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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,954

Journal Archives

Poll Watchers Don't Carry AR-15's - Sorry Covigula Trump

If you take a gun to a polling place, you should be arrested unless you have a badge, or a dog tag.

Freezergate - Nebraska


Trump really doesn't care.

How Many Endangered Animals Has Trump Jr Shot This Week?

Is anyone counting?

I Want Anyone Attempting To "Suppress Any Voter" To Be Arrested From Supreme Court To Boogaloo

Kemp ignores 53,000 voter registrations.

Why is the pile of human feces not in jail?

Right Wing Supreme Court Scum in all these states voting to keep people's votes from being counted. And they get away with it.

Something needs to be done.

Something bad.

If you don't want people voting move to Russia, or Belarus.

The Supreme Court Should Represent The People Not A Handful Of Billionaires

Who's dark money put them on the bench.


It is not bad.

It is real bad.

Billionaires extracting from us will be on steroids now.

The planet? Our children? Good luck.

Trump Would Kill Or Sicken All His Supporters If He Thought It Would Help Him

Just think about that.

Bye grampa, and granma.

You were old anyway.......

Trump! Trump! Trump!

Utah Republicans Should Mail In Their Trump Vote Before They Die - Hospitals Full

And sending the elderly home to die to make room for younger victims of Trump.


They Say They Don't Want America To Become Venezuela But...

Becoming NAZI Germany, no problem.

Am I the only one who gets it?

Why does Trump complain so much about ANTIFA?

Because he's a FASCIST.

I have plenty more.

Jesse Jensen - R WA 08 - Paid For 2 Ads During Seahawks Game

Saying he was gonna keep taxes low so we could recover. Nothing about Rich Folks paying taxes, or Covid.

Please help Dr. Kim Schriever if you can.

We don't need another pile of Republican feces like Dave Reichert representing the 8th.

D K Metcalf Is A Freak

And he's our freak.

It almost isn't fair.

"One of the plays of the year" said Collinsworth.

(He ran down a pick 6 when Buddha Baker had a 10 yard head start)

Insane speed.
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