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Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 11:32 AM
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Wegman's - Bridgewater, earlier this week.

s'posed ta be senior shopping from 9 - 10 a.m. Friend goes in to senior shop, 'sept the place is packed, seniors and others. Clerk is confronted. "Nuthin' we can do about it."

Manager comes. "You can't expect us to check id's. That they do it for liquor sales doesn't seem to matter.

She reported to the state agency and they will look into it. I believe this will result in a visit or action against the store.

Meanwhile, they lost a customer.... says she won't go back there, regardless of the outcome.

I won't ether.

Hyundai...What da fuck?

$35,000 for a new Sonata. So I starts reading the manual. Theres a section about a pump so's you can pump air into a deflated tire. But what about a blowout?

Manual? Nothing. So I call the dealer. Nope. There's no spare, not even a "donut.'

"Well, what if I get a blowout in the middle of Pennsylvania Tumpland?


And the sales rep doesn't even bother to tell me to buy a mounted spare.

So, off to Tire Rack.

BEWARE on your new car.

The next fraud story.... probably tomorrow, or Tuesday, or --- anyways,

It'll be about the guy in the counting room in Georgia. Ya see. he was spotted in a corner of the vote room. And the liberals...nah, lame stream media won't tell you about him. But my friend's neighbor saw him.

He had a bottle of White Out. And he was whiting out Trump/Pence and inking in Biden. But as soon as my friend's neighbor saw him, he put the stuff away with a sheepish grin.

Now this guy didn't get away with it. BUT go to your local Staples and see how many jars of WhiteOut are on the shelves.


Cataract lens.. improve night vision? Glare?

Starting to have trouble night driving with oncoming headlight glare.

---another good thing about getting rid of Orange Anus......

No more Kellyann .

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