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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: South Texas. most of my life I lived in Austin and Dallas
Home country: United States
Current location: Bryan, Texas
Member since: Sun Aug 14, 2011, 03:57 AM
Number of posts: 105,494

About Me

Retired/disabled middle-aged white guy who believes in justice and equality for all. Math and computer analyst with additional 21st century jack-of-all-trades skills. I'm a stud, not a dud!

Journal Archives

Why Poland and Ukraine Have Fallen Out - TLDR News EU

Despite being one of Ukraine's most ardent allies, their relations with Poland have been fraying over grain imports and could see them pull their military support. So in this video, we'll explain this escalating diplomatic feud and what might happen next.

Critical moment: Ukraine breaches another defense line. Russians gone in 4 months. Crimea big raid. - The Russian Dude

CRITICAL MOMENT: Ukraine BREACHES ANOTHER DEFENSE Line. Russians GONE in 4 MONTHS. Crimea BIG RAID - The Russian Dude 12:53

The average lifespan of Russian soldiers in Ukraine is around 4 months. Mass attack by Russians against Ukraine and the response by Ukrainians . Once again Russians targeted their own retreating forces in the East. The biggest attack against Crimea in history. Black Sea Fleet is devastated. Critical moment: Another line of defense of Russians is breached. YouTube continues censoring The Russian Dude. This time more ridiculous than ever.

0:00 In today's episode
0:26 YouTube continues censoring The Russian Dude
2:51 Lifespan of Russians in Ukraine is around 4 months
4:22 Mass attack by Russians against Ukraine
5:32 Russians targeted their own forces in the East
6:59 The biggest attack against Crimea in history
10:11 Another line of defense of Russians is breached

Calls for Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star to be removed - BBC News

There have been renewed calls for former US President Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star to be removed permanently.

The star has been replaced twice after it was vandalised, costing thousands of dollars to repair.

Trump's star was awarded to him in recognition of his TV work on The Apprentice, but some Los Angeles city officials as well as advocacy groups want it removed for good.

Humans Have Exceeded Six of the Nine Boundaries Keeping Earth Habitable - The World - ABC News (Australia)

The Earth is now well outside the safe operating space for humanity. That's according to scientists who've found six out of nine "planetary boundaries" have now been broken because of human-caused pollution and destruction of the natural world. Professor Katherine Richardson, one of the scientists who helped create the Planetary Boundaries Framework, tells The World the findings show "we need to manage our relationship with the natural environment".

21 Sep: Finally! Ukrainians Annihilate Crimean Bases In The Largest Drone Strike Of The Entire War - Reporting from Ukraine

Day 575: Sep 21

Today, the strikes in the south reached peak intensity.

Ukrainians conducted the biggest drone strike in the war, combining it with Strom Shadow missiles, while Russians launched almost half a hundred missiles in retaliation.

First of all, in response to yesterday’s devastation on the Russian bases inflicted by the Ukrainian strike, Russian forces decided to respond reciprocally and retaliated with a missile strike as well. The Ukrainian General Staff reported that Russians launched 43 missiles, and that 36 of them were intercepted. Still, the remaining 7 missiles hit Ukrainian cities.

The first target of the Russian strike became a substation connected to one of the Thermal Power Plants in Rivne. This was the first time in a very long time since Russians targeted Ukrainian energy infrastructure. As a result, 5 cars parked in the vicinity were damaged, and some parts of the city temporarily lost electricity.

The second target became the hotel “Tsentralna” in Cherkasy. Russian sources claimed that the hotel was used as a base for foreign mercenaries, however, the abundant footage from the first moments of the strike till the end of evacuation shows that there were around 24 people in the hotel in total – all of them Ukrainian civilians.

In Kyiv, Russians reportedly tried to hit the radio factory, however, judging by the hole in the ground in the backyard, the missile missed the target and fell in the residential area, damaging a lot of small houses, cars, and a dormitory.

In Drohobychi, local residents reported hearing at least 3 explosions in the industrial area. Given the lack of footage, it seems like this time, Russians hit a military object, possibly a warehouse with equipment.

When it comes to the good news, Ukrainians broke all records and conducted the biggest drone strike in this war. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that over the last day, they intercepted 75 drones, 19 of which in the morning and also 5 Strom Shadow missiles. In light of the abundance of footage of explosions, the analysts concluded that Ukrainians launched more than 100 drones and up to 2 dozen of missiles.

The main target of the strike became the Russian airfield in Novofedorivka. Ukrainian Intelligence reported that at the moment of the strike, Russians had 12 fighter jets of various types and one air defense Pantsir. The airfield is also used as a training base for operators of drones Mojaher, so there were a lot of aerial targets. We have seen footage of explosions from drone strikes in this region already yesterday, however, this was just to exhaust and overload the Russian air defense prior to a missile strike.

In fact, in order to create a safe passage, Ukrainians also sent groups of drones to Rozdolne, Daleke, and Mizhvodne from the north and Belbek airfield and Sevastopol from the west. After that, Ukrainians launched Neptune missiles at the airfield. As a result, it was reported that Russian aviation suffered significant damage and destruction. Some Russian sources also mentioned that Russians also lost at least 30 soldiers. Later, the Ukrainian General Staff confirmed that they conducted a combined attack on the airfield.

Nonetheless, this was not the only successful strike today. Geolocated footage suggests that a lot of targets were hit around Sevastopol as well. So far, there is not enough information regarding the target of this strike, however, more information became available about yesterday’s strike in this place.

Recently released satellite footage from Planet Labs shows the aftermath of the Strom Shadow strike on the command post of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Ukrainian Intelligence reported that this was communication center number 744 of the Russian command. The Russian command used this previously abandoned base instead of the main one because Ukrainians already hit their main headquarters with the drones in the past. Unfortunately for Russians, the safety measures did not help. By the way, after evacuating all of their submarines from Sevasotopol, Russians started evacuating all assault landing ships, so it looks like Crimea no longer has its fleet, and after today – also aviation.

In the meantime, Ukrainians conducted a precision strike on another Russian command center – this time in Melitopol. Ukrainian Intelligence found out that Russians started using a former engine factory, communicated this information to the Air Force, and together destroyed it. As a result, dozens of officers were killed and dozens hospitalized, including the commander of the Russian 58th Army.

"No One Wants To See That!" Trump Tried To Ban Wounded Veteran From Events - Waldorf Nation

“Why do you bring people like that here? No one wants to see that, the wounded.”

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Missouri, change, and elections....

Merrick Garland Claps Back At GOP After This Insane Claim - Rebel HQ

Attorney General Merrick Garland claps back at Rep. Jeff Van Drew following the lawmaker's accusation of him endorsing discrimination against Catholics. Max Burns breaks it down.

Republican Finally Snaps, Wrecks Members of His Own Party! - Luke Beasley

Republican Representative Mike Lawler described hardliner members of his own party as a "clown show" amid a looming government shutdown.

MAGA Voter Doesn't Realize She Supports Socialized Medicine - Waldorf Nation

A Trump voter was asked what policies helped her, her answer will surprise you.
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