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rownesheck's Journal
rownesheck's Journal
June 13, 2018

All i can say about these horrific times we find ourselves in

is that once this boil on America's ass is lanced, beer industry stock is going to plummet just based on the piles of money i won't be spending on their products anymore. Come on liver, stay with me! Breathe! You're gonna make it! I need you buddy!

June 7, 2018

I've lived with something for a while now.

I assume it's some type of anxiety. Every day that i go to work i feel extremely sick to my stomach and my brain starts worrying about what's going to happen. I know it has to do with the thought of interacting with customers. Unfortunately, i work in retail, so you see the problem here. This has gone on for 20+ years. I'm 42! I shouldn't feel like this. Somehow, I've managed to fake my way into management with every company I've worked for. I'm not a social person and am very introverted so it takes a lot of energy to interact. My wife says i should look into medication, but i would like to not go that route. I've thought about seeing someone about this, but still concerned about being prescribed medication. What would actually help is not having a job in retail. Anyway, just wondering if anyone who has had this type of anxiety could recommend any non-prescription ways to overcome it. Thanks for listening!

April 24, 2018

A bit of serendipity on my birthday.

this was the strangest thing. Last Thursday (the 19 th) i turned 24 (If you look at it in a mirror). My wife and a coworker of her's happened to stop at a convenience store near where they work in the Woodlands (north of Houston). A man in the store was buying a duffel bag full of cigarette cartons. The coworker struck up a conversation with the guy asking about this odd purchase. Turns out, he is the stage manager for a band called the Struts, who was opening for a little band known as the Foo Fighters that night at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. My wife jokingly asked, "Hey, are you gonna hook us up with tickets?" To her surprise, the guy said, "sure." He gets her info and she receives a text later saying 2 tickets are waiting for her at will call.

She texts me while I'm at work saying she got us tickets to see the Foo Fighters (her friend told her to take me since it was my birthday). I didn't even realize they were playing a concert near us. I was surprised, and i figured she had bought them ( i didn't know about the convenience store thing yet).

After work, i meet my wife at a mall near the venue. As we're driving to the concert, she tells me the story. At this point I'm thinking, "oh lord. She got duped big time by some chain smoking weirdo." But, we get to will call and there are indeed 2 tickets waiting for her! So we are expecting lawn seats, which are far back from the stage, but still a cool place to hang out and watch a show. As we look at the tickets, they say section 100, which is in the roof covered area. We show our tickets to several venue workers and they keep ushering us closer and closer to the stage. Once our seats were located, we realize we are 11 rows back from the stage which is extremely close!

Holy canoli! It was an awesome night and an awesome concert, and i have to say, the best free birthday gift I've ever received!

April 1, 2018

Happy Easter everyone!

Here's hoping some goldfish left Lincoln Logs in your sock drawer!

March 31, 2018

How hard is it

to put yourself in a self induced coma? I'm done being absolutely stressed to the point of breaking on a daily basis. I worry what is happening to this world with this insane far right ideology flying around. I never gave a rat's ass about punk ass putin, except for thinking he was a complete scumbag who thought too highly of himself. Now he's the puppeteer of this scumbag who thinks a little too highly of himself here in America. Too many white trash bigoted "Americans" are all too eager to go along with this garbage because it's easier for them to hate than it is to love. I fear Mueller's investigation is moving way too slowly, and that nothing will come of it regardless of what is proven. I'm concerned that even with a blue tsunami, the gerrymandering is too much to overcome. This country cannot last another 6 years under this crippling, stressful weight of daily horror. I'm already a socially awkward, anxiety ridden person and have tried to avoid taking medication for fear of side affects, etc. The coma thing may be too extreme, but maybe i can be partially hypnotized in the way Peter from the movie Office Space was. But on a lighter note...

I'm about to head over to the doctor to get this gauze packing taken out of this hole in my hand! Hooray!

March 30, 2018

I've been thinking...

that orange bastard ran on far right extreme ideas. Should we run a psycho candidate on the left in 2020 with ideas such as a planned parenthood on every corner, full marijuana legalization everywhere, creating a massive co-op job movement, making mega churches illegal, full national healthcare system for everyone, caps on ceo salaries and compensation, build a wall around Alabama, cut military spending by 2/3, free college for everyone, 100% support for unions, ridiculously strict gun regulations on guns, outright ban of assault weapons, free beer on Tuesdays, naked Thursdays, huge investments in car free zones and making most cities walkable or bikeable, massive investments in green energy while forcing out the use of fossil fuels and creating a gasoline powered vehicle buyback program, minimum income for all, maximum 30 hour workweek. I could keep going. But most of all, as Bill Hicks liked to say,
"It's a round world last i checked." (and having a deep understanding of that last statement.)

March 1, 2018

I'm at the point now

That if Satan were in fact real, i honestly believe that i would sell my soul in exchange for this idiotic shitshow to be ended and have Hillary Clinton (the actual president) take office as well as a super majority in both houses of Congress, and have a majority on the supreme court. Buh-lieve me. That i can tell you.

February 20, 2018

We need...

to stop the sale of all guns in the United States until we can figure out what the hell is going on. Something is going on and it's baaaaddd. It's very, very baaaaadddd. That i can tell you.

February 18, 2018

Lately I've been feeling

that this period of trumpism we find ourselves in will be regarded as a period of time in U.S. history in which we were without a president. I sincerely believe this and know I'm not the only one. Other than the damn Disney hall of presidents, there will be no reference of this guy being president. Hell, Disney may remove this jerkwad from that attraction and replace it with a large talking asterisk. History books won't even mention that god awful beast and instead speak highly of an amazing period in our history in which activists, the courts, and women (especially African American women) worked their asses off to hold our fractured nation together through sheer will to ensure we didn't fall fully into authoritarianism. I can only hope...

February 16, 2018

Anyone thought of running for office?

I've often thought of running for office knowing i have no chance of winning. I am an atheist and would proudly proclaim it during a campaign. My main issue to run on would be to make gun ownership ridiculously difficult to obtain and maintain as well as an outright ban on military style rifles. My next issue would be to lift restrictions on abortion access. Finally, i would insist that churches, especially mega churches, pay taxes. Oh, also 100% marijuana legalization. Living in northeast Houston suburbs, i might receive about 10% of the vote with this platform, but i think it would be important to put these ideas out there during a campaign. I personally don't hear this enough. Maybe 2020.

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