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Member since: Mon Jun 28, 2004, 10:55 AM
Number of posts: 12,201

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About this Senate jury...

How can they be allowed to vote if they didn't attend the whole trial? A juror can't drift in and out of court in a regular trial. A juror can't run across town to visit with Fox News and come back and cast a vote. Jurors don't leave the courtroom when they get bored; you're obliged to listen to the evidence.

21 Republican Senators were out of the room at the same time yesterday. All of them should be prohibited from voting on impeachment.

Question: Is Bloomberg running as a Democrat?


Looking for Donkey (Democratic) for Candy Molds

I want to make some candy pops, fruit flavored lolipops or chocolate that I can mold on sticks for giveaways at several registration events here locally. I've never done it before, so advice is also welcome.

Cherokee Elections - Note to America

Hoskin wins, the former Cherokee Secretary of State becomes Chief! Hoskins won handily and NOT because his opponent was disqualified just days before. His opponent, Walkingstick, openly suggested that all Cherokee voters that do not live within the boundaries of the Cherokee Nation (14 counties in NE Oklahoma) be disenfranchised. Walkingstick lost his place on the ballot because of an illegal PAC that was set up to raise money for his campaign claimed that they had the same rights as Citizens United. The Cherokee Supreme Court investigated and he LIED UNDER OATH when questioned. He was disqualified for it.


Thank you for the Heart!

Is the Tim Gilpin ad that ran twice last night on NBC satire?

It ran before SNL and during SNL and looks like it was done by Gilpin's opposition. As satire it's weak and if it came from the Gilpin campaign it's just scandalously bad.

Gilpin is the Democratic candidate running for Congressional Dist. 1 in Oklahoma.

Election Night Menu

We start with: Word Salad (based on a Sarah Palin recipe w/extra acid.
Thin-Skinned Chicken Hawk Hash in a Taco Bowl (All Latino flavors)
No Veggies
Black Lives Matter Sour Grapes w/Head Case Cheese Platter
Shoo-Fly Shit Pie (Minnie's Special)
Mocktail of all Mocktales (Fizz Only)

Create your own Menu!

Hello, Admins!

Just wanted to know why I can't recommend posts this morning?

Lawrence O'Donnell on the situation at Standing Rock Protest

This could use some love. He is covering it and he is speaking truth with compassion.


In celebration of my former cooking skills!

My hubby wrote a silly little song to cheer me up when I was laid low and it grew into this amazing animation!

When I was starting the 7th grade in Lamont, OK (a new school-every year a new school) I wanted to make a splash. The teacher asked us all to stand up and introduce ourselves and include nicknames if we had them. Around the room we went taking turns, example: “My name is Christopher but everyone calls me Chip,” etc. When it was my turn, I stood and said my name is Vicki, and then, in my best Mae West impersonation, I added, “ But, they call me Sexy Texie.” Well, definitely all eyes on me! My teacher was so cool. She said, “Is Sexy Texie” what they called you at your last school?” “No,” I admitted, burning with embarrassment. She said, “Is Sexy Texie what your family calls you at home?” “No,” I mumbled, ready to fall through the floor. She said, “Alright, then. We’ll just call you Vicki.” I sank down in my seat, grateful that she went on to the next person. I was so humiliated. I couldn’t believe how wrong my big splash had gone. Then, at recess, I was amazed when my classmates embraced me for my boldness. And that is how I became the go-to gal at Lamont Jr. High for questions about sex. (Which I knew nothing about.)

Enjoy it! It has a cameo of Obama, is 2 minutes long, and lots of fun! IGNORE THE WARNING THAT IT CAN'T BE PLAYED!!! (Hubby set it up so it can't be embedded anywhere) I just tested it and it plays just fine.

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