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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2021, 01:49 AM
Number of posts: 261

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Hey who thinks it's still Kooky

to think that America will divide in the near future?

Wanna see a rightwingdingaling and his rightwingdingaling family gain quick respect for science

It happens when your portly maga hat wearing beer bellied camo Tshirt wannabe patriot who thinks his individual rights top anyone else's suddenly gets vice like chest pain, sweats profusely while mowing his lawn and falls flat on his face only to wake in a hospital emergency room praying to, No Not The Lord, but to well educated physicians from India or Pakistan or China who's liberal viewpoints and ways would have them screaming with sputum flying in any other situation. It's then when surrounding by family members who look upon him with sadness and dread knowing he's at deaths door does this poor overweight slob realize what really matters in life and that education and science rules the day. And people with brown skin from countries far far away will be his god from this point forward.

I think it's safe to say Democracy is in

deep shit. As much as most of us have thought that Republicans would've distanced themselves from Trump at this point it seems they're digging in right behind him. I'd also say they're are people who want to use force and any other means to take control. Majority rule is no longer a givin. The frightening thing is the Republican party is at a point where there's no turning back. When Fascism grabs hold (Which it certainly has) it moves in a perpetual forward motion. Trump gave America a good taste of Fascism and the Republican party seeing it's warm welcome by so many seem all willing to run with the ball. I know most here don't, but I do frequent right wing political forums, gun forums etc and its more than eye opening and chilling. Although Facebook does a good job of keeping these nut jobs under wraps, private forums do not. These people are armed and live on stockpiles of ammo and are more than willing to do whatever they think necessary. Yes they are a minority, but not a small minority. Combine that with American complacency and you have a potentially deadly mixture. How this will play out is anyone's guess. Any mention of America dividing is considered Kooky by the mods here but staring Fascism right in the face would've been considered nuts just a few years ago too.

How Bad is this Inflation thing that everyone is screaming about really

I'm paying some more for gas. Some things in the supermarket have gone up a bit. But my household has every delivery truck there is stopping here almost daily. My local eateries haven't gotten more expensive? I'm really not feeling all this horror and dread and empty shelves shit? Id like to hear some Republican fantasies of shortages and having to go back to horses for transportation, I wanna hear Fox News fables of families starving and having to sell off Ole Bess the milk cow to the butcher to pay land tax. Let's hear the stories?

What happened to Facebook

I'm being flooded with ads for God, Country, Come and Take my Guns, Bibles and Guns bullshit T-shirt and Hat ads, amongst other conservative BS. I've tried changing my ad preferences to avoid this rightwingnut douchery but it seems to be getting worse????

Military officials held back the Guard on Jan 6

This shit is getting deeper and scarier as time goes by. They (Mil Officials) actually feared and for good reason that Mango Mussolini would use the Insurection Act to stop Joe Biden from being instated. What's scarier is Trump by no means is smart enough to come up with something like this on his own, which leads us to believe this was a well thought out plan by many in the Republithug party to seize power. How many had knowledge of what Trump was trying to do and just sat on the sidelines to see how it would play out?? This country was saved from collapse by maybe 4 or 5 men. Not the kind of checks and balances that makes one feel all warm and fuzzy inside

I'm not feeling to good about BBB and the VRA

As Scrooge said to Marley "Speak Comfort to Me". I'm hoping unlike Marley someone here has some to give

Is there a forum member list here

Looking to PM a member here that backed me up many times on a rightwingdinglaling forum I was banned from

Another Deli Down!

Well I was in my favorite local deli yesterday morning and I kind knew they had right wing leanings because they almost always have Faux News on their TV. Well I went in yesterday with my son to grab breakfast and I glanced up at their TV and low and behold they have the My Pillow Idiot paused on the screen like it was some WW2 Nazi beer hall with Hitler's portrait hanging their. A TV background of the My Pillow Guy!!. This is now going to be the third local place I'll have to boycott. Just like two other local lunch eateries/pizza place that have Fox on their TVs. I'm running out of places here folks. What is wrong with these small business owners not realizing they're alienation alot of people who want to spend money in their places?? And being a mammal of rather generous proportions I do spend a fairly good amount of cash!

Boebert does the classic

Throw shit on the wall. Then apologize. But now the shit is stuck on the wall and the rightwingdinglalings love basking in the stink. It's becoming a common tacky tactic used by the far right
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