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Southwest Airlines cancels 1,800 flights, blaming weather and staffing

Source: CNBC

Southwest Airlines canceled more than 1,800 flights this weekend, disrupting the travel plans of thousands of customers and stranding flight crews — the airline blamed the meltdown on a combination of bad weather, air traffic control and its own shortage of available staff.

“I know this is incredibly difficult for all of you, and our Customers are not happy,” Alan Kasher executive vice president of daily flight operations told staff in a note on Sunday, which was seen by CNBC.

The airline said initial problems on bad weather and an “FAA-imposed air traffic management program” were to blame.

“Although we were staffed for the weekend, we could not anticipate the significant disruption that was created from unexpected ATC issues and bad weather across our Florida stations,” said Kasher.

Other airlines canceled relatively few flights. Southwest did not comment on the disparity.

Read more: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/10/10/southwest-airlines-cancels-1000-more-flights-as-disruptions-mount.html

Anyone have any insights on the mentioned air traffic management program?

Kaiser Permanente suspends 2,200 employees who have not yet gotten the COVID-19 vaccine - less than

Source: MSN

Kaiser Permanente suspended nearly 5,000 employees who have not yet gotten the COVID-19 vaccine.

This accounts for about 2% of the healthcare company's 240,000 employees.

Anyone who changes their mind has until December 1 to get the vaccine and return to work.

The vaccination rate at Kaiser Permanent has jumped 14% since the health care company announced in August that it would be requiring employees to be inoculated against COVID-19.

But the California-based company - which previously announced its vaccine mandate would go into effect September 30 - has had to place, as of October 4, just over 2,200 employees on unpaid leave for failing to comply with the requirement, a spokesperson said.

Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/kaiser-permanente-suspends-2200-employees-who-have-not-yet-gotten-the-covid-19-vaccine-less-than-2-of-its-workforce/ar-AAPaP9e

It looks like they started at 2% (around 5,000 mental defectives) but that number decreased even more down to 2,000.

It's also interesting that they took the "suspended without pay" route vs. the firing route. I wonder if companies taking that position will be less aggressive about re-filling the positions?

'Bridgerton' hair and makeup designer Marc Pilcher dead at 53

“Bridgerton” hair and makeup designer Marc Pilcher, who won an Emmy just weeks ago, died Sunday of COVID-19.

He was 53.

Pilcher was double vaccinated and had no underlying health conditions, his family and friends said in a statement.

“The passing of Marc Pilcher is beyond words,” “Bridgerton” producer Shonda Rhimes tweeted. “I will forever be in awe of the incredible hairstyling and makeup work that he brought to ‘Bridgerton.’ My heart goes out to his loved ones as we lost him way too soon.”

Phoebe Dynevor, who starred in the Netflix regal drama as Daphne Bassett, said she was at a “loss for words.”

“Marc was so passionate about his work and so tremendously talented. Not even a month ago he won his first Emmy award,” tweeted Nicola Coughlan, who played Penelope Featherington.

“It’s a tragedy that he’s been taken so young when he had so much yet to do. Please also use this as a reminder that COVID is still a very real and present danger, please get vaccinated and mask up to protect yourself and others.”


RIP Marc. Glad that he was able to go out having been recognized at the pinnacle of his profession.

New York's largest health care provider fires 1,400 unvaccinated employees.

Source: New York Times

Northwell Health, New York State’s largest health care provider, announced on Monday that 1,400 employees — less than 2 percent of its staff — refused to get vaccinated against the coronavirus and had to leave their jobs.

New York is requiring that the state’s more than 650,000 hospital and nursing home workers be vaccinated, a mandate that started to take effect last week, prompting tens of thousands of employees to get their shots. Others filed lawsuits, and courtrooms across the state are determining when and how to allow exemptions to the requirement.

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/04/nyregion/northwell-employees-fired.html

Overall this is _extremely_ encouraging because that'd put the number of holdouts at less than two percent.

After Newsom's win I think the verdict is clear: mandatory vaccines are a winning policy!

North Carolina hospital network fires around 175 staffers for not getting vaccinated

Source: MSN/NBC

A large North Carolina hospital network says that it has fired nearly 200 workers for failing to take a Covid-19 vaccine.

Dr. David H. Priest, chief for safety for Novant Health, said at a Tuesday press briefing that roughly 175 staffers did not comply with their vaccine mandate deadline.

"By doing that, by not getting vaccinated, they voluntarily resign," Priest said.

The departures will not impact staffing at the hospital system of over 35,000 employees, Priest said, because the hospital has been using temporary staff for the duration of the pandemic to make up for shortages from staff falling ill with Covid.

Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/north-carolina-hospital-network-fires-around-175-staffers-for-not-getting-vaccinated/ar-AAOVUZf

David Priest was quoted as saying they "voluntarily resigned". That they were "fired" was MSN/NBC's wording, from my reading of the article.

Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan Resigns Amid Scrutiny Over Trading -- Hours After Boston Colleague

Source: Forbes

The presidents of the Dallas and Boston branches of the Federal Reserve Bank, Robert Kaplan and Eric Rosengren, respectively, announced their retirements hours apart on Monday, weeks after they said they would sell their individual stock holdings after questions were raised about their trading activity from last year.

Rosengren made the announcement in the morning, citing health issues, while Kaplan released a statement several hours later saying the “recent focus” on his financial disclosure risked “becoming a distraction” for the institution.

Kaplan served as president and CEO of the Dallas branch for six years; Rosengren had been with the Boston Fed for 35 years, including 14 years as president, and was originally set to step down in June 2022 when he reached the mandatory retirement age of 65.

Read more: https://www.forbes.com/sites/teakvetenadze/2021/09/27/dallas-fed-president-robert-kaplan-resigns-amid-scrutiny-over-trading---hours-after-boston-colleague-steps-down/

Don't know that there's any significance to this. Just two people monetizing their "service" to the country a bit too early?

China Evergrande unit to make $35.9 million onshore coupon payment on Sept 23

Source: Yahoo Finance

In a Shenzhen exchange filing, Hengda Real Estate Group Co Ltd said the company would make a coupon payment on its Shenzhen-traded 5.8% September 2025 bond on time on Thursday.

The company's coupon payment totals 232 million yuan ($35.88 million), according to Refinitiv data.

Read more: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/china-evergrande-unit-35-9-015931862.html

This situation is _highly_ fluid but I felt it was worth discussing that their strategy seems to be veering towards prioritising onshore debt obligations.

Makes a sense in that their working class have a lot tied into this company.

This isn't national news in the most narrow sense but how this company is wound down will likely have more repercussions than the average foreign bankruptcy, and it will be interesting to compare China's approach with how we wound down firms during the 2008 bailouts.

Allen West's sauced up wife rounded up for DWI (video released)

Another conservative crazy off the streets. Thanks Dallas PD!

honestly that's misrepresenting what those papers state

The vaccine induced antibody response is more effective within the RBD but natural immunity works more broadly on other parts of the spike protein.

It's not a case of one or the other being better (necessarily). If a variation of the virus happens to operate more through the RBD, then vaccine induced antibodies would likely work better.

But if the variation of the virus didn't operate as much through RBD, it's likely natural immunity would work better.

Here are the underlying papers. Note the verbiage very carefully as it's very subtle. Compare what you bolded, which specifically mentions the RBD part of the spike protein.

"Greaney et al. demonstrated that neutralizing antibodies elicited by immunization with the Moderna mRNA-1273 vaccine were more focused to the RBD than those elicited by natural infection. However, vaccination-elicited antibodies targeted a broader range of epitopes within the RBD than infection-elicited antibodies. "


Do you see the difference? It's confusing but a truthful argument can be made for either natural immunity or vaccine immunity being more effective--depending on how the spike protein mutates!

From the same blogger you linked to, here is another article describing how natural immunity targets two other parts of the spike protein called the N-terminal domain (NTD) and the S2 subunit.

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