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Member since: Thu Nov 19, 2020, 04:51 AM
Number of posts: 954

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While the GOP fawns over DeJoy for slowing down mail service, they whine about slow Ports

more needs to be said about this

AtlantaBraves Ticket ofc 404-577-9100 (option 6) Why did they just book anti-vaxxer Travis Tritt

to sing the national anthem - 2 days after his splashy anti-vaxx, anti-mask stunt

there's someone there - I just talked to him

GOP: The ports are backed up! DISASTER! Also GOP: The mail's slow. Let's slow it down more! nt

Biden has a big chip he needs to use now - threaten to declare Natl ER for Climate by Exec Order

certainly doing something like this would greatly displease Manchin's donors and hit their interests very hard

Tell Manchin it's time to play ball or we can do things the hard, ugly way. His choice.

Manchin "so angry" about Bernie/out-of-staters - while taking $$$ & orders from HOUSTON TEXAS!

let's remember that Houston, TX is where Manchin goes to scoop up his money and get his orders

I still feel that the best thing each of us can do individually is to be active with our County Dems

that's where the rubber meets the road

not on social media but finding our voters, persuading them, and getting them out to vote

Manchin's GASLIGHTING Laughably False claim of Schumer's speech as "uncivil" means only 1 thing

he has already decided to switch parties and this is part of his phony, dog-and-pony-show "foundation" and excuse for doing so.

These people are so painfully transparent. This is so clearly a little plan gleefully crafted in Mitch's office.

And Jake Sherman and the media are playing right along.

Schumer gave a 30 SECOND long speech, that was sober, accurate, without profanity, professional and restrained.

then Manchin started SHRIEKING that it was "fucking stupid" and uncivil. THIS IS GASLIGHTING. DUMB TRANSPARENT GASLIGHTING.

Meanwhile Madison Cawthorne. Meanwhile MTG. Meanwhile Boebert. Meanwhile Little Marco tweeting about communists and marxists (pretty much the same for every single GOP Senator). None of them admonished by Manchin or Romney as uncivil.

Now the only question is - when does the announcement come.

From 3/21/16: Lewandowski 'drunk-dialed and came on to female reporters'

Lewandowski 'drunk-dialed and came on to female reporters'



from 12/22/17



he is a garbage person. has been assaulting and harassing women for years.

Proper condolence to those fired for refusing to vaccinate: "FUCK YOUR FEELINGS."

That is all.

Are we making this harder than it needs to be? isn't' the answer dirty ads?

Dems always want to win "clean."

But sometimes the only thing that destroys a lie is a bigger lie.

Right now the ends justify the means.

Edit to ad: just saw this on twitter


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