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hootinholler's Journal
hootinholler's Journal
June 19, 2016


Late afternoon, or early evening the night before, eat a big tub of theater popcorn, extra butter, then an hour or two later Hit a local watering hole and slam the first two Cuba Libres. If you like the pickled sausages behind the bar, then by all means indulge in a couple.

After a night of drinking Cuba Libre with lots of Libre, if you get my drift stop for "midrats" at 2 from an all night Taco Bell, or anything that needs microwaved in the prepared food case at a 7-11. For some reason the rum builds fierce aromatics as it's passed through. 600mg of Ibuprofen before bed.

For breakfast, coffee while you cook a half a dozen eggs, scrambled with some goat cheese and salsa washed down with a quart of whole milk. Should leave a sulfur note on top of the Rum aromatics. Oh, and more coffee, you're gonna need it to combat the hangover

Being submarine qualified, I know a thing or two about farts.

ETA: OH! Happy Father's Day! I find the subject of farts to be apropos.

June 14, 2016

So, where do you draw the line?

What line? The one where you can do something while under FBI scrutiny.

Buy groceries, but not a gun. Sounds reasonable to me. Drive a car? Ok.

Run for Mayor? The Senate? President?

Where do you draw the line?

May 31, 2016

RandomThoughts on the pending indictment

I keep hearing that Hillary won't be charged over the server, you better believe it. Well, technically, this is true. It's not the server, but the content of the emails that were to be hidden and the acts they document. I could lay it out, but I believe that she will face an indictment. She may be able to plea bargain it down, but she will be charged.

If you've gone to the library, girl, and looked it up then you know its true. You would also know it could all have been avoided if *anyone* on her staff would have had the bright idea of a mail forwarding filter. That would have satisfied both the records act and allowed a FOIA request to be fulfilled and none of the personal (oh yeah I'm pretty sure that included a bunch of foundation stuff) emails would have been disclosed.

Of course the damned thing would have still be hanging on the intertubes ready to be plucked like a honeysuckle blossom by any kid playing hopscotch with their NYC skip. But really would manny governments like to have a unfettered access to the communications traffic of the US Secretary of State? Walt star at that for a while and think about the implications. Heads should roll like some pab-subgenus attacked.

The road was long and I am owed beer and travel money.

May 31, 2016

California will be seismic

Roughly 1.8 Million new voter registrations. Which skew young big time.

Roughly 4.8 Million votes were cast in the 2008 Democratic primary.

I seriously doubt the poll sampling reflects 1 in 5 voters will be new registrations, thus I think Bernie will (again) exceed the polls, but will it be enough to gain an outrageous advantage of like 70%?

Considering the ad buys and the hasty return to Ca by camp weathervane, I have a really good feeling about Ca!
May 27, 2016

What the fuck are you people thinking?

By you people I mean all of the allegedly smart people at the DNC, the State parties, the Superdelegates, and members of the Brock Brigade.

How can you so fucking enthusiastically nominate a candidate that doesn't have a little luggage, but a whole fucking train that would give a skycap an erection thinking about the charges.

Yeah sure she is tough and can withstand 12 hours in front of a committee, but you and I know that the republican trophy hunters won't leave your candidate alone, not for a second. So when exactly will your candidate have the fucking time to accomplish anything? I mean seriously the time and staffing requirements would be fucking immense.

I can understand the fuck them attitude, I have a case of it myself. But still, when you have an alternative who will bring hundreds of thousands of energized people with fresh ideas and ideals into the party, compared to the inevitable train wreck of investigation after investigation over made up shit from fucking drudge or whoever else is subverting discourse this time. Why is this choice not a no brainer? Seriously.

When you add to that a fucking anvilhead cumulus hovering over the Hoover Building ready to spin off a political tornado the likes of which could land poor Dorothy in the Federal munchkinland in Kansas.

Really? You don't think that will happen?

Don't forget that she laid bare to governments and pissant crackers alike a significant portion of the communications of the U.S. Secretary of State. Stop and soak that shit in for a minute. She will see charges because you don't fuck over the intel community. Putting that shit out there fucks over the intel community. Big Time.

So please, explain why nominating Hillary is a good idea.

May 15, 2016

Performance Art

You either get it or you don't.

Personally I love the irony, kudos.

May 8, 2016

It seems to me that Hillary is done

Paying lip service to the left. The hard shift rightward is upon her campaign, and IMHO a wee bit premature.

Good now the remaining primary voters will see the glorious truth of who she is, no matter what spiffy leather jacket she wears on Face the Nation.

May 1, 2016

Seems to me that most of you don't get it

To my beloved Berners, a lot of you don't get it! From the gloom and doom woe is me tone of what I'm seeing, man get with the program, eh?

To Camp Weathervane judging by your gloating and passive aggressive don't gloat, oh, hell it was pretty fucking clear from the start of Bernie's campaign that all y'all don't get it.

It's actually pretty fucking simple. That is, the it that your not getting:

Bernie's campaign is about putting a progressive in the white house, and a progressive majority in the Congress

We intend to put Bernie in the white house in this election. That's a yuuuge task. We are running a hard and enthusiastic campaign. We might not get it accomplished this election, but there is still a path. So what if we don't? Bernie has never even insinuated that we will should stop. Win or lose the nomination, or the Presidency, where has he said that will be enough?

We. Will. Not. Stop. You best get used to it. Ain't going nowhere.

The worst case in this cycle is there are a few progressives that will do well and get into Congress. People will notice their success. Do you think that anyone in the DNC, DLC of yore, or upper echelon wanted to be responding to calls for single payer before Bernie ran? I don't remember it. I remember that Social Security was on the table no so long ago. It's now once again the third rail of American politic and someone who is not Bernie was recently talking about the need to strengthen it. We the people have had a taste of what a moral leader that has some foresight could be, and damn that shit is tasty!

We have defined the issues in this election cycle. You have to respect that. The big guns do, which is why they are fighting us tooth and nail.

The message for everyone to absorb once you chill the fuck out and think about things, is that we are the future of the Democratic party and if the party fails us, we have hit the critical mass to take our ball and form our own party which doesn't play Calvinball with nominees.

We who recognize that we are the future know that we are one, maybe if we're lucky, two generations away from that habitability tipping point. There is only one candidate who takes it seriously. That by itself is worth making him large and in charge because we have to act yesterday on this.

So you are left with a choice. You can embrace us wholly and get on board turning our country back into the heartland where we care for each other or you can tell us to fuck off and be crushed in the future.

Remember we were told that the arc of history is long, but it bends towards justice.

I have no doubt that we will accomplish our goal of having a level field, where we invest in people first. Where bombs are the final resort. I have no doubt we will prevail.

Now it's on the California where we can improve our position in this primary tremendously. I for one am feeling good.

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