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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,342

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crazy thinking here

if it's proven beyond a doubt that the election was completely illegal, is it at all possible that the same electoral voters could decide to undo there vote for Moron? We are in un-chartered territory here, and that would also mean that the supreme court appointee also needs to be overturned! Lot at stake here! i know i know lot of what if's BUT Dam only can hope right?

what could Mueller come up with against Moron that

would take this out of congress's hands and put into the courts? AND who would be the prosecutor be if it went to the courts?

i'm at my ends can't

we get some smart lawyers to fight whats going on in this country? The moron's gotta be stopped

will ICE

go to California and if so what can Brown do to stop them

please never mention morons name ever again only call him


sorry but

i'm becoming so hateful that i feel that these people that shoot kill innocent beautiful people or drive over pedestrians with NO REGARDS for human suffering, these assholes body should be dumped and let insects or animals get to them NO FUNERALS at all!

just wondering

if once trump is indicted is he still able to pardon anyone?

i had no idea of

how much power a president has until this moron came along (yea i know the 2 chambers of congress has a lot to do about this) BUT i've learned a lot this election. i just hope somebody stops him before 3 million people die and this world gets turned upside down.


i wonder why the lord don.t smite this ass hole down!

question of the day

ok we know the election was stolen right? NOW the question, IF Mueller discovers all this to be true and files charges against all involved,and the repubs congress decides to do NOTHING, What are we all willing to do about it? (what options do we have?)
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