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Member since: Sat Feb 5, 2005, 05:14 PM
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How many Senators are in attendance? n/t

Naming and Shaming

We are seeing some information about arrests of seditionists. However, I think we need to be publicly naming and shaming each and every one them. The MSM networks, newspapers, and every media outlet possible across the country, should be starting off EVERY broadcast and daily edition with the names, faces, charges, and video taped or photographed arrests and mugshots of the criminal seditionists involved in the January 6th Insurrection at our Capitol. We need a daily edition of play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Maybe this would give the would-be criminals coming for Joe Biden's Inauguration a moment for serious reconsideration.
. . .

This site is listing names of those arrested so far: https://extremism.gwu.edu/Capitol-Hill-Cases

Is it time for a National Strike?

I saw someone else mention this on another thread and cannot find it now (or I would gladly give credit). What can we do right now to apply pressure on the powers that be to put our democracy back on track?

What can We The People do right now to help? Would this work? I keep thinking of Selma and hitting them where it hurts most... THEIR WALLETS.

"America is Dying."

We Don’t Know How to Warn You Any Harder. America is Dying.
We Survivors of Authoritarianism Have a Message America Needs to Hear: This is Exactly How it Happens, and It’s Happening Here.

umair haque
Aug 29

Right about now, something terrible is happening in America. Society is one tiny step away from the final collapse of democracy, at the hands of a true authoritarian, and his fanatics. Meanwhile, America’s silent majority is still slumbering at the depth and gravity of the threat.

I know that strikes many of you as somehow wrong. So let me challenge you for a moment. How much experience do you really have with authoritarianism? Any? If you’re a “real” American, you have precisely none.

Take it from us survivors and scholars of authoritarianism.
This is exactly how it happens. The situation could not — could not — be any worse. The odds are now very much against American democracy surviving.

We survivors of authoritarianism have a terrible, terrible foreboding, because we are experiencing something we should never do: deja vu. Our parents fled from collapsing societies to America. And here, now, in a grim and eerie repeat of history, we see the scenes of our childhoods played out all over again. Only now, in the land that we came to. We see the stories our parents recounted to us happening before our eyes, only this time, in the place they brought us to, to escape from all those horrors, abuses, and depredations.

We survivors are experiencing this terrible feeling of deja vu right now as a group, as a class. We talk about it, how eerie and grim this sense of deja vu is. It’s happening all over again! Do you remember this part of your childhood? When the armed men roamed the streets? When the secret police disappeared opponents? When the fascist masses united — and that was enough to destroy democracy for good? We talk about it, believe me — but you don’t hear it because we have no real voice. America’s pundits are named Chris and Jake and Tucker. They are not named Eduardo and Ravi and Xiao and Umair. But Chris and Jake and Tucker can’t help you now. They don’t know what the hell they’re dealing with. They literally have no idea because they have no experience whatsoever.

The only people who do right now in America are us survivors. Let me remind you, by the way, what happens we speak out: we lose whatever credibility and status we have. The moment I began to warn of this, I lost my column in HBR, my cable news appearances, and so forth. Don’t cry for me. Understand me, my friend, know me. If we had a voice, we survivors, we would be warning you as loudly and strongly as we possibly could.

All of us. We would say:

This is not a joke. This is not a drill.

Much more at the link:

PLEASE share far and wide. America needs to SNAP OUT OF IT!!!

A serious question...

Coronavirus is now running rampant in our towns and counties, indeed throughout this country. Feeding on our loved ones, neighbors, co-workers, children, grandparents in nursing homes, and virtually any breathing human in its path. We may as well have aliens parked on our neighborhood streets, kidnapping people, never to be seen again. We just don't have to see the gory truth because, well, hospitals. My own hospital of preference just had a refrigerated trailer delivered this past week. We are under attack.

A great many of us are locked down in our homes after losing jobs, and are now in a time-out of indefinite duration, helplessly hoping to come out of this with some semblance of our lives and health and families intact. Meanwhile we have a government that thinks a measly $1,200 should tide us all over for four months and counting. We are effectively imprisoned, and many without resources and food.

Our economy and our wallets have been dealt a devastating blow. Businesses shuttered forever-- the small ones folding first. Jobs evaporated nearly overnight. Airlines all but grounded. Americans are now prohibited from traveling to much of the world-- not for business, and certainly not for fun. Retirement plans, weddings, and family vacations all destroyed or postponed. The loss of travel dollars globally incalculable-- countless billions are lost and unrecoverable.

Most horrific has been the impact on our healthcare system and its frontline heroes. Straining this vital lifeline to its utter limits, the nurses and doctors working to save our stricken suffering themselves from PTSD, even if they don't also contract the virus, for years to come. And no available hospital beds for anything else but COVID. This benefits no one.

Or does it?

The cumulative negative impact of this pandemic in the U.S. has been more broad-reaching than any war or other catastrophic global event in a century. I dare say, ever. In the history of this nation.

With our nation literally under attack from all corners by a virus, the incomprehensible, ugly truth is we have no national, coordinated plan to contain, control and mitigate this beast and protect American citizens. Instead, we have politicians gaslighting, fudging numbers, and sitting on their hands. How is this possible?

Despite our President having the War Powers Act at his disposal, he still has not marshalled the manufacturing might and resources of this country to make adequate amounts of PPE for our heroic frontline healthcare workers and for the public. No mass production of test kits to protect, track and defend against this virus. No nationwide, massive contact tracing program to isolate and starve this beast of fresh bodies to infect. States are left on their own to fend for themselves.

All of this juxtaposed against an international backdrop of so many other countries who have successfully shown the way to bring this virus to heel. It is no mystery what needs to be done. We simply have a leader that refuses to lead, refuses to listen to the scientists or act in any way that is helpful, and refuses to do his job. More to the point, he refuses to protect and defend this nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

This is willful inaction. This, in fact, is dereliction of duty that constitutes an attack on all of us. Just as surely as watching a person drown and doing nothing will cause their death. In the hearts and minds of all Americans who care about this country, this seemingly self-inflicted mortal wound makes no sense on any level. Unless what is not being done, is done at the bidding of our enemies.

So, I ask again.... Who, in all the world, does this willful inaction resulting in a freefall of death and economic destruction-- this taking apart of America-- benefit?

More and more, I am overcome with a foreboding sense that this virus is being weaponized against all of us.

Please tell me how I am wrong.

Amidst the Chaos

I haven't posted in a long while, being so disheartened of late. But I've been here since 2000 and check in almost daily for a dose of sanity. Thank you all for that. Well, most all of you...

Leaving this here for your listening pleasure, and an offering of love and comfort for the long, difficult road ahead. Truly a song for these times.

Come by the fire, lay down your head
My love, I see you're growing tired
So set the bad day by the bed, and rest a while
Your eyes can close
You don't have to do a thing but listen to me sing
I know you miss the world, the one you knew
The one where everything made sense
Because you didn't know the truth, that's how it works
'Til the bottom drops out and you learn
We're all just hunters seeking solid ground

Don't stop trying to find me here amidst the chaos
Though I know it's blinding, there's a way out
Say out loud
We will not give up on love now
No fear, don't you turn like Orpheus, just stay here
Hold me in the dark, and when the day appears
We'll say
We did not give up on love today

I'll show you good, restore your faith
I'll try and somehow make a meaning of the poison in this place
Convince you love, don't breathe it in
You were written in the stars that we are swimming in
And it has no name, no guarantee
It's just the promise of a day I know that some may never see
But that's enough, if the bottom drops out
I hope my love was someone else's solid ground

Don't stop trying to find me here amidst the chaos
Though I know it's blinding, there's a way out
Say out loud
We will not give up on love now
No fear, don't you turn like Orpheus, just stay here
Hold me in the dark, and when the day appears
We'll say
We did not give up on love today
We'll say
We did not give up on love today

USA Today: Still time for an election audit

Still time for an election audit: Column
Ron Rivest and Philip Stark 11:26 a.m. EST November 18, 2016

This should be standard — and it's easy, too.

A Washington Post–ABC News poll found that 18% of voters — 33% of Clinton supporters and 1% of Trump supporters — think Trump was not the legitimate winner of the election. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., has called on Congress to investigate the Russian cyberattack on the Democratic National Committee and the election.

There are reasons for concern. According to the director of national intelligence, the leaked emails from the DNC were “intended to interfere with the U.S. election process.” The director of national intelligence, the Department of Homeland Security, and the National Security Agency concluded that the Russian government is behind the DNC email hack and that Russian hackers attacked U.S. voter registration databases.

We know that the national results could be tipped by manipulating the vote count in a relatively small number of jurisdictions — a few dozen spread across a few key states. We know that the vast majority of local elections officials have limited resources to detect or defend against cyberattacks. And while pre-election polls have large uncertainties, they were consistently off. And various aspects of the preliminary results, such as a high rate of undervotes for president, have aroused suspicion.

Computers counted the vast majority of the 130 million votes cast in this year's election. Even without hacking, mistakes are inevitable. Computers can’t divine voter intent perfectly; computers can be misconfigured; and software can have bugs. Did human error, computer glitches, hacking, or other problems change the outcome? While there is, as yet, no compelling evidence, the news about hacking and deliberate interference makes it worth finding out.


...an audit that manually examines a random sample of the ballots in a way that has a large chance of detecting and correcting incorrect results. This is called a “risk-limiting” audit. If the reported winner of a contest really won, a risk-limiting audit generally needs to examine only a small fraction of the ballots. But if the reported winner actually lost, a risk-limiting audit has a large chance of indicating that a full hand count is needed to set the record straight.

Risk-limiting audits are a crucial check on election integrity and accuracy even when elections are not controversial and margins are wide. They have been endorsed by the Presidential Commission on Election Administration and many organizations concerned with election integrity. Colorado law requires risk-limiting audits starting in 2017, and California law requires them for deploying some new voting systems.

There is no federal law mandating election audits. A number of states perform some kind of audit, but our research shows those audits have little or no chance of detecting and correcting erroneous results. To audit this election effectively will require immediate legal action.


Ron Rivest is Institute Professor at MIT and was a member of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission Technical Guidelines Development Committee. Philip Stark, associate dean of mathematical and physical sciences at the University of California, Berkeley,was appointed to the board of advisers of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.

More here:

Demand an AUDIT of the 2016 Presidential Election

Go sign the petition here:


Hell yeah!! We should be doing this for EVERY election .

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