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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 3,007

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Millions Of Germans Believed Hitler's Lies Too Today's Situation Is Not That Much Different

And believing Hitler didn't work out all that well for most of them either.

They all had to be killed.


I put it in the proper perspective.

The P In GOP Stands For Pathetic

Pathetic Liars.

Did you see Stefanick's lies today. Humoring Covigula for a new job leading the TRAITORS.

I watched Charlie Dent last night on CNN talking about a new kind of Republicans based on truth. Made me want to laugh. The GOP has never been based on truth. It is all about convincing stupid people they will prosper, if others are attacked, and have their rights taken away.

Name one single thing today's Republican Party truly stands for that is not EVIL.....

Good luck with that one.

Hey Wally Let's Go Attack Liz Cheney For Telling The Truth

Ok Beaver. We can't be telling the truth now can we.


Nothing more American than Leave it to Beaver.


Bill Barr Always Wanted To Go To Prison

He may now get his chance.

Sorry ass lackey for the mob.

American's Not In The T...p Death Cult Need To Figure Out How To Deal With The People

In the T...p Death Cult.

This country is getting scary with 30% of it's citizens having blown minds.

Fox News Won't Let Me Post On Their Facebook - I Been Cancelled

I was commenting on a post where the family of Ashley Bobbit was suing because she got shot trying to kill Congresspeople. I said she got what she deserved. They all called me crazy and it was ANTIFA and BLM that stormed the capitol. They left my earlier posts up, but when the nut jobs attacked me with silly attacks, I couldn't respond.

I was cancelled on Facebook by Fox News.


Covigula Was One Good Variant Away From Making India America

Donnie Death did all he could to spread and ignore the virus. Fox helped him.

We were lucky.

This time.

We only lost 700,000 wonderful people.

This time.

Tim Scott You Are Just Effing Pathetic

When is the spaceship back to your planet leaving?

I don't want on it, I want to be sure I am out of the way.

So Will Joe Rogan Pay The Medical Bills Of All Who Take His Advice?

And not get vaccinated?

And get Covid.

Oh hell no.

We will.

We can't live a safe normal life because of human scum like Joe Rogan and others like him.

Get vaccinated regardless how stupid you are.

Who Here Thinks Officer Sicknick Died From Natural Causes

The day after being sprayed with an unknown substance?
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