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Early Clovis points found in Michigan

They date back to 13,000 years ago. So both the location and the age were a surprise. (Transcript has a few typos.)


Earliest known evidence of Maya calendar in Guatemala

Calendar fragment dates back to 300 BCE showing that Mayans did not simply copy from previous cultures but were involved in early developments of Mesaoamerican civilization.

Ten other text fragments were found along with mixed murals and texts from an earlier complex.


Let's get some perspective on Sinema.

Our goal remains the same. Instead of razor thin margins, we need enough Dems in the Senate to make "wafflers" insignificant. So instead of wringing our hands over Sinema's decision to go Independent, we need to gain even more people in the Senate.

Our chances of gaining the House back in 24 could be good, but only if we work at it.

I know that there are people on DU who can remember when we had solid majorities in Congress. That's still a worthy goal. Look at what Biden has accomplished in two years. Imagine what he could do with solid majorities in both chambers of Congress.

Covid can survive on groceries for days according to new study

Article in Fortune Magazine reports that the covid virus can remain viable on grocery items for days or hours depending on the type of food, packaging, and storage. It gives examples of cans, plastic wrapped foods, and fresh vegetables and fruits.


Nova program on the history of cat domestication

This is the story of the evolution of wild cats into domestic pets, based on mtDNA studies. It covers domesticated cats in different cultures and time periods and how they spread from the Middle East to the rest of the world.

Nova program, Cat Tales - the history of cat domestication

This is the story of the domestic cat's wild ancestors determined by feline mtDNA studies, and their evolution into domesticated pets. It tells the history of domestic cats in various cultures and time periods and how they spread from their Middle East origins to the rest of the world.

Jordan Klepper traces the origin of the belief that JFK Jr is alive

In a podcast with two guests, Klepper discusses how this conspiracy theory started, who is most likely to believe it and why.

One guest is an expert on political conspiracy theories and the other is a doctor, but I didn't catch what type of doctor. They talk about the effect that believers have in real life, where Qanon might go in the future, and how many people are actually dedicated believers.

Jordan Klepper traces origin of belief that JFK Jr is alive

In a podcast, Klepper discusses with two guests the origin of the conspiracy theory about JFK Jr being alive and becoming Trump's VP so they can fight the Deep State together. One guest is an expert on political conspiracy theories. The other is a doctor, but I didn't catch what kind of doctor (PhD, MD, psychiatrist?).

They talk about why people fall for this belief and who is most likely to believe it. They also discuss how these believers affect real life, the future of Qanon, and how many people are actually dedicated believers.

Uh-oh. Western NY weather. Here we go again.

After a week of 40 F degrees and melting snow, the forecast for some parts of western NY tomorrow is more lake effect snow. But this time, high winds are expected, with gusts up to 50 mph.

Thanksgiving ghost story

With the heavy snowfall here in western NY so close to Thanksgiving, I'm remembering another snowy Thanksgiving many years ago when I was 6 years old.

We lived in Erie, PA. My mother's cousin, Wilford (whom we called Willie), and his wife, Jenny, drove to Erie from Buffalo for Thanksgiving dinner with us. They planned on staying overnight with other Erie relatives. Willie would not stay in our house after dark because my parents bought the house from an old family friend whose husband, Joe, had died in an upstairs bedroom. Willie was a firm believer in ghosts and haunted houses.

Erie (not Buffalo that time) got hit with a lake effect storm on Thanksgiving day. By the time that Jenny and Willie realized how bad the storm was, they were too close to Erie to turn back. No expressway between Buffalo and Erie then, and no cell phones in those days (1956 - yes I'm that old). They arrived 2 hours late.

By the time we finished dinner, their car was totally buried, visibility was zero, and all streets were completely impassable. They had no choice but to stay overnight with us. My brothers offered their room, said they would go to the living room with their sleeping bags. But Willie refused to sleep on the second floor so he and Jennie took the couch and a lounge chair.

Shortly after we all got into bed, I heard Willie go into the bathroom, which was next to my bedroom. He had passed my brothers' room on the way, so my oldest brother, the family prankster, stood in my doorway, outside the closed bathroom door and called out in a spooky voice, "Wiiiiiiillie, Wiiiiiiilie."

Willie, who was over 6 feet tall and had a deep, gruff voice, snapped back, "What? Who is it?" My brother used a whispery voice to say, "Willie, it's your friend, Joe." I struggled to hold back the giggles while my brother held his finger to his lips to silence me.

Willie ran out of the bathroom yelling, "He's here! I heard him!" Everyone ran into the hall and my brother blended in, acting innocent and curious. My father insisted that it was "mind over matter because there's no such thing as ghosts."

At breakfast in the morning, Willie and my father were still arguing over what had happened. I could not hold back the giggles, even though my brother kicked me under the table. My father noticed and said, "Willie, I think I found your ghost." Jenny burst out laughing and told my father that it was too funny and harmless to punish us.

The snow had stopped but we could not open our doors because it was drifted halfway up them. We had a detached garage and the snow shovels were in there. The prankster brother dropped into the snow from a dining room window where it wasn't drifted so high. He had the kitchen broom and pushed aside just enough snow to open the back door. Willie and my father joined him to make a path to the garage and clear enough snow to open it.

But the side streets like ours were still impassable, so a relative with a 4 wheel drive jeep met Jenny and Willie at the corner of our block where a major street had been plowed and took them to his place.

For many years afterward, we kids would say, "Wiiiiilie," and laugh our asses off.

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