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Member since: Tue Jul 16, 2019, 08:08 AM
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just one of the billions on the 'little blue marble' spinningly travelling around our life-giving star.

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a change gonna come


'tryin times


has anyone seen this planet prognosis


kinda fast huh?

operative words here, "in conjunction with Operation Warp Speed". Trump wants this to save his presidency. Wonder if it'll work. And how many people will die from this hastily created vaccine? And how will the numbers be skewed to show it is effective.

And don't get me wrong. I hope it works for suffering COVID patients. Yet I thought these vaccines took years to perfect after exhaustive trial and error

Climate Change and the disruption of norms

and human migration patterns because of climate change


goddamn hypocrite, con artist and liar

yeah Barr, those "headhunters consumed with taking down their targets" have targeted you and your cronies in the Senate, House, 1600. Always the victim. For the less informed they are marching with you to the cliff. Not I or millions upon overwhelming millions out here.

western wildfires

Source: usa today

smoke pollution cloud size of these fires

No link yet.

truly monumental

Should anyone be surprised?


And still, people will blame African-Americans for 400 years plus of this same scenario. Systemic and institutional racism is right up there with white picket fences, mom and apple pie. Never will go away. 60,000,000 at the last election believes as trump does. In total white supremacy and nothing less.

Electors of the Electoral College

system of electing a President is pledged to vote for the winner of the popular vote in each state. So if HRC won the popular vote nationwide, why then did this clown-coward-traitor end up as potus? Were some of the EC voters faithless and went rogue in their vote and signed the pre-printed certificate anyway pledging they did vote for the majority popular vote when they did not?

has anyone else seen this?


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September 4, 2020
VA Set to Give Veterans Convalescent Plasma in Test as Treatment Faces Scrutiny
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VA Set to Give Veterans Convalescent Plasma in Test as Treatment Faces Scrutiny
September 4, 2020 InMilitary Staff
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Army Ranger Who Saved 75 Hostages in Iraq Will Get Medal of Honor on 9/11 Anniversary
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DSS Agents Public Domain
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More Than 60 Fort Benning Soldiers Have Been Punished for Violating COVID-19 Rules
September 4, 2020 InMilitary Staff
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Air Force Tests New Bomb That Could Replace Controversial Cluster Munitions
September 4, 2020 InMilitary Staff
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DoD Set to Roll Out New Policy Targeting Pregnancy Discrimination in the Military
September 4, 2020 InMilitary Staff
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China Has The World’s Largest Navy. And It’s Getting Better, Pentagon Warns
September 4, 2020 InMilitary Staff
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Army Enlisted Leaders Open Up About Personal Struggles with Racial Identity
September 4, 2020 InMilitary Staff
Get started on your Homeland Security Degree at American Military University.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has announced plans for randomized testing of 700 veterans on the effectiveness of convalescent plasma in treating COVID-19, amid an open feud between public health agencies on its therapeutic value.

“This trial will go a long way toward helping in the fight against COVID-19,” VA Secretary Robert Wilkie said. In the test, focused on veterans who are sick with the virus, and hospitalized as VA medical centers around the country, some will get convalescent plasma and some will receive a placebo for comparison.

Another trump appointee ready to disrespect and possibly kill and maim our own military personnel. This potus and his disrespect for our military know no bounds. Any vet that votes for him is someone I just cannot understand and damn sure wouldn't trust covering my back.

This whole country is upside down and the unsettled nature of it's continuing existence as democracy is very uncomfortable.
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