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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 25,609

Journal Archives

k.d. lang w/neko case & laura veirs - honey and smoke (live-2016) groovy sunday night torch song

Just came back from Lowe's in Red City, Arizona ...

Another name I have for it is 'Provo South' ... I have 3 LDS churches within a mile of my house. You get the idea.

Anyways, BIG change from the last time I was out at Safeway earlier in the week, about a block south of Lowe's. That time, there was almost nobody in masks. Today ... totally different story. Easily more people than not wearing them.

People are getting the memo about the exploding case count in this state, and many are taking it somewhat seriously it would appear.

Since there seems to be some Yosemite fans in the group ...

Snapped this about 5 minutes earlier than the Half Dome shot on the river I put in t'other thread ...

I wish there was some way via photo to really give the viewer a sense of SCALE when it comes to the stuff in the Valley.

When you're actually there, looking up ... it's friggin HUGE. It's 3000 feet tall. 2.5 x as tall as the Empire State Building.

Everyone needs to make a pilgrimage at least once in their lives. For reals ... you have to go.

100 internets to the first person who can identify what this is a picture of ...

Edit: it's been figured out by a combination of people.

See post 8 for another shot I took of the same monument from a different spot in the Park ... hope you like

A cool pic I took I'm having printed, from Tucson Botanical Garden ...

At least I think it's pretty cool

I'm curious if it takes a second to figure out what it is when you don't already know?

That's what I'z kinda hoping

in which lyle lovett sums up the human condition in 2 and half minutes ...

Such a great song, man ...

norah jones - nightingale (live-2002) easily my favorite tune of hers

the closing corker on Come Away With Me ...

and the original ... musical perfection, imho ... here's a vinyl drop that sounds brill ... and I highly recommend actually clicking the youtube link and running it from there, sounds noticeably better than it does playing it on DU

madeline peyroux - getting some fun out of life (studio-1996) great performance of a great song

I seriously thought this WAS Billie Holiday the first time I heard it. And I've listened to a LOT of Billie over the years.

I mean ... it's so spot on it's ... and she was like 22 at the time.

jack river - talk like that (studio-2016) t'was her first single, i totally dig it ...

jack river - fools gold (studio-2018) okay, I just ran through her whole catalog ...

while I was assembling some new audio furniture ... and this young aussie lady is awesome!

i won't lie, she rips off old melodies right and left, but they're melodies you love ... everything from neil young (the album is called sugar mountain ffs and she covers the song, and it's cool) to pretenders to bob dylan to U2 ... and some of her tracks have a serious mazzy star vibe.

and of course this particular song is fairly reminiscent of a certain tommy james by way of joan jett song ...

check it ...

the acoustic version is also pretty sweet

here's another one I love ... sounds like about 5 old songs I can think of ... but solidly based on the G-D-C 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door' riff that occurs in roughly 1 of 10 songs in the rock world ...

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