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Member since: Wed Apr 1, 2020, 11:07 PM
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Activist who attempted to carry out the assassination of a Jewish candidate back in custody.

Could the feds be looking a hate crime charges? Why would the feds take over this case? Brown attended a recruiting event days before the shooting at Greenberg’s campaign headquarters for the Louisville chapter of the Lion of Judah.

Snip from The Daily Beast. ~ Brown’s more recent social media posts, particularly the accounts associated with his campaign for a seat in the Louisville Metro Council, show an increasing interest in Black nationalist and pan-Africanist leaders. He frequently posted photos and quotes of the Black Panthers, Stokely Carmichael, George Jackson, and late Ghanaian President Kwame Nkrumah.

“We have one scientific and correct solution, Pan-Africanism: the total liberation and unification of Africa under scientific socialism,” his Twitter bio reads.~



If Belarus joins Russia

Is there anything we can do? Are we just going to let it go? So Russia can get help from another country but Ukraine can't? Is there anything USA can do?

Creepy, scary situation. Former Rep Matt Shea is in Poland to adopt 60 Ukrainian children

Snip: Former Washington state Rep. Matt Shea, the far-right Republican who was found by a House-commissioned investigation to have planned and participated in domestic terrorism, is in a small town in Poland with more than 60 Ukrainian children, trying to facilitate their adoption in America Shea has said his group helped rescue 62 children and their two adult caregivers from an orphanage in Mariupol, the city in southeastern Ukraine that has been bombarded by Russian forces.

Snip: Ziarnicka, the mayoral aide, said she first went to check on the children after she was contacted by a group of local volunteers who were concerned about the situation. When she talked with Shea, she said he “got really angry,” refused to tell her his last name and asked to see her ID. “I said ‘You are American on Polish ground, why should I show you my document?'” Ziarnicka said. “I just want to talk to people who have the legal right to these children.”

Shea told her that he’d spoken with the mayor, Ziarnicka said, and that everything was OK.

“And I know it’s not true because the mayor is the one that asked me to go,” she said.

Another local volunteer, who asked to remain anonymous because she was targeted and harassed when she previously spoke publicly about the situation, said they tried to find documentation supporting the claims of Shea’s group, but found none.

“Whenever anyone wants to speak with Ukrainian supervisors or spend time with the kids, they need to have permission from those Americans, which is really weird,” she said.

Snip: Shea, who represented Spokane Valley in the state House for 12 years, opted not to seek reelection in 2020, after the House-commissioned report found he had planned and participated in domestic terrorism against the United States with his involvement in a trio of standoffs against the government.

That report alleged that Shea assisted “in the planning and preparation” of the 2016 armed takeover at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Eastern Oregon. It also examined Shea’s travel to the 2014 armed standoff in Bunkerville, Nevada, and a 2015 conflict in Bonner County, Idaho.

Following the report, Shea was suspended by the House Republican caucus, and urged to resign, although they declined to expel him from the Legislature.


Nina Turner been working for the Russians

From the Mission statement of Nina Turner’s lobbying firm Mercury:

“Omni-partisan coalition-building and third-party stakeholder management”



It looks like out NATO allies are doing more than we are

As far a sanctions are concerned. They are restricting airspace, have agreed to ban the us of SWIFT and we have not announced those yet. Why? Biden must have a reason. That said, no one could have brought our allies together the way Biden has.

#AfricansInUkriane is trending

A video has been taken out of context and is being shared widely but people in Ukraine say it's not true. Everyone is having a hard time getting out of Ukraine not just Africans. It's likely Putin propaganda meant to divide.. https://twitter.com/succcc1t/status/1497703311105048578


Are there any sanctions on energy?

Are we still buying from Russia? I haven't heard any mention of sanctions on buying oil.

Jim Bob Duggar running for Arkansas Senate.

The GOP sure has a lot of Pedophiles and their sympathizers.

He made the reveal on the Duggar family’s official Facebook page. Jim Bob previously served in the Arkansas House of Representatives for four years (1999-2002), a run that came six years before starring on the TLC hit from 2008-2015.

“I am honored to announce my candidacy for Arkansas State Senate District 7. Northwest Arkansas is my lifelong home. It’s where my wife, Michelle, and I have raised our 20 children,” the 56-year-old wrote. “It’s where we’ve grown our small businesses. It’s where we’ve built a life centered around our faith, family, and friends.”


Neither progressives, moderates or Biden are to blame here.

If we're honest and not trying to poke each other with fake outrage all of us would say this is the Fault of Manchin and Sinema. They're not moderates, they have no ideology. They've been corrupted by $$. It's as simple as that. Let's stop beating each other up with bullshit we know is not true. We do not have a mandate! The VP is the Senate tie breaker and Biden can not legally out bribe dark money interest pouring in to two Senators.

@DavidMWeissman has been outed as a fraud

This is a must read thread.

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