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DanieRains's Journal
DanieRains's Journal
May 25, 2022

When Will Mitch McConnell Be Arrested For Accessory To Murder?

Because of him no legislation will ever get passed that might help reduce the gun murders.

Arrest him.

May 25, 2022

Republicans Help Murderers Kill

That is the frame.

Unrestricted access to assault weapons.

To any angry deranged psycho.

May 24, 2022

Herschel Walker Is Such A Fraud He Wants To Bring People Together

He says.

From the party that:

Passed 250 laws making it harder for minorities to vote.

Filibusters any legislation that helps my family succeed, or stay safe (to hurt Biden).

Ignores climate change.

Openly supports white supremacists (go figure).

Wants to turn America into a dictatorship ruled by a con man.

Dear Herschel. I won't be "coming together" with anyone who wants to turn America into Russia. No one who wants to put corporate monopolies in charge of all sectors of the economy. No one from any party that votes against my family's future every time (with a couple notable exceptions).

Then there is the pretend Christians who don't give a damn about the least among us you try to appeal to.

Herschel you want to represent an evil cult who wants America destroyed, as well as the entire planet.

You are simply a fraud.

Dear Reverend Warnock. Feel free to use any part of this post.

May 23, 2022

Donny Deutsch Shoving Corporate Election Crap Down My Throat Makes Me Want To Puke

This morning on Morning Joe he said something like "the Republicans should be leading the generic polling by 15 points", but they aren't. Really Donny. "Should" be leading?

Here is the current Republican Platform Donny:

Do nothing but lie about everything
Sabotage the economy for the non-wealthy
Filibuster any legislation that might make my life better
Take away women's rights to their own health care decisions
Ignore climate change while the country literally burns
Give tax cuts to billionaires, and raise taxes on most of the rest
Enact and support policies that make inflation worse
Help monopolies control every sector of the economy, including baby formula and gasoline
Blame immigrants / minorities for our country's problems
Scream non-stop about imaginary crap to the media to distract people from actual crimes
Ban books where they don't like the subject matter
Attack schools, and make it so they can't teach history
Make it as easy as possible for angry crazy people to buy all the assault weapons they want
Defend to the end the former criminal president who told 30,000 documented lies and committed thousands of crimes

The list goes on, but here are just a few points.

Donny, anyone voting for "these Republicans" belongs in a mental institution, or a prison. Get it?

When you say stupid sh*t like the Republican Politicians above "should" be leading in anything but a chain gang it just makes me angry.

Anyone else feel the corporate media sucks to no end?

May 23, 2022

If The Banks Didn't Launder The Stolen Loot And Drug Money

We wouldn't have so many people fleeing crushing poverty, and risking their lives to get here.

Then there's the Economic Hit Man thing.

Corporate / banking profits always matter more than human lives.

Or any other kind of life for that matter.

May 17, 2022

After Years Of The Wealthy Extracting Most Of The Wealth Some Want To

Give them more.

Their path to success is to distract stupid people with bullsh*t, and get them to fear other Americans, and immigrants. Never talking about the people destroying their lives, and their planet simply for profit. Endangering others lives to avoid a little inconvenience.

Republicans can get elected and get campaign help by giving the rich more benefits to stay in power. Secret billionaire funded super pacs. Ads that tell us to be energy voters and let Putin and the Saudis control our economy. Ads that say buy pharmaceuticals for 10 times what other countries pay.

The billionaire owned media and social media helps them spread lies, hate, and fear 24 / 7. Convincing "people" to blame minorities for their troubles, and not the folks who took $50 trillion right out of their pockets, and pay little in taxes.

And the rage is getting worse, and the violence is increasing.

Something has to give....

May 17, 2022

Life In Prison For Spying For Russia Dude Paid $10

Just saw spy arrested on CNN.

Paid $10 for spying inside Ukraine.

Life in prison.

The math just doesn't work for me.....

May 16, 2022

Strengthen Not Weaken American Technology Ads Whats Up?

They want us to call congress.

Anyone know what this is about?

I could guess but someone here may know.

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