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Name: Mike Irwin
Gender: Do not display
Current location: Sacramento, California
Member since: Tue Apr 5, 2005, 08:41 PM
Number of posts: 368

Journal Archives

Moving forward messaging

We should be looking forward on the coronavirus and future viruses by claiming that we are beating the virus, that we are better prepared for the future, medical teams in place, testing etc, and we can manage what ever comes next.

We should frame the issue of the insurrection as an ongoing threat. We need to spell out what a threat to our democracy is in starker and more descriptive forms. Say things like "they want to overthrow the will of the people" or "they want to throw out your vote or stop you from voting".

Tell voters what you are doing to make the future better and make the democracy stronger.

I'm just sharing some of my thoughts

Sinima has it backwards

The filibuster in it's current form fosters hyper partisanship. There is no need to compromise on anything if the other side needs to get 60 votes.

A thought about the police and FBI misconduct in the Malcolm X murder case

I don't know much about this, but it makes me suspicious that FBI and police were trying to hide the real killers by engineering these convictions.

The kids are alright with masks

in Sacramento ,CA.

Purely anecdotal, but driving past the local high school letting out, all the kids had masks on. At all the bus stops where crowds of kids were waiting, all had masks on. I went a small park near by and there were a few high school kids there hanging out with friends and I was surprised to see they all had masks on.

Dear News Media

Please stop running footage of the stank in front of our white house shilling for his repugnant self. This is an obscene crime against our country and every time you show it, you are being complicit.
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