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Archives: October 7, 2016

RANDY RAINBOW Moderates the 2016 VP DEBATE

6 Soldiers, 2 Civilians Charged in Theft of Army Equipment

Native Americans Need Hillary to Actually Be An Ally Against the Dakota Access Pipeline

actual 'question' at Trump debate prep town hall: "Make America great again, baby."

When the right wing working class turned its back on unions, they lost ground

Introducing the Milwaukee Zoo's new tiger cubs!

BREAKING: Doug Applegate opens up 4-Point Lead Against Trumpian Darrell Issa in New Poll! (CA 49)

I am boycotting any live of coverage of proganda hall

What is the deal with Trump pronouncing it "Ji-nah", anyway?

"Self-deporting Republicans"

Hurricane Matthew: FL Gov. Won’t Extend Voter Registration Deadline

Best thing I read on twitter all day.

Pound plunges 6.1% in biggest drop since Brexit Result

BREAKING: Doug Applegate opens up 4-Point Lead Against Trumpian Darrell Issa in New Poll! (CA 49)

First Graders MOCK Trump After He Shows Up To Their Classroom

Pets who really hate Donald Trump.

Power outage prediction map

Deathtoll in Haiti due to Hurricane Matthew is over 300. CBC News. Take it seriously Coastal

Donald Trump tells people on their deathbeds to stay alive to vote for him

There is simply NO FUCKING WAY . . . . .

Senators call for criminal investigation of Wells Fargo

Judge orders UberX and Lyft to stop operating in Philly, but the businesses aren't saying they'll co

Parade float depicting Trump executing Clinton in electric chair raises protests in Indiana


Video: Hospital security guards wheeled patient off property blamed for his death

abcnews: Controversial Dakota Access Pipeline Case Back in Court

Joe Kennedy vs. Charlie Baker for governor in 2018?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Head On Radio! Live, Uncensored & a new kittehs gif

The US job market hasn't looked this good since the 1970s

Mike Luckovich Toon - Amendment One (Pay Attention Georgians !!!!)

Hill camp enlists Salma Hayek for new vid aimed at Latino voters"We can prove that we are a mighty


JUST IN: Republican CEO Of General Motors Makes Stunning Presidential Endorsement

Ancient Mayan codex oldest document from the Americas

Donald Trump Has Turned Mike Pence Into a Vice Liar

St. Lucie Power Plant shut down because of Hurricane Matthew

Just a call out to Florida sports fans here and those not here...

Who here hopes the Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded to the brave "White Helmets" of Syria, former

Gov. Scott refuses to extend voter registration in wake of storm

Tight Race for President in Ohio

Christian Extremists Blame Gays For Hurricane Matthew

Christian Extremists Blame Gays For Hurricane Matthew

Is there any news from the Bahamas?

Now THIS is frightening. Coming back for seconds.

Trump voters explain their unshakable faith

Gavin Newsom challenged that coward from the nra to a debate on his prop 63!

Are the 49er's in mourning?...

october is domestic violence awareness month--some quotes and images and information

october is domestic violence awareness month--some quotes and images and information

october is domestic violence awareness month--some quotes and images and information

In Melbourne, FL, people wouldn't leave their animals - I thought shelters were allowing animals now

Backpage CEO arrested over sex ads that allegedly led to forced prostitution

Backpage CEO arrested over sex ads that allegedly led to forced prostitution

Mike Malloy joins Team Trump

Nicole intensifies into Hurricane in Atlantic. Could end up "dancing" with Matthew and hit FL again

TCM Schedule for Sunday October 9 - Monster of the Month: Frankenstein

TCM Schedule for Monday October 10 - Star of the Month: Christopher Lee

Has the definition of "American" changed since the 1950's??

On MSNBC just now. A group of folks sitting in a bar

Trump is selling himself as a brand ...

2007 was an awful year for quarterbacks

I miss the days when sad, creepy clowns were entertaining, not annoying

Colombia’s opposition admits to purposely distorting reality to sink peace process

Colombia’s opposition admits to purposely distorting reality to sink peace process

Ann Coulter attacks Alicia Machado as ‘Hispanic mattress girl’ — like the raped student at Columbia

When Hilary wins will the Rs try to impeach her before she is

I know we are all thinking of and saddened for

538 now has Iowa light blue

Colombia’s students succeed where politicians failed: mobilize masses for peace

Police Bust Phoney IRS Call Centers

babylonsister - check in if you can

Christie to freeholder: 'I will f---ing destroy you'

Witness Says Christie Aide Asked Her to Delete Email About Lane Closings

Scientists announce discovery of largest dinosaur ever found in Brazil

Scientists announce discovery of largest dinosaur ever found in Brazil

Ammon Bundy: Guns allowed Oregon refuge occupiers to express First Amendment rights

U.S. lawmakers to investigate funding of WHO cancer agency

U.S. lawmakers to investigate funding of WHO cancer agency

Democrat reports attack by Trump supporter in New Mexico

"DEBATE NIGHT!" — A Bad Lip Reading of the first 2016 Presidential Debate

The Atlantic has endorsed only three presidential candidates in 159 years.

Hillary Clinton is a 68 year old woman. And plenty of people hate her for it.

Florida governor says state won't extend voter registration, rebuffing Clinton campaign

Armed occupation leader cites religious faith in justifying Oregon refuge takeover

Trump's phony town hall a dud

Republican Trump says 70 percent of federal regulations 'can go'

ROFL! Cruz eating shit sandwich.

Flash crash 'triggered by algorithm' drags pound lower

Harnessing Algae for the Creation of Clean Energy

Apes can guess what others are thinking - just like humans, study finds

Gov. Brown Signs Bill Giving Right To Vote To Thousands Of Felons

The Pro-Trump TV Ads Are Not Good

Watchdog group accusesClinton of election law violations

JonBenet's Brother Files Defamation Suit Against Pathologist

Sounds like trump is slurring his speech

36 Hours in Mumbai, India

Better news for Florida

Clinton postpones Weather Channel ads in Florida

California May Suffer A 35-Year-Long Megadrought If Planet Continues To Warm

California May Suffer A 35-Year-Long Megadrought If Planet Continues To Warm

Determining sex of Ants- major discovery

If you believe Pit Bulls are inherently dangerous animals, & you support BSL to ban them

Prince’s Paisley Park: Al Roker gets first look inside ‘untouched’ museum

Trump blows off debate tune-up

St. Louis County police officer killed in South County; teen faces murder charge

Anyone else notice this w/ local radio election coverage?

Are we doing Columbus Day this year?

Finally ..... This will make your day !!

538 nowcast has hillary at 87.2%!

Republican Trump says 70 percent of federal regulations 'can go'

Texas officers find dozens of people held captive in homes

Anna Navarro smacks down former Trump campaign adviser

Bono Criticizes Trump at $1000 San Francisco concert for "thought leaders"

Politico's 2016 Nerdcast almost made me hit the dashboard -- They are incredibly deceitful ...

Isn't there a nuke plant on the east coast of Florida?

Drudge Report’s playing down and politicizing of Hurricane Matthew was ‘deplorable’

What happened to Assange?

Voter Fraud is Mathematically Irrelevant, and here is the Proof

Government Can be Great -but not when Stupidparty Governs

What do Mississippi and Vermont Have in Common? They Both Tend to be #1

On the road to Borrego Springs, California

Wait a minute. I've paid more taxes than Donald Trump.

Humans aren’t the only great apes that can 'read minds'

The Trump effect: Could Arizona go blue for the first time in 20 years?

Photos: Bernie addresses overflow crowd at Ann Arbor, Michigan Oct 6

President Obama in Michelle's White House Garden!

Politics Does Not End on Election Day

When exegesis goes wrong (toon)

Bernie Sanders: Election is about survival of middle class

Does this violate the Constituion or California's Brown Act?

Krauthammer: Trump will win next debate if he denies everything and ignores the fact-checkers

Sanders stumping for Clinton in Maine battleground district


Anti-aging drug for pets, hoomins?

the maggot stays afloat in the 90s

Police: Horse in Vermont shot to death by bow and arrow

Man fatally shot by police at University of Colorado ID'd

Bono has a message to Trump. You're fired

(Tampa Bay) Times recommends: Hillary Clinton for president

Four Californians Plead Guilty to Conspiracy to Commit Health Care Fraud

Link to Duke Power Outages Map. I find this very helpful.

Daily Holidays October 7

When Donald Trump Went to Washington and Got Himself a Tax Break

Colombia's president has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel Peace Prize 2016 announcement - live - awarded to Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos

Credit Suisse Paying $90 Million Penalty for Misrepresenting Performance Metric

Fake IRS job lands 'scam center' workers in jail

DOJ to investigate conditions at Alabama prisons

Fox News Shepard Smith "...and your kids die too" (17 seconds)

Lethal chemical now used as a drug haunts theater hostages

Governments researched fentanyls as weapons for decades

Armed occupation leader cites religious faith in justifying Oregon refuge takeover

Now, Every Storm is a Climate Change Storm 10/07, HRC @ 334 EV as Arizona flips.

Trump statement on Matthew just on Morning Joe

Two hawkish anti-immigration groups say consulted by Trump

NRA gun rights group pours money into Republican U.S. Senate campaigns

Cspan Clip of trump Lobbying Congress to Lower His Taxes

At least 22 Niger soldiers killed in attack on refugee camp

Trump: Making America great again with "softball questions selected from an invitation-only crowd"

Trump Lobbying Congress to Lower His Taxes

Man charged with murder in infant's sexual assault death

Aerial view of whale calf 'helping mother'

Black robes at the Red Mass

Trump Blows Off Debate Practice Town Hall

Conservatives try to undercut Christie's role in Trump land

Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson: "So What, They're Muslim" CEO arrested over sex trafficking allegations

Shocking! Obama engineered hurricane for sole purpose of destroying Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate.

Florida Gov. Refuses To Extend Voter Registration Deadline Over Hurricane

Stranded Families (Brevard): "We're scared. We wish we hadn't stayed."

If Donald Trump Wins, the GOP Will Rein Him In, Right? Uh, Yeah - By Joy-Ann Reid

Pink Floyd 'reunites' to support Gaza flotilla

Donald Trump’s Corporate Biography Claims John McCain Was a Birther

Florida Gov. Refuses To Extend Voter Registration Deadline Over Hurricane

Giant ‘cannonballs’ seen shooting from binary-star system

Disastrous stretch for Gary Johnson gives boost to Clinton

Facebook's Sneaky Plan to Rule Over America's Internet Is Scary as Hell

Detroit rocker Jack White, of The White Stripes, has launched the Icky Trump T-shirt line

Trump personally lobbied Congress to give real estate developers bigger tax breaks

How much damage could a President Trump do? We can only begin to imagine. - WaPo Editorial

Why biologists don’t put too much stock in race

Dog tooth found near Stonehenge 'evidence of earliest journey'

"Trump then "kissed, fondled, and restrained" her during a visit to his daughter Ivanka's bedroom"

Sunday should be fun ...

What are the chances Trump physically attacks Hillary Sunday night?

"Pence & His Imaginary Friend"

Whithorn Iron Age roundhouse works in full swing

Fill in the blank

Milwaukee man exonerated by DNA after 24 years in prison


Payroll employment increases by 156,000 in September; unemployment rate little changed...

Samantha Bee on how the election will definitely maybe be rigged or not.

Pixar’s Dug the Talking Dog In Real Life

A sure sign that HRC is surging--Trump's lead is down to 2 pts in LA Times Tracking poll

CRINGE VIDEO: Most Racist Fox News Segment Ever?

Another BRUTAL Hillary Clinton Ad DESTROYS Lying Trump Campaign

Donald Trump lies......... a Lot! Donald even got Pence to lie!

Have we had any reporters hit by an airborne fish yet?

David Letterman annihilates Trump: He’s ‘a damaged human being — a person to be shunned'

GOP operatives fume at Trump: Even the ‘creepy clown walking around Green Bay would beat Hillary’

I do feel bad for those who are trapped after the storm, but.....

Trump Disagrees With DNA Evidence

Librarians Condemn Police Conduct in Kansas City Free Speech Arrests

Asian-American voters continue to shift to the political left

Koch Industries and Fracking Lobbyist Mike Catanzaro To Lead Trump Energy Team

Ooooohh!! Teaparty Chair announces their endorsement for Trump

Trump took Polaroids, interviewed models in 1994 Playboy video /CNN

Why Donald Called His 4-Year-Old Son a "Loser" The Trump Files/Mother Jones

Women Are Cutting Donald Trump Down To Size, And He Can't Stand It

Election model update 10/7

Did Drump suspend his campaign?

THE TRUMP FILES Mother Jones: 63 files so far

Trump still believes Central Park 5 are guilty

Rec this if you're still screaming internally

Just saw a ticker that HRC has taken lead in AZ!

Rick Scott = Deplorable.

Former Whitewater Counsel Endorses Clinton – And Dismisses ‘Scandals’ - by Joe Conason

Even Rasmussen has HRC up 1% today.

Protest Against Fox Correspondent Accused of Racism for Chinatown Interviews

If you haven't already... google: "ultimate humiliation" it will make you laugh. Internetz win!

538: Clinton’s Lead Is Becoming Safer

Ten reasons why gay military men are great boyfriends

The GOP Plans To Do As Much Damage As A Trump Presidency Would Do.

Sanders-loving Vermont lawmaker snags GOP nomination

Danziger Cartoon: Trumptrak

This motivational speaker just moved me to tears!

Christoper Columbus from Mark Twain's "Innocents Abroad"

Hillary Was No ‘Enabler,’ Nor Were Eleanor and Jackie

Hillary Clinton is a 68-year-old woman. And plenty of people hate her for it.

Colombian leader Juan Manuel Santos wins Nobel Peace Prize

Colombian leader Juan Manuel Santos wins Nobel Peace Prize

Scaachi Koul on the Politics of Punching Down

Donald Trump Is Seen as Helping Push Asian-Americans Into Democratic Arms

Ford Motor Company disputes Trump, declaring that they're bringing back the Bronco and the Ranger...

"DEBATE NIGHT!" — A Bad Lip Reading of the first 2016 Presidential Debate!

HUFFPOLLSTER: Democrats Are Rallying Around Hillary Clinton

Now we know where Trumpette gets his hair (Too funny) ...

Welcome, Britain, to the US way of doing business!

Facebook has a Hurricane Matthew safety check page

Disastrous stretch for Gary Johnson gives boost to Clinton

Obama on nw re Matthew n/t

White Nationalist PAC Rolls Out Pro-Trump Radio Ad Targeting Swing States

For Some Republicans and Most Conservatives, Desperation

Sanders: Clinton aims to unite, Trump divides

Report: Lobbyist For Russian Pipeline Helped On Trump Foreign Policy Speech

Rasmussen: Clinton Ahead is a Tie, Trump Ahead is a "Lead"

Pence has signed into law a bill that officially recognizes stupidity as a religion.

James Wolcott: Donald Trump isn’t “the new normal”—he’s the new abnormal

Kerry says Russia, Syria should face war crimes probe

Police issue warnings over 'clown craze' sweeping UK

LIVE Now: Watch Bernie rally in Bangor, Maine:

Drudge Report’s playing down and politicizing of Hurricane Matthew was ‘deplorable’

Great article on the ground game at 538

AZ turns blue

“Pantsuit Power” Flash Mob For Hillary

The bullying anti-Asian racism of Fox News’s “Watters’ World”

My health insurance went up

About studying for "Debate Number 1"...

Reminder: What George W did on his FIRST DAY IN OFFICE!

1898 pictures of Bedouins in Egypt, the Sinai, Palestine and Jerusalem.

Save the Day: Register

Watch Mike Pence throw Trump under the bus on CNN: ‘I haven’t known him that long at all’

Rick Scott says he will not extend the deadline for voter registration in Florida...

Hurricane Matthew check-in thread.

The SNL Baldwin as Trump "debate" -- hilarious!

Pic Of The Moment: Trump To America: "Trust Me!" Trump To 4-Year-Old Son: "Don't. Trust. Me. Ever."

Danziger Toon: Trumptrak

What Do You Care About? #VoteYourFuture

I had a conversation with a right to lifer, and he said I should vote against Hillary

It’s GOTV time - AmsterdamNews

Nate Silver has Iowa back in Clinton's column

Fans of John Fugelsang, heads up to tune into PBS at 10, tonight, for 'Dream On'

Florida Governor Refuses to Extend Next Week’s Voter Registration Deadline Despite Catastrophic Hurr

Who says Donald Trump's not ready for Sunday's Town Hall debate?

In Charleston. Craziest shit I have seen preparing for Matthew.

2-to-1 registration advantage for Democrats among 440K new Hispanic voters in Florida - HuffPost

Is Gun Worship America's Achilles Heel?

How Donald Trump Figures He’ll Win Sunday's Debate | The Closer with Keith Olbermann | GQ

Guess who was looking for his girlfriend--in my house--just now?

Why Punching Down Will Never Be Funny

National Guard, State troopers, heli, all descend on 81yo woman's property over one pot plant

Election will likely be won or lost for Hillary Clinton in October - CBSnews

Hadn’t Been Called A Kike Since 4th Grade!

8th Congressional District Write-in Candidate Mike Webb: Don Beyer Stole My Porn

Report from behind the Red lines in a Blue state...


Greenville replaces Greensboro as 2017 NCAA tournament men's site

ASU Young Democrats race to register, lock in millennial voters for 2016 - AZdailySun

Trump's speeches

We're going to beat this clown.

Bernie Sanders recorded Special Birthday Message for Joy Behar

The Historical weaving of sexism and male priviledge

Rash of clown-related crime hits Metro Detroit

Miyoko's Creamery products at your local health food store!

Lol, some of Trump's senior advisors won't be voting for him

Why Should the Ohio State Buckeyes be on a Radio Station on Saturday

"Lotion. It better put it on, or else."

I found the worst part of the hurricane so far...

Prepare for the future - get your NUGGY


Samantha Bee hilarious

Staff At Four Chicago High Schools Falsified Student Attendance Records -- NOT TEACHERS

Employment outlook for engineering occupations to 2024

William Perry to educate public on nuclear weapons, threats in new Stanford online course

Employment outlook for engineering occupations to 2024

***Quinnipiac National Poll Clinton +5***

***New Quinnipiac poll shows HRC +5 nationally (4 way)***

Live streaming Matthew coverage- Local News Florida-

Trump is really sui generis

I took the time to make this post, because y'all get on my fucking nerves.


Editorial: The Courant Endorses Hillary Clinton


What is the name of that documentary...

First Florida death reported as Hurricane Matthew batters coast

Piece of shit wingnut hack Mark Halperin tweeted today

Checking in from Merritt Island FL


Evangelical Leaders Don’t Want Trump To Win: The ‘Integrity Of Our Faith Hangs In The Balance’

Schwab joins BlackRock in ETF price war as providers ‘race to zero’

White Nationalist PAC Rolls Out Pro-Trump Radio Ad Targeting Swing States

When does early voting begin in your state?

He said, She didn't

🐦 SAT, OCT 8 - Bernie Sanders Scranton Event with Educators | Scranton High School

GOP Hopefuls Already Lining Up for 2020

Macri's suspension of Chinese hydroelectric project in Argentina prompts soy oil boycott by China

Macri's suspension of Chinese hydroelectric project in Argentina prompts soy oil boycott by China

🐦 SAT OCT 8 - Bernie Sanders Philadelphia Event | University of the Arts

BREAKING: Trump campaign canceling ad buys in critical swing States

WOW from Eichenwald: "Even some of his senior advisors wont vote 4 him"

AG Kamala D. Harris Announces Criminal Charges Against Senior Corporate Officers of

Sometimes a thing stops you in your tracks because you want to know its story...

Ok, that's it. The Abortion debate is obviously what righties are talking about right now

A Trump fan knew I have epilepsy. So he tried 2 cause a seizure as punishment 4 my writing about him

‘Significant penalties’ will be levied against Danville’s Goodyear plant following deaths

Full Speech: Bernie Sanders Rally in Bangor, Maine (10/7/2016)

Full Speech: Bernie Sanders Rally in Bangor, Maine (10/7/2016)


Another True Fact

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren scold Wells Fargo over military treatment

National Review just gave me a free subscription

Comcast gets closer to nationwide data caps with expansion in 18 states

Hillary was a badass as a kid!

Bernie Sanders: "Greed truly knows no end...73% of Fortune 500 companies stash profits overseas"

Bernie Sanders: "Greed truly knows no end...73% of Fortune 500 companies stash profits overseas"

Anyone left on GA or SC barriers islands is in great danger right now.

Why are Matt Drudge and Rush Limbaugh pushing Hurricane Matthew conspiracy theories?

Trump camp cutting ~$1.5M ads in battleground states next wk

Wingers who are so ignorant, they have no idea how ignorant they actually are

Law Professor Sees Strong Case for Trump Impeachment

Taco Trucks Are Actually Registering Citizens to Vote in Texas and Arizona

NYTimes: Jobs Report September: Loss of 284,000 jobs

RCP still has Hillary Surging while Trump sinks into the Abyss

Phil "Duck Dynasty" Robertson is senile.

Donald Trump: Immigrants Are Pouring Over The Border To Vote

Please send your good thoughts to Little Nano at tinykittens

Black Southern Baptist pastor says he’ll vote for Clinton

Hillary Clinton: ‘We need to stop the violence and save LGBT lives’

Donald Trump Says Central Park Five Are Guilty, Despite DNA Evidence

Greenville replaces Greensboro as 2017 NCAA tournament men's site

Removal of Lee, Jackson statues could cost Charlottesville $700,000 (VA)

Evacuation over, clean up begins

Thinking thru Trump's game plan

Trump deplorables try to trigger Newsweek writer's epilepsy

Angry right wingers blame ‘gay mafia’ for discriminatory bakery closing

Found Bible quote that HAS TO BE Repukes favorite

Why the GOP Civil War Will Continue

UN criticism of Trump prompts Russian response

Democrats Have 5-to-1 Ground Game Advantage

UN criticism of Trump prompts Russian response : Don the Con's buddy on the help

Charlie Cook: Clinton Firms Up Her Lead

Donald Trump: Immigrants are pouring into U.S. so they can vote

UN criticism of Trump prompts Russian response

Watch LIVE: Bernie Sanders campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Keene, Nashua

Clinton Foundation

Millennials get off your ass!

Republican Attorneys General Met Secretly with Exxon Lobbyists to Stop Climate Change Investigations

Republicans Hope Hurricane Matthew Will Deliver Florida To GOP

Trumpery is a thing!

Embattled Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer hit with lawsuit that she illegally purged male employees

Atlanta womsn firedd for referrring to Michelle Obama as a gorilla!

Nature: Upward revision of global fossil fuel methane emissions based on isotope database

Hurricane Matthew death toll passes 800 in Haiti, cholera takes lives

It would be one thing if Trump was just a douchebag

Obama Hits Record-High Approval Rating Despite Turning Country Into Jobless Crime-Ridden Hellhole

Prediction: A member of this forum will soon be changing his avatar

The Truth is Out There. Time

LIVE Stream: Bernie Sanders Rally in Keene, New Hampshire (10/7/2016)

Eric Trump appears on white supremacist radio show

LIVE Stream: Bernie Sanders Rally in Keene, New Hampshire (10/7/2016)

Greenpeace Says Rick Scott Has Failed The People of His State!

All The Money In The World Is Being Used To Subsidize The Banks!


DEM CAMPAIGN Events Today 10/7/16 - Who & Where

Why Donald Trump Should Not Be President ~NYT Editorial Opinion

"DEBATE NIGHT!" — A Bad Lip Reading of the first 2016 Presidential Debate

Storm surges as ocean breaches dunes at Jax Beach

My son just made my day.

Ben & Jerry’s Breaks Down Exactly Why Black Lives Matter

Ivana Trump says she raised Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric without any help from Donald

I don’t believe in ghosts, but trying to is fun!

Trump PAC targets black voters with brazenly deceptive ad portraying Clinton and Obama as racists

538 senate - 51.9% for Democrats

Russia defends Trump from UN critic

The lowly earthworm poses a dire threat to this California island (LA Times)

David Letterman Slaughters ‘Damaged Human Being’ Donald Trump in NY Times Interview:

Pressure on Trump for next debate

Every once in awhile, a truly funny Facebook pic comes along.

CNBCHD female host claims 50% of the country wants drumph

Preparing For 2016 Loss, Republicans Already Running For President In 2020

Rudy Giuliani's daughter supports Hillary.

Trump’s poll-watching “voter fraud” squad sounds like it could easily lead to voter intimidation

U.S. government officially accuses Russia of hacking campaign to influence elections

Sunday’s Town Hall Debate?

What's for Dinner, Fri., Oct. 7, 2016

Just like Hitler's excuse to invade Poland

Trump says illegal immigrants being allowed in to vote

PoliticusUSA: Trump Is Throwing Tantrums And Refusing To Prepare For Second Presidential Debate

I presume Trump will bring Melania out of mothballs Sunday night?

The Townhall needs to address Trump's continued insistence that the Central Park 5 are guilty.

Mike Pence Leads Crazy-Early 2020 Poll

Seriously, what is with these guys in this Trump photo?

A drug dealer's pink homemade sign concerning "snitches" leads police to arrest

The way ahead - by Barack Obama

I wish I could screencap my TV

The GOP WILL NEVER NEVER NEVER Give Up Trying To Destroy The Country.

My Friday afternoon tune:

1968 political add to think about

Lies, Lies and more Lies

Breaking WP: Donald Trump was recorded having extremely lewd conversation about women in 2005(Text)

CEO of escort service pleads guilty to promoting prostitution

Florida things that make you go HMMMM...

Trump the Pigeon

"You can do anything to women when you're famous", says Trump in 2005 recording.

U.S. Gov’t Officially Accuses Russia of Hacking to Influence U.S. Election...

Happy birthday 72nd (Sunday), Nona Hendryx

MEANWHILE, in Florida...

Trump recorded having extremely lewd conversation about women in 2005

Donald blamed 9 Billion Debt lie in his books on Meredith McIver -Where is she BTW?

Hillary Clinton to return to Ohio amid optimism about early voting - CBSnews

Anyone seen The Girl on the Train?

Hillary Clinton on Hurricane Matthew

Presidential hurricane warnings

Election fraud in Ohio!

Want to see a bunch of grown men cry?

Ready or not, Hurricane Matthew heads for South Carolina

Amazon removes "sexy burka" halloween costume after backlash

2 short (1:28 & 1:51) vids of conditions outside my place (Updated with new Video)

Friday afternoon fun: Your "Last" movie

U.S. government officially accuses Russia of hacking campaign to interfere with elections

The *lets look on the bright side Friday post* Florida, you know what might be in your near future

Trump: Historically, Economy Does Better Under Democrats


any thoughts on the "POLITICS BREAKING: Trump Caught On Hot Mic Insulting Women,"

Sunday night: Giants/Packers vs. MLB playoffs vs. Clinton/Trump

Ex-Student Whose Atty Cited Trump As Inspiration For Hate Crime Pleads Guilty

For Sale: Black Flag’s Logo, the Most Iconic Symbol of Hardcore Punk

"When you're a star they let you do it."

After Trump's lewd comments, I wonder how many points Trump will gain in the LA Times/USC poll

So what would the republicans do if Trump dropped out? It is too late to change

Bernie NH Photo: "I have met people in every state who have hope in their eyes...

Dumpster you need to hide your ugly head in shame you bastard. You may as well throw in the towel

‘Grab ’em by the P*ssy’ Hot Mic Catches Donald Trump Saying Vulgar Things About Women


The Disproportionate Stress Plaguing American Teachers

U.S. Accuses Russia of Trying to Influence Election

Desert Trip's dream lineup and sky-high prices are making history—and upending rock fest tradition

Do You Wish Time Would Slow Down?

U.N. Criticism of Trump Prompt’s Russian Response

In light of that conversation on the bus with bush, I would dare say trump has lost

Latino Evangelicals Endorse Clinton Over Trump

Will the wimp Paul Ryan bail on appearing with Trump in Wisconsin?

Why the GOP Civil War Will Continue

Just listen to the women on the cable news shows. The disgust rolls off of them.

Bullying Video - Inspired by Trump !

I'm wondering, now, how may women Trump has paid off and had sign NDAs

CNN: Trump bragged on hot mic about being able to grope women

FOX NEWS: Mean old Hillary is going to try to use this leaked audio

The 'October Surprise' is that Donald is a misogynist scumbag rapist.

Did this tape come too early

Trump is just no good! You just got to grab them by their p______!

Republican Presidential Candidate brags about sexual assault.

On CNN a commentator said this just sunk Trump's campaign for good...

President Obama just signed a "bill of rights" for survivors of sexual assault

Totally Fair and Balanced and Not at All Biased Fox News Chyron Reads ‘Hillary in Hiding’

It is not Trumps fault

Damn. Trump knocked Hurricane Matthew off of nonstop coverage!

I love imagining what's going on behind the scenes at moments like this.

Whose minding the store?

‘Sick to my Stomach’: Kaine Denounces Trump’s ‘Outrageous’ Sex Comments

Wonder who Hillary's picks for about 3 SCOTUS appointments are going to be. Mr. President, want to

Let's be clear: Donald Trump DID NOT SAY what he's accused of saying...

Did I miss the Elway Supremo NCAA Mens Football Ranking Poll this week?

Saturday 10.08 is National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day

I'm a celebrity.

The Daily Show: "The O'Reilly Factor" Gets Racist in Chinatown

Independents break for Clinton ahead of crucial second debate

Will the debate still happen after the Trump sexual predator tape? Will Trump resign?

Obama casts early vote for 2016 election during Chicago trip

It's October... surprise! We got him on tape, and it is glorious!

In retrospect, Tim Kaine’s debate was a masterful lesson in campaign strategy

Planned Parenthood Opens $30 Million Effort to Target Millennial Voters

Oklahoma Governor Wants You to Pray for the Oil Industry (No Joke)

Excuse me. It's not "groping", it's SEXUAL ASSAULT

Fahrenthold, Eichenbald, Cay Johnston, J.Reid, Please find & interview irl Meredith McIver !!

This is how the freepers see their hero

What a relief!

History suggests Jill Stein and Gary Johnson will do worse than the polls say

Ok Evangelical voters...ignore the fact that he was trying to have an affair with a married woman

Dear Republican Party:

‘He’s a dirty old man’: CNN panel reacts with disgust to Trump’s ‘hot mic’ comments about women

October surprise, surprise, surprise!

When Tim "lost" the debate, he was actually taking one for the team.

Who should make 'Trump, the Movie'. The Coen Brothers or Oliver Stone???

Which is the best? 1) Sex comments 2) Central Park Five Guilty 3) other..

Trump's tape and rape lawsuit

I just listen to the lastest Trump's audio!

Will Trump's next move be to release a "Putin-style" shirtless horseback photo?

Boris? Boris? where are you? get Out there!

"if anybody was offended." You offended?

President Obama lifts Myanmar trade sanctions

The “Fuck This” Moment in Abusive Relationships

I'm betting 'I'll show you where they have some nice furniture' is code for

Bill Maher, Real Time guests lineup;

Given Trump's intent to go after Bill for infidelity and his treatment of women, the timing of this…

Wikileaks Appears To Release Hillary Clinton’s Paid Speech Transcripts

Let's be clear, headline writers. These weren't just "crude" or "lewd" remarks.

Freepers are PROUD of their "Alpha Male" and his sexual exploits!

I just thought about something!

Trump chat gets top billing over a deadly hurricane

This tape is absolutely DISGUSTING. Some Trump supporter cited on CNN already spinning tape

MSNBC: Trump is STILL saying the Central Park Five were guilty.

Pence pool reporters removed from restaurant after Trump tapes released

What happen to coverage of the hurricane?

Trump campaign freak-out......Get her on Benghaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You hate pence. I hate pence.

He is gross, he is a pig. You will find it hard to find a woman who doesn't think that way of him

Kaepernick is reworking his contract, could return to starting role in Week 6

Trump admitted to committing a crime

List more things Trump could say publicly WITHOUT losing any core supporters:

For those who, like me, care: Lineup of Bill Maher's guests tonight

Trump is locking up the misogynist vote

Watching Fox News now.

Political Fallout-"Collective Gasps-"Close TRUMP Advisor: "Another day in Trump world...I hate it."

Corey Lewandowski just responded to Trump's vile comments

DailyKos BLOCKBUSTER Diary: "We all knew about the trafficking- The Untold Story of Trump Model Mgt"

>1 in 5 African Americans in TN disenfranchised due to felony conviction

***Gravis poll has HRC +8 in Wisconsin! (4 way)***

Trump’s Lewd Comments on Audio Could be Even More Problematic For NBC’s Billy Bush

Will he now drop out

Donald's Disgusting "Apology" Makes Me Want To Puke - & of course, he drags the Clintons into it

***Gravis poll HRC +2 in Florida (4 way)***

Does NBC have another Cosby situation on their hands?

Breaking!!!! The person behind the clown sightings has been identified.

Trump and Paul Ryan supposed to campaign together Saturday

And what, exactly, does "I moved on her like a bitch" mean??

here's the best part about the Trump audio: there is MORE and WORSE. It's only October 7.


Is it possible for Trump to Resign?

OK Paul Ryan

Trump in 2008: Clinton impeachment was "non-sense"

Donald Trump is misogynist and a sorry excuse for a man.

Paul Ryan--TODAY: "Victims of sexual assault deserve full protection under the law."

Trumps military school buddies mentioned how

This motherfucker on Burgundy without the

Rick Scott Refuses to Extend Registration Deadline For Hurricane Evacuation

Prediction: Trump takes a few days off and no more debates.

Trump and Pence = Вeavis and Вutthead at 70 years old

This is a description of sexual assault

Today's NY Daily News front page is something I never thought I'd see in a presidential election

Paging Mr Ben Ghazi ... Paging Mr Ben Ghazi ...

Yahoo’s Government Email Scanner Was Actually a Secret Hacking Tool

are Hillary et al running any ads directly asking people to vote for down ticket dems like senate

Like many here, I have spent some time in locker rooms and,

BREAKING: Donald Trump to "tremendously" grab Paul Ryan's P**** this weekend

Here comes Tweety.

Yahoo’s Government Email Scanner Was Actually a Secret Hacking Tool

Tomorrow's Daily News

Was this leaked by Uncle Jeb?

Has anyone called DJT's tapes bragging about ASSAULT?

The Gunfighter (8:53)

Trump expresses regret that people heard his actual views about women

Trump says illegal immigrants pouring across the border to vote

Remember ... this is who the GOP wants to run for president.

Need help with a DIY Halloween prop.

Nikki Haley press conference

Oh donnie, don't despair. Another presidential candidate found a way out

Christian extremist shoots trans woman in the face — but in Pence’s Indiana it’s not a hate crime

So, the bigger question is looming!

Q for Trump: "How often did you cheat on Melania and with how many women?"

Welcome to the "Potrumpkin Village"

Todays news about Donnie can change the dynamics of race fully

Hurricanes are a hoax invented by the Chinese to steal our wall

Trump 2013: Sexual pervert Anthony Weiner has zero business holding public office.

Trump 2013: Sexual pervert Anthony Weiner has zero business holding public office.

Humorous Trump Comedy Skits -- while we skate close to the abyss! But these are very funny!

predictwise popped up to 84% hillary on trump video story

After today, in the town hall, I hope Hillary ..

How did we get so lucky??

FINALLY! Trump's lewd, misogynistic comments are taking him down, BIG TIME.

Michele Bachman on Tweety now.

Billy Bush keeps his job on The Today Show.

Just.watched. MSNBC Andrea Mitchell was talking about Hillary's

Podesta emails show excerpts of Clinton speeches to Goldman

I have been in the service, worked as a dishwasher

poor republicans. they could have used some of that "extreme vetting" during the primaries.

Trump supporters: Would you let your daughter alone with the Don now?

Full Speech: Bernie Sanders - East Lansing - 10-6-16

Report: U.S. Pacific Command chief tells troops to be ready to 'fight tonight'

Scottie Nell Hughes is crackers. She is a Trump supporter.

My acquaintance on the"other side" of the Hill just texted me (NBC confirms)

The Bushes send their regards.

Michelle Bachman is vile

Joy Reid! She shoots! She scores!

Michele Bachmann on Tweety ..... Hillary Clinton is the person behind Trump's sex talk

DU Men, please enlighten us. What makes men like Donald Trump treat women with such

Bernie Sanders: Michigan is a battleground state - MLive Interview Oct 6

Russia moving nuclear-capable missiles into Kaliningrad, says Estonia

Yes America, there is a Santa Claus

This Opens a Door

Time to reread Jill Harth's account of Trump grabbing her by the pussy.

When do the GOP house members who tried to

BREAKING - important new projection from Nate Silver

upcoming NY Times story: Trump kissed 1997 Miss Utah on the lips without consent,

You don't want to be near Trump when he has these.

Philippines to suspend joint exercises and patrols with US military

Married after 72 years together

If I were Joy Reid the next time Chris Matthews asks me to come on his show.. I would

Bill Clinton set Trump and the Rethugs up

I heard it earlier on sirius without the bleeps. Curls your hair.

anyone posted about how vile Billy Bush is?

Married after 72 years together

WARNING: The most offensive words you've heard out of Trump's mouth yet, from 2005

Ashley Judd drops another bomb on The Orange Groper

U.S. court reinstates Apple $120 million patent win over Samsung

Does SNL have time to do something about Trump from today?

Reince Priebus responds to "PussyGate"

The Rise of ‘Soft’ Holocaust Denial

Do you think this will actually change anything?

If Trump says that being a celebrity gives him the power

The $10,000 question right here

Billy Bush: A better apology than what we heard from the nominee - which really wasn’t an apology.

Access Hollywood to Address Billy Bush and Donald Trump’s Lewd Audio Tonight [Updated]

I find it quite amusing that the media is tryeing to supress the Trump story

Ralph Reed responds to Trump's "Grab them by the p---y" remarks

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards - guaranteed to make you laugh

Mylan to pay $465 million over EpiPen Medicaid rebate dispute

Trump's 10 year old son must be having a blast at school

Cory L. from the trump campaign says that donnie talks like real people around the dinner table...

At difficult times like this evangelicals need to come together to pray and ask themselves