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Member since: Sat Feb 22, 2020, 12:55 PM
Number of posts: 4,896

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I can't wait for Pence's reunion with Trump

I love those videos where dogs are reunited with their masters returning from long oversees military service. Hopefully there will be a video of this reunion as it should be similarly heartwarming and uplifting. Surprise, yelping, tail-wagging, spinning in circles, jumping up and down...all that stuff.

Give 'em Disease, Donnie!

Trump's motorcade parade is 2020's answer to "Give 'em Hell, Harry!"

Q: What important scientific details should Trump learn about CV-19 during his ordeal?

A: None!

Even a laymen working closely with the talented immunologists and virologists on the Task Force month after month should have absorbed by osmosis all of the important scientific details by now. While the experience itself may be life-changing on a personal level and enlightening in some small way, the scientific facts which he should be using to base his critical executive decisions on as President should have been old hat with that kind of access.

Missiles for Biden's arsenal

Assuming there will be another debate, I've assembled two:

The President boasts a lot about the China travel ban in February. The reality is that a proper Federal response to the pandemic would require countless decisions to be made on a daily basis for months if not years. These decisions have to consistently be made correctly far more often than not, and followed up by prompt and effective actions coordinated at the state and federal level. You cannot be successful during a national emergency making one decision and then taking a month off to congratulate yourself. This was another "Mission Accomplished" moment by the Republicans when the hard work and sacrifices hadn't even begun yet.

The President also boasts a lot about the greatest economy the world had ever seen back in February. I find this analogous to somebody returning from Las Vegas boasting about the huge stacks of chips they had at the blackjack table before losing it all. The reality is that the President didn't take the right preventative measures to protect those stacks. He was focused too much on the money and failed to mitigate the various risks which were pointed out to him years earlier, some by my administration. This included the risk of a pandemic. Trump gambled with our future in an uninformed, reckless way and lost big.

These will explode Trump's two favorite talking point bunkers.

Sweden has overtaken China in CV-19 cases per JHU

Sweden cases: 94,283
China cases: 90,584

So the little country far away with the minimal pandemic response has overtaken the big country at the epicenter with the comprehensive pandemic response.

A missed opportunity regarding Trump rallies during the debates

President Donald J. Trump: (08:48)
Weve had no negative effect.

Vice President Joe Biden: (08:49)
No negative effect. Come on.

President Donald J. Trump: (08:51)
Weve had no negative effect, and weve had 35, 40,000 people at these rallies.

A better response by Biden:

No negative effect? You got your friend Herman Cain killed at a rally. He followed your irresponsible leadership and died a preventable, pointless death. Did you forget? Did your great memory fail you tonight?

There was a satisfying moment during the debate for me

Chris Wallace: (25:09)
We have six segments. We have ended that segment. Were going to go to the next segment. In that segment, you each are going to have two uninterrupted moments. In those two interrupted minutes, Mr. President, you can say anything you want. Im going to ask a question about race, but if you want to answer about something else, go ahead. But I think that the country would be better served, if we allowed both people to speak with fewer interruptions. Im appealing to you, sir, to do that.

President Donald J. Trump: (25:37)
Well, and him too.

Chris Wallace: (25:38)
Well, frankly, youve been doing more interrupting than he has.

So, an accusation is made against Trump. Trump goes with the standard Republican distraction, the false equivalence. Maybe I was interrupting, maybe not, but if I was, well so was he, so it's a push. Is it? There never is an independent ruling on these. There is one for every occasion in the Republican playbook (see "Hillary's emails" ), and they are just tossed out there like handfuls of baking soda on a grease fire.

But in this case, there was a definitive ruling. Youve been doing more interrupting than he has.

The slam dunk SCOTUS argument that never came in the debate

Biden needs a bit of help with this.

The Republicans presented their arguments for blocking Garland in 2016. They could have stated that it was their right to do on account of controlling the Senate. However, they apparently felt the need to provide additional justification in the court of public opinion. So they made the case that the upcoming election in the same year should decide. This argument prevailed, and this did two things. First, it created a legal precedent. Second, it created a kind of a contract with the voters.

Fast forward to 2020. The Democrat's losing arguments in 2016 are now resonating with the Republicans, and they have switched sides. Forget the precedent that was established, forget the verbal contract with the voters. Losing arguments are the new winning arguments! Throw in a totally manufactured difference in that we have a unified Senate and White House now in order to further muddy the waters.

So which party do you trust to nominate judges in a more fair and less partisan way?

Trump's Biggest Fear

It's obvious what it is. It's losing in a landslide with a clear winner being declared on or shortly after Election Day.

He hasn't stopped campaigning in four years. He got himself impeached on account of it. He may not be able to ward off the inevitable election loss, but it appears to be within his power to muddy the waters of the results.

So this is all one big hedge. If he loses, he just stirs up all this manufactured controversy over absentee voting and the like. He can stay in the MSM limelight and play the role of the people's underdog champion against the corrupt Deep State. Maybe he takes his movement underground, maybe he walks away with one finger in the air, maybe he refuses to leave. He switches from sore winner to sore loser, it all fits his modus operandi.

If he somehow wins, that will be the last we hear of the "rigged election". We'll get four more years of victory laps and high-fives to self.

But a clear victory by Biden that quickly extinguishes the worst ideology this country has seen in recent memory, that he can't abide.

This guy is a metaphor for the Trump Presidency

Disregards fact-based warnings clearly presented at current situation - check
Downplays major threat based on experience with loosely-related minor threats - check
Overestimates knowledge level of subject at hand based on hasty research - check
Tweets/vlogs in fallacious attempt to boast or share "wisdom" - check
Kind of a doofus - check
Ends very, very badly - check

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