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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA
Current location: Maryland
Member since: Wed Jan 19, 2022, 08:08 PM
Number of posts: 3,190

About Me

Staunch advocate for voting rights. I couldn't take it any longer and have joined 3 public boards within the last week to add my voice to the quest for a voting rights. Lifetime Democrat. Retired Federal medical researcher.

Journal Archives

OMG! Just sunned!

Binging Netflix "Occupied" I am just stunned how this is so similar to Putin's current play on Ukraine. The country in this story is Norway but it could easily be Ukraine. A must see for history and conspiracy buffs.

Anyone interested in seeing the film "Belfast" ought to checkout Netflix "Rebellion" first.

I have been reading about Ireland in preparation for watching "Belfast." I like to check out the history and culture of films about other countries culture and history before viewing the relevant films.

I highly recommend "Rebellion." The acting is awesome. It was out in 2016 but I had never seen it or heard about it.


Every time I see a tweet from Manchin or Cinnamon (intentional sp), I post this

"Remember, we never passed BBB thanks to you and your partner from AZ yet we have this inflation!"

This what people should be thinking about. Would we have this inflation this bad had BBB passed? Democrats should be using this to the point that 14 economists have already made...BBB would reduce inflation ...

I don't want to be attacked as a conspiracy nut but my mind flashes back to the WH visit

of the Russians to Trump. We couldn't see inside except for the media photos and videos allowed by Trump but I was alarmed then and even more so now. Just how much was our Intel and security compromised during that visit? We all know that at the time Trump was busing maligning NATO and the US, for that matter. He was involved in a "love affair" with KIM and was touting Putin as his hero leader. Where were these men allowed to go within the confines of the WH, were they always accompanied by secret service?

Putin's moves now around Ukraine make me nervous that Putin knows so much more about our military, readiness, and Trump sympathizers among the ranks (thinking about Flynn). Trump is certainly ignorant enough to have promised and revealed more than just the bathroom codes.

I don't believe that military weapons alone is enough to alarm Putin. I think we would need to pull out all stops with our NATO allies joining us and shutdown Putin money stream and those of his supporters. We are going to have immediate pain from that but long term what do we think we could live with? Looks like France is willing for another revolution. What are we preparing for?

Based on what we know about who the Jan6 insurrectionists were, has our military, law enforcement, and intel communities been infiltrated in numbers that would make them turn against us? How many in the Senate have been irreversibly turned?

My nephew who works for one of those entities has alarmed me with his speculations.

OK, please walk me back.

Can the US legally and should they actually deny Visas to Canadian truckers to enter the US?

Or can and should other national or government agencies deny visas to disruptive truckers who are now trying the Canadian stunt globally? I understand that these disruptive trucker protests are only among a small group of truckers and their supporters. Am I wrong? These protests are not about freedom to me. It's more like the extended MAGA are of Trumpians that are harming too many people across the globe. The seeds of a world-wide offense against any law and order are below the surface of these "privileged" truckers.

Our military is being affected. Might it be a good thing if all other militaries engaged in such defiance of their chain of command? It is a very, very complicated and scary issue. Attacks against science, medicine, education and governance. What could go wrong?

Messaging inflation:

The Trump administration spent valuable taxpayer resources on tax cuts for people who didn't need and who lied about pumping those tax cuts back into the economy. That money would have been available to help families facing inflation hardship today. And the GOP and a couple of Democrats who benefited from those HUGE GOP-Trump tax cuts doubled down on their selfish policies by refusing to approve major segments of Biden's BBB such has child tax credits, prescription drug cost reduction, student loan forgiveness, and green energy that would have produced thousands of higher paying jobs.

This is the "spin" the Democrats should be giving over the airwaves. I don't hear any of it. Elections really do have consequences and we are living the consequences of the 2016 election that ushered in a bunch of know-nothing, do-nothing, self-serving, criminal bigots with ego-manic, fascists intentions that played out starting with McConnell denying Obama his SCOTUS pick and resulting in a major insurrection on Jan 6, 2021.

Did I miss anything?

About the complaints from the FOP about being "betrayed" by their leadership.

i encourage all of you to read their union's complaint. Then consider this. These complaints go a long way in supporting the new GOP meme that Pelosi and others were responsible for the damage and lives lost during the insurgency. They do these diversion tactics so well.

But don't well know that had their been more police present and tougher security including the national guard BEFORE the actual attack that Pelosi and the DC Mayor and other Dems would have been accused of coming down hard against the MAGAs protestors but allowing BLM and ANTIFA to protest wherever and whenever they wanted to. The presence of more police and the adequate equipment to thwart their violence against the Capitol would have been used against us (Democrats at all levels) to prove that MAGAs are the real victims and their freedoms are being denied.

Please do not allow the complaints now being voiced through the FOP turn your heads and minds and hearts away from what actually happened on 6Jan. It was and insurrection against our government, our institutions, our laws and our real freedoms. The media is playing right into the hands of the MAGA-GOP by now pushing this meme.

Just don't allow this victim blaming to go forward without significant challenge. STOP IT IN ITS TRACKS!!

Thank whoever...for my heart.

I sure hope Manchin and Sinema were watching the Reid Out tonight.

The segment on how minorities are being denied easy access to voting and all the tricks the GOP is using to thwart voting in red states should open their eyes to how they are helping to destroy our democracy because of their opposition to voting rights legislation.

I love the way President Biden just keeps on governing in the face of all the revelations about

the dangerous criminality of Trump and his minions.

The revelation about the attempt or proposal for Trump to us NSA data in his quest to overturn our election gives any half-way decent Republican an off-ramp to stop unifying with their colleagues who are MAGA-Trump fanatics and join with Democrats who want to save our democracy and govern for the people. This is their chance and if they don't take it they should never be voted into office again, and in fact, they should resign now and ask for their brown shirts. Here is your chance Graham, Collins, Romney, Murkowski, and a few others. Actually I wish, Kinzinger and Cheney would just switch to Dem or Independent. What do they have to lose at this point?

Even thinking about using NSA for the personal gain of Trump ought to be disqualifying for any government or public trust employment.
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