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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,851

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Should Hunter Biden have his lawyers now slap a big fat defamation lawsuit,

Against TFG ?

Can a sitting Supreme Court Justice be charged,

with sedition?

We're already at war with Putin and Russia,

He's attacked our elections, and has TFG and many republicans on their side promoting their propaganda and psychological war now with the same tactics. Their accuse others what they're doing, or call it fake news. They promote the same lies accusing others with like again TFG claiming Hunter Biden took money they know he didn't, then asking Putin , another serial liar, to come up with more lies to prove the case.

Putin has a long history with TFG and now republicans of doing this. Lie , then exaggerate the lies more, like he did with Obama, Hillary, Cruz, Biden, the election was stolen, and others, and the same tactics as putin uses. They now accuse Democrats of being against our Democracy,, which is what the are doing, and on and on. It also shows organized planning between these groups to do this, with promoting legislation to alter election results in their favor while claiming election fraud, which they are doing.

TFG and many Republicans are assets of putin now helping them try to retake power again, while our DOJ is MIA. The media instead of focusing on TFG and Republicans same tactics of lying again ,like he's used before, are showing his propaganda for him instead of exposing the same tactics he and putins been using. The election was stolen is just another example of this while the media shows his repeated claims of it instead of the same patterns Putins using. I don't know how many times the media today has shown Russia if you're listening tape , instead of exposing the psychological tactics they actively use to con Americans with.

We're at war with these people, and failing at getting the truth out preventing more people being conned into believing their propaganda. Putin, TFG, and Republicans are attacking our Democracy because they can, and until its stopped , exposed, and those involved have consequences, it'll get worse. Has the media sided with Putin , some have. Has the DOJ and some in The Supreme Court been compromised too? Really tired of waiting on the DOJ to rescue us.

Is it time to get phones records of Roberts, Thomas,

And many others because of the 7+ hour gap ? I think now they should go after a lot more people as a consequence for their coverup and this gap to uncover more people were involved . What did Roberts know, and when did he know it too. The coverup is where many get themselves in trouble. The 7+ hour gap shows intent to obstruct justice, and coverup crimes, and conspiring .

Biden and the Dems need to start a campaign for ways The American people can help Ukraine,

By promoting energy conservation. By doing that it lowers prices which lowers Putins profits. It lowers costs for allies and U.S. And it sends a message to oil companies who've raised profit margins from this crisis. It's. Also better for. Other countries as an example to go by.f

By OPEC refusing to increase oil production to decrease rising prices,

They've sided with Putin, and justification now for the US and Europe to start switching to self energy reliance, and a massive program for renewables and electric vehicle production to eliminate any dependence on foreign terrorist oil , and the money paid to them being used as a weapon against us.

Auto companies need to design lower costing and more economical cars now to help make this happen quicker, and get away from being held hostage with oil from terrorist countries anymore. It also helps reduce climate change, which is also costing us all, and will only worsen and become more costly the longer we wait.

Russia and OPEC can go xxxx themselves. The USA needs to now promote conservation of energy until the reductions are realized, and new EV's are mass produced, as renewable production is increased or be held hostage, and see them terrorize us and others again and again.

Did putin start this war because he was tipped off?

By a mole in our government that they had evidence against him and TFG's criminal activities, and it was going to be exposing them, and by starting this war he could claim it fake news and because of his war? It would explain his desperation, and actions for redirecting attention tactic he and the puppet has used. Does he know its close to being over for him? It wouldn't surprise me if it was part of what's behind his actions, and for greed and revenge.

Anyone seen a list of American companies still doing business in Russia?

The other day on tv it was mentioned McDonalds and Burger King were still doing business there.

With all the doom and gloom being shown on tv with putin's brutal murders of women and children,

I am so thankful we have President Joe Biden in office. Can you imagine how bad it could have been for us and our country had TFG gotten in. He would have withdrawn from Nato, and sided with putin's committing war crimes, and much worse. They both are cancers on the world.

Fascist Putin using nazi's claim while going after Jewish people,

Expose his accuse others of his actions like TFG has often done.
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