGM Resorts International.

Diane Blake and Todd Blake — Diane is “an executive at a retail merchandising firm” and Todd is an “entrepreneur and investor.”

Jane Buckingham — CEO of the boutique marketing company Trendera and author of The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life, an advice book “for the busy modern woman.”

Gordon Caplan — The co-chair of mega law firm Willkie Farr & Gallagher and the The American Lawyer’s 2018 Dealmaker of the Year.

I-hsin “Joey” Chen — A California resident who operates a “provider of warehousing and related services for the shipping industry.”

Gregory Colburn and Amy Colburn — Gregory is a doctor in Palo Alto.

Robert Flaxman — CEO and founder of Crown Realty & Development, a real estate firm.

Elizabeth Henriquez and Manuel Henriquez — Manuel is the “founder, chairman, and CEO of a publicly traded specialty finance company based in Palo Alto, California.”

Douglas Hodge — Former CEO of Pacific Investment Management Co. Bloomberg got him on the phone to talk about the scandal. He said, “I can’t talk right now.”

Felicity Huffman — An actress who most notably starred in Desperate Housewives.

Agustin Huneeus Jr. — An “owner of vineyards in Napa, California.”

Bruce Isackson and Davina Isackson — Bruce is president of real estate firm WP Investments.

Michelle Janavs — A “former executive at a large food manufacturer formerly owned by members of her family.”

Elisabeth Kimmel — A Las Vegas and La Jolla resident and “owner and president of a media company.”

Marjorie Klapper — A resident of Menlo Park, California, and the co-owner of “a jewelry business.”

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli — Loughlin is an actress best known for her role on Full House and Giannulli, her husband, is a fashion designer.

Toby MacFarlane — A former “senior executive at a title insurance company.”

William E. McGlashan Jr. — A “ senior executive at a global private equity firm,” and the guy behind the Rise Fund, a social impact fund he co-founded with Bono and Jeff Skoll, eBay’s first employee.

Marci Palatella — CEO of Preservation Distillery in Kentucky.

Peter Jan Sartorio — A “packaged food entrepreneur.”

Stephen Semprevivo — An executive at Cydcor, a “privately held provider of outsourced sales teams.”

Devin Sloane — The founder of aquaTECTURE, a water-focused investment firm in Los Angeles.

John B. Wilson — The president of private equity firm Hyannis Port Capital and a former executive at Staples and Gap Inc.

Homayoun Zadeh — A dentistry professor at USC.

Robert Zangrillo — CEO of Dragon Global, a private investment firm in Miami.

Cheating scandal 101.

Yes they cheated...but its hard for me to get upset.

What about....
1. Legacy students--" My father went here... now me"
2. Sports students who get full scholarships with lousy SAT/ACT--" i'm a 400 lb tackle and I can even spell"
3. Rich people who donate millions to schools to get their kids in
4. Sometimes they let from out of country kids in because they can pay the FULL tuition...diversification and all

Who are we kidding?

Maybe they love their kids so much , they would do something stupid .... and illegal.

oh, Heaven to betsy

I don't care what anyone says... Ellis was bought off

Rediculous sentence.

Report: Accuser of Virginia Lt. Gov. says she was also raped by Duke basketball player in 1999

The second woman to accuse embattled Virginia lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax of sexual assault claims the alleged incident occurred a year after she said she was also raped by an unnamed Duke basketball player, A.J. Perez of USA Today reports.

Meredith Watson came forward Friday alleging that Fairfax raped her 19 years ago while the two were students at Duke, describing the incident as “premeditated and aggressive” and noting they had been friends at the time in a statement released by her lawyer.

In a second statement released later Friday, Watson claimed the attack was tied to another rape involving a Duke basketball player that allegedly occurred a year earlier in 1999. Watson reportedly told Fairfax about the incident.

From USA Today:

“He revealed that Ms. Watson was the victim of a prior rape,” Nancy Erika Smith, Watson’s attorney, wrote in the second statement. “That is true. Ms. Watson was raped by a basketball player during her sophomore year at Duke. She went to the Dean, who provided no help and discouraged her from pursuing the claim further. Ms. Watson also told friends, including Justin Fairfax. Mr. Fairfax then used this prior assault against Ms. Watson, as he explained to her during the only encounter she had with him after the rape.”

“She left a campus party when he arrived, and he followed her out. She turned and asked, ‘Why did you do it?’ Mr. Fairfax answered: “I knew that because of what happened to you last year, you’d be too afraid to say anything.”


That poor woman

Do we demand all these people resign ? Whats the answer?

Ralph Northam
Justin Fairfax
Mark Herring
Elizabeth Warren
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