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Gender: Male
Hometown: Ohio
Current location: I miss Michigan!
Member since: Wed Sep 11, 2013, 09:26 AM
Number of posts: 224

About Me

I am a full time law enforcement professional involved in both corrections and criminal investigations. I am a single dad with custody of two lovely little girls.

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Question submitted by TheDeputy

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Fox News is at it, again.


My comments: there is no fucking way this is true. They have to be making this shit up.

On edit: how the hell do we combat it when the fucking "news" people just make stuff up? These people have no shame.

Here is an excerpt of this crap.

"When I saw the letter when I came home from work," Andy said, describing the large red wording on the envelope from his insurance carrier, "it said) 'your action required, benefit changes, act now.' Of course I opened it immediately."

It had stunning news. Insurance for the Mangiones and their two boys,which they bought on the individual market, was going to almost triple in 2014 --- from $333 a month to $965.

The insurance carrier made it clear the increase was in order to be compliant with the new health care law.

"This isn't a Cadillac plan, this isn't even a silver plan," Mangione said, referring to higher levels of coverage under ObamaCare.

Veterans of the Battle of SB 5.

I remember it well. Police unions finally became political.

Union Members: Check In!

I am a member of an independent union (not affiliated with any other org) that represents about 300 law enforcement officers.

Right to work. Please advise.

Ok, I am in a small, independent union. I love my union. However, we are not political at all, nor does my union educate us much. I have heard of right to work. On paper, it seems to offer a choice. However, I have heard also that it ends up being bad for the worker. We don't have it in Ohio, so I have no experience with it. What, exactly, is it. Basically, I am asking how it would negatively impact local cops like me? Also, what impact would it have on a larger scale? If I read it correctly, it would allow people to get the benefits of membership without having to share the cost of membership. Is that right? Thanks to all who for your help.

+1 For Bardstown.

I had a lovely little trip to the Bardstown area. Visited three distilleries, ate some darn good meals, and enjoyed the lake at Taylorsville.

New rider course?

I have the opportunity to take a course at the local vocational school. Are these worth it? I am actively looking for my 1st bike.

DU Confessional: Confess your foibles.

Come one, come all. Confess your sins to us all. Absolution will be given to those who do.

I will start:

Forgive me, DU, for I have sinned. I voted for Bush in 2000. I also hate beans in my chili, and like Sam's Club better than Costco.

8 Police Officers Dead this month. So far.

So far 8 Officers and 1 K-9 have died this month.

Michael Stockwell
Rodney Jones
Jamie Buenting
David Allford
Paul Butterfield
Michael Freeman
Van Perry
Derek Johnson

Also Police K9 Max.

All told, 74 Law Enforcement Officers have suffered Line of Duty deaths this year.

See for yourself at www.odmp.org

Any Colonels in the house?

Chime in!
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