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Member since: Thu May 18, 2017, 08:59 PM
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Fresher Breath while wearing a mask

Brush your gums as well as your teeth with toothpaste, mouthwash and baking soda vigorously. Use dental floss. Gargle with mouth wash for several seconds. Some people may not be able to use baking soda. This is not medical advice, just a home remedy.
Any other suggestions are welcomed.

A human being deliberately chokes the life out of another human

while he is shackled. It is so depraved, it is beyond belief. Yet, he expects God to forgive him or he feels justified taking someone's life. It is as if he did nothing wrong. He took a life, he will have to answer for it.

I like Good People

I've seen so much of it in the last few days. It makes my heart feel good. The kindness, the caring, from people of all colors. People from across the world caring about what happens to a fellow human being. I've never seen anything like it in my entire life.

Why was Derek Chauvin's hand in his pocket?

Video shows Derek Chauvin's hand in his pocket while he was choking George Floyd.

A large number of men are doing the grocery shopping

I've noticed that quite a few men are grocery shopping. Never seen it before. They are wearing masks and wiping down the shopping carts! It is so good to see that everyone in the family is taking this virus seriously.

Eggs triple in price-beef at least 4.00 a lb higher!

Went to a local grocer-eggs were $3.85 a dozen-compared to $1.50 just a week ago (went to two different stores-same price). Beef-prime rib-$14.00 per lb. Prime rib is usually around 10.00 per lb. Strip Sirloin is also $3 to $4 higher.
Sticker shock. I know farmers are having a problem selling milk and beef. Did not expect it to happen so quickly!

Should we start to consider buying powdered milk and eggs?

Only 20% of patients intubated survive

It means 80% of patients will die. I remember seeing that some doctors are now performing less of them.
They are using alternatives to deliver oxygen.

Burial Fund for those who have succumbed to Coronavirus

It would be very helpful to grieving families if the government provided a burial fund for those who have died from the coronavirus.
Apparently, New York City is burying some of the victims of the virus until family members can claim them. There are probably many families who are not financially able to claim their loved ones for burial.

The government should look into providing a burial fund.

Can a person transmit the coronavirus simply by breathing on someone?

This question was asked of Dr. Gupta on CNN. His answer, if the virus is in the back of the throat of someone with the virus, then it is possible-if you are within a couple of feet. I cannot locate Gupta's video, but here is one on youtube discussing the subject:

Next question (now, this is just a question not medical advice): What if someone who has the virus drinks strong alcohol, would it not kill the virus in the back of the throat?
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