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Member since: Mon Sep 7, 2020, 09:16 PM
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I just saw the Borat movie. How come no one here thought to call him "McDonald Trump"?

Borat refers to him in the movie as "McDonald Trump" at least twice.

In the past, he has served McDonalds food at the white house to visiting high school students.

Yet still, it did not occur to me to call him McDonald Trump.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN just said unequivocally, "The president is sicker than they are telling us."

And he goes into detail about the announcement of medications and the timing of events.

The debate drinking game -- add your own rules

Pour yourself a cup of your favorite beer, wine, or whatever. Have your next cup handy – things can get going fast. (Feel free to substitute the term “hit” for “sip” and “blunt” for “cup”.)

These rules are just a starter set. Add your own rules in the comments section.

1 sip
Trump says "Believe me"
Trump mentions "Hunter Biden"
Trump spontaneously sniffles
Trump says “Open the schools”
Trump says “Sleepy Joe”
Trump says “Fake news”
Trump mentions “Antifa”
Trump says “Biden is beholden to leftist extremists (or socialists)”
Trump interrupts Biden on Biden’s time
Biden mentions "Trump's taxes" or “Trump’s debt”
Biden says the words “unfit for office”

Anyone says “$750” in any sentence
Anyone mentions the name “Putin”
Anyone mentions the phrase “Black Lives Matter”

2 sips
Trump claims to be religious
Trump uses the words “testing” and “cases” in a single sentence
Trump accuses Biden of being on drugs
Trump slurs two words in a single sentence
Trump mentions “Crazy Nancy” or “Crying Chuck”
Trump says he saved millions of lives from COVID with his quick response
Trump says he pays millions of dollars in taxes (in the present tense)
Trump talks more than 30 seconds passed his time
Trump argues with Chris Wallace for more than 20 seconds
Biden talks more than 10 seconds passed his time
Biden says “That’s a lie” (must be the exact word “lie”)
Biden interrupts Trump on Trump’s time
Wallace says “That’s not true”

Drink half a cup
Trump slurs more than three words in a single sentence
Biden calls Trump a liar (must be the exact word “liar”)
Biden makes a significant gaffe

Drink whole cup
Trump invades Biden’s physical space
White chunks of Adderall fly out of Trump’s nose
Trump challenges Biden to fisticuffs

Drink six pack
Biden accepts challenge

The protests have begun. Here's a link to live streams.

This will be much more intense after dark. That's when the agents provocateurs come out.


There are protests every night, most notoriously in Portland, since the death of George Floyd.

It's become in vogue to be a live streamer.

Protests in Portland are back. People squaring off against cops. Live now.


Various live streams. This is intense!
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