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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 03:07 PM
Number of posts: 3,828

Journal Archives

So Trump Knowingly Exposed Gold Star Families

Whoda thunkit....

Isn't Omicron A Transformer?

Wife just asked.

So The State Will Control All Uteruses In The State

Not the girl.

Ruling coming.

What On Earth Would Epstein And A 14 Year Old Be Doing Going Down To Mar A Lago

I wonder why they "trafficked" on down to Mar A Lago......

Who did they go to see?

Better check the National Enquirer.


Why Can't We Just Send The Unvaccinated To Leper Colonies?

That's how they did it in the Bible. You know the non-banned book all the right wingers love to talk about.

It Was Start The Steal - Not Stop The Steal

For historical reference.

Now start using it.....

All The Super Rich Folk That Raped The Little Girls At Epsteins House

Will not have their names revealed at Ghisline Maxwells trial.

That's how justice works!


Most Republicans Strongly Oppose Democracy

Maybe some of the folks on our side could mention this fact once in a while.

They truly miss their Daily Hate coming from the orange Covid infected White House Fuhrer.

Republicans Want To Bring Back The Hitler Youth

Giving children weapons, and making them heroes if they shoot protesters.

Stop and just think about this for a second.

Don't Like Inflation Get The Shot Not Rocket Surgery

And the booster.
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