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Member since: Sun Dec 13, 2020, 07:10 PM
Number of posts: 73

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Where's my pillow guy

Hes getting ready to launch his book and working on a blockbuster high budget movie about himself. Oh and hes playing himself in the movie. I can see 2 reasons to spend money on his book and movie....start a fire, popcorn and a good laugh. https://www.swnewsmedia.com/chaska_herald/news/business/come-back-and-help-them-all-mike-lindell-on-recovery-book-business/article_0e88d3f3-181d-5e18-a4c8-e41f110d21bd.html

Costs to support ex presidents - what u r paying for

I think there are opportunities to reduce costs. Link to article on how much of our taxpayer money continues to be paid out after they leave office.


Can a convicted felon run for President?

Oh yes. Im forecasting this will be the scenario in 4 years. Will the repugnants line up behind him? 100%. Souls have been sold for power and money.

I'm a Christian Dem and Frustrated

I drove by a church marquee yesterday and they wove in a religious message that said something like when you stand before the Lord it wont be rigged. Churches on both side need to keep their political viewpoints out of the pulpit if they want to retain their tax exempt status. You want to support a candidate, then pay your taxes like everyone else.

My neighbor has a 1776 sign in their yard

Are they affiliated with proud boys or some other group? Tried to research and coming up with goose eggs.

Pardon Frenzy - The final push


We are going to see a ramp up of the swamp sewage bubbling up with money and access to Donnie. Not going to be able to get the stink off our country for quite some time.

Get Your Trumpy Bear - deep discount going fast

Regular price 99.99 now selling for 34.99

Birds of a feather - my pillow guy and trump

Not quite as prolific as trump but hes been sued a few times because of false claims. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8184681/amp/Mike-Lindell-Pillow-CEO-friend-Donald-Trump-settled-dozen-lawsuits.html

Pence should be worried about his Trump followers

He gets 6 mos protection after leaving. Hes planted the the seeds of lies and will reap living in fear from Trump followers forever. Maga folks are nuttier than a pecan log from Stuckys.

former vice president protection - Congress.gov

To amend title 18, United States Code, to provide secret service protection to former Vice ... than six months after the date the former Vice President leaves office.

I've been in a bubble

I heard this on MSNBC today that Timothy McVey spent time with the same militia group 20 years ago that attempted the kidnapping of MI governor in 2020. We have our own American Al Qaeda. How are we going to combat this radicalization???
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