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Donald's October Surprise

Chris Hayes - firing on all thrusters

Republican Sen. Richard Burr Admonishes Trump's Lewd Comments

What people say when they think nobody wll

Not At ANY Dining Room Table I Have Sat At!

Clobbered by Cleveland's Kluber ...

At what point do a basket of Trump supporters realize they are deplorable?

Billy Bush....

Fox News hasn't said anything about trumps tape

Don the Con

You can't distill the leaked Clinton speeches to a soundbite...

Hillary Responds.........!

RNC chairman came out and said "no woman should be described in those terms"

Statistician Nate Silver: Cubs probably won't win World Series this year

Republicans are at DEFECON 1 regarding Trump

So, the Central Park 5 are disgusting rapists, but when a rich guy sexually assaults women it's okay

He called women "it". He is a despicable deplorable creepola!!

Access Hollywood Identifies Woman in Donald Trump Tape as Nancy O'Dell

Not only is Trump going to lose this election but, he has completely destroyed his brand.

The "grab them" comment has displaced Hurricane Matthew as the top story on CNN's home page.

I cannot believe that Paul Ryan will go through with the rally tomorrow.

Yeah, But Hillary Does It Too

Green Beret With Minnesota Roots Killed in Afghanistan

Ralph Reed, Perkins, Prominent Evangelicals Still Backing Trump After Graphic Video

Even Mitt Romney was disgusted by tRump's degradation of women

Trump: ‘I Know That Was Pretty Bad, But Let’s Just Say You’re Going To Want To Save Your Energy’

"You'd need a primatologist" to explain Trump's dominance displays.

Trump's non-apology is insult to injury

Malcolm Nance ( security expert) tweets that the Podesta emails are riddled with forgeries

Say it loud on FB and call Trump's abuse of women what it is: Violent Sexual Assult

Tic Tacs?

Judge Dismisses Civil Fraud Charges Against Texas AG for Now

Michelle Goldberg of Slate on Chris Hayes' show actually brought up the rape cases against DJT

Chad Republic has just fined Exxon Mobil $74 billion—almost seven times its GDP

In Calif, where Trump made comment, grabbing woman "by the pussy" w/o her consent gets you 6 months"

Am I the only one who didn't know Billy Bush is actually a, um, BUSH?!

The words...

Early look at tomorrow's front page of the New York Daily News

Trump did tell us he can get really nasty....

Over 800 persons were killed by Matthew in Haiti

So I am curious DU. Can we now agree that the word "pussy" is misogynist?

I guess the events of today guarentee a record number of viewers for Sunday's

Message from Dan Kildee, Michigan 5th Congressional District, Regarding Trump

Another Right Wing Meme that is RW Revisionism...HRC attacked women who

This is good question to ask Donald Trump!

Why the leaked transcripts of Hillary's speeches are, IMO, quite possibly a good thing.

From the Twitter feed of Jeb Bush

Little Nano of Tinykittens passed over the Bridge today

Can the RNC remove Trump?

Pence drops out. Meet Trump's new VP running mate.

US Judge Sides With Nevada Tribes in Voting Rights Case

Denial of Repro Rights is Grabbing Them By the P***y, Too.

Will Trump quit? What would happen if he did. Pence?

I hate that Anna Narvarro

What else does family Bush have on

After video, Huntsman says it is time for Trump to drop out

Friday Talking Points (411) -- Women Up For Grabs

Trumps's explanation that "Bill Clinton does it too" is even sillier than it seems

I have a lot of problems with the term "Basket of deplorables"

Trucking Company Involved in Explosion Ordered off the Road

And here everybody was thinking....

Ahem.. Republicans you not only vet your VP.. you should also have vetted

A reminder that Trump's language is similar to what we've heard before from a GOP presidential

Trump Tongue Noose

Mr Trump, Women will be the reason you're not elected!

Billy Bush is having himself a bang-up year isn't he?

'When you vote for your local Republican, you are endorsing the rapist at the top of their ticket'

When I was 17, in a locker room, I heard and said similar things to Trump.

Clinton Hits All Time High on Prediction Markets

Reminder: Trump's language is similar to what we've heard before from a GOP presidential

where are his buddies?

Wonder what dipshit donnie's secret service thinks about him?

Has KellyAnne commented yet?

Real Time with Bill Maher should be interesting tonight - Sen. Al Franken, Carville, Mark Cuban

a joke for you tonite

Officials will study plane noise after complaints about Logan

If Trump bows out...

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Head On Radio! Live, Uncensored & a new

I just saw a Trump spokesperson slip up and refer to Trump's words as "deplorable"

Never come between an 81-year-old and her marijuana plant

Hillary will have to add

Questions about nomination process

Trump sex assault confession is pre-empting coverage of a major hurricane.

Does Garland get a vote now?

When will Melania file for divorce,

CNN Breaking News: Trump Campaign Advisors Huddling On How To React To Tape

FLASHBACK: Woman says Trump groped, attempted to rape her in his daughter's bedroom

High Number of Pesticides Within Colonies Linked to Honey Bee Deaths

Trump just cancelled tomorrow's Wisconsin event

Shale gas—not EPA rules—has pushed decline in coal-generated electricity, study confirms

Second worst thing about Trump's comments is that that they're part of a pattern.

McCain just threw Trump under the bus.


BREAKING: Paul Ryan no longer going to the event with the sexual predator tRump

Hillary's response re: Trump. This is horrific.

CNN: Speaker Ryan: Trump Event Canceled Tomorrow

Paul Ryan "sickened", says Trump no longer attending tomorrow's event with him

My bet is Trump will drop out and the RNC will replace him with Paul Ryan

Every Republican candidate should be asked

Can Trump resign the nomination and give it to Pence?

Mike Pence comments on Trump (satire):

I'm revising my electoral college projection. Yes, it's this bad for Trump right now.

4 things - this week - that let you know the world has gone MAD!

If the Republican Nominee(I try not to say his name)were to get out of the race, what would happen?

There better not be ANY reporter (media) spinning this as OK

The constituency donnie's video really cost him: the media

Russia Faces Security Council Showdown Saturday Over Syria

CHECK OUT THE TAPE certainly takes on a new meaning

Trump not stumping with Ryan in Wisconsin, tomorrow

How Can Trump Face His Wife And Kids Now?....

Ryan "sickened" by Trump tape, says Trump "no longer attending tomorrow's event in Wisconsin"

Got text, made donation

With every post in LBN, the GOP presidential campaign

Imagine if Clinton said something comparable to what Trump said. Imagine if Obama said it.

Harry Reid: "In the name of decency..."

4 Guilty in 1 of Puerto Rico's Biggest Corruption Cases

Shakespeare described Trump

Donald, getting serious about the debate the day before won't help you one bit. n/t

The TRUMP brand is finished imo.

Ayotte calls Trump comments "offensive," does not withdraw her support for nominee

I wonder when confirmation hearings for Merrick Garland will begin?

Ryan just bailed on the event tomorrow....

Rachel - Trump will not appear in Wisconsin tomorrow

Can someone explain Russia Uranium Wikileaks thing?

Chicago police unveil stricter draft policy for use of force

I can hardly wait for the cries of outrage from Republicans…

Come on, GOP – Tell Us Again

Donald Trump, Groper in Chief

I predict another Trump Twitter meltdown is imminent

Watched my wife's face as she saw that video for the first time.

BREAKING Pence replaces Trump at Wisconsin rally with Paul Ryan

Republican strategist: "It's over"

So how long does Pence have


Heh! Wonder what is happening to the "W" vs. rMoney AL Series final????

Hillary's Eleanor & Rosa PARKS moment: *Refuse* to shake hands with him. n/t

How about some kudos for David Fahrenthold?

My bet is Trump doesn't appear anywhere, or answer anything, its what bullies do.

Venezuela creates Hugo Chavez peace prize, awards to Russia's Putin

Can you imagine how dumb Ted Cruz now feels for endorsing trump just last week?

Venezuela creates Hugo Chavez peace prize, awards to Russia's Putin

Let's all stand and pledge to the bible.

Trump: "Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course - not even close."

Bottomless Barrel

The Trump Tape

Kelly Ayotte picked a perfect week to call Trump a role model

The Portal (13:46)

Per Rachel - Chaos - ReTHUGs meeting to discuss their options

NY Times Reporter Yamiche Alcindor: RNC Officials Meeting To Discuss Options

Rachel Maddow says reports coming in about GOP looking over contingencies if Trump done

Ex-Costa Rican soccer chief Li pleads guilty in U.S. bribery case

Is he about to be FIRED!?!?!?

A serious next step for this election...

Hey Trump: there is one way you can change the narrative

Decades of women accussing trump of assault. Any legal ramifications from this tape?

Rachel M. 9:36 PM Republicans are meeting right now about dumping trump

Watching 'Access Hollywood' report on Trump's vulgar statements, lol


This makes it closer to the truth he raped a 13 y/o girl

NYTimes: Trump forced himself on woman in Ivanka's bedroom

Trump might as well step down

Trump won't step down - but he might take everybody down, with him.

Trump surrogate gasps out loud when CNN panelist calls Trump ‘an irredeemable pervert, a predator'

New video surfaces: Team Trump responds to unexpected female visitor to campaign planning meeting

I'll bet he cancels Sunday's debate

How to play a debate drinking game - and actually have fun

And in the end, he'll lose to a woman.

Billy Bush Responds After Getting Routed on Social Media for Encouraging Donald Trump's Sexism in Ne

Can anyone think of satirical songs about the Trump disaster? Maybe a la Tom Lehrer?

Stick a fork in him he's is done.

You won't believe this......oh wait, you probably will considering the source.....

What are the chances they replace him with Pence?


'Source tells me RNC officials are meeting in DC to discuss what options the party has...'

Trump gains in key suburban Philadelphia demographic

How many times will Sean Hannity say "Bill Clinton" tonight??

So was Trump dis-invited to Wisconsin or did he bail?

Posted without comment

Bill Maher

When Trump and his surrogates try to defend his treatment of women by bringing up Bill...

Early voting has already been happening

Bill Maher

New Clinton campaign ad: "Silo"

Ryan is fuming and will not attend tomorrow's event with Trump!

Go Lawrence! Chris and Rachel tip toed around the

Will Donald Trump show up for Sunday night's debate?

They look stricken on CNN

NYT reporter: GOP officials meeting in DC to discuss options

Paul Ryan cancels Saturday appearance with Trump

Gov. of Utah just walked away from Trump

I feel sorry for Trump's 10 year old son, Melania you know what you have to do ...

What if Pence Drops Out?

One word:

Paul Ryan's statement is all wrong

Cruz is an enabler !!!

Well, there goes that damn wall!

Don't Let Him Quit

At this point the GOP Presidential candidate is RADIOACTIVE!


A Message for All Republicans

"I am not available for grabbing"

WaPo - "There’s no longer any way for Republicans to boot Donald Trump from the ballot"

I think it's time for carefully measured

I wonder when Mrs Trump the third will sue for divorce?

Illegal dumping in Methuen costs company $152,400

AP: Pence was "beside himself" over Trump revelations

What I don't get is...

WaPo - "An unlikely Bush finally did some damage to Donald Trump: Billy Bush"

Trump will Jimmy Swaggart that debate...

Larry O played a clip from Lewandowski...

Donald Trump Tried to Fire Nancy O’Dell After She Rejected His Sexual Advances

Who would have ever that the election would come down to Trump and his big mouth?

Guess he had to start somewhere... :)

Teen Vogue on Trump.

trump won't quit. we've lost 49 states, twice! trump will do much better than that.

WikiLeaks of HRC speech transcripts just lost its steam

Donald Trump can apologize until he turns blue in the face, and his hair pops off

It's really time to start holding the down-ticket feet to the fire

AP: Pence is furious

Scott, Minter go head to head on taxes in Vermont PBS debate

Who's gonna believe Trump when he apologizes... sincerely, of course?

Meanwhile.....Trump prepares for debate rebound but refuses to be controlled

Trumpkns are digging in

Let's count the bad weeks?

State awards $3.5 million for bike, pedestrian projects

Electronic voting machines are at risk: What if he wins because of hacking?

Trump gropes (attacks) woman in his daughter's (Ivanka) bedroom (NY Times)

Worst excuse for Trump ever....

don't look now, but 538 has our senate chances plunging.

Am I the only one that noticed Trump's microphone worked perfectly?

Sanders' non-endorsement of Vermont Democrat raises eyebrows

I am a Sanders supporter and seldom post here...

So who leaked this tape?

Trump: America's Silvio Berlusconi

Controversy over contracts in Vermont's governor race

This makes Trump a "smart" for putting Hurricane Matthew on Page 2

Trump to make on-air statement tonight

I am outraged, I say outraged, but I'm still endorsing him. The re-pubic chior has spoken.

Here's a new one: Trump comments okay because...

Has anyone ventured into Freeperville tonight?

U.S. State Dept. accepts Rutland as new site for refugee resettlement

Please fix

Dear Republicans

Billy Bush is a National Disgrace, and not only to his family

...and at --Fox News Poll: Clinton edges Trump by two points one month ahead of election

Spicy Green Beans, at the Center of the Plate

Utah's governor bails on Trump after saying this summer he was for him

The Black Adder (DUer) wanted a song in tune of Hound Dog for Trump's Sex Crap.

Republicans Did This?

Please vote: will Donald show up for the next debate?

Will Trump pull out of Sunday debate

Will Trump find Jesus?

"The tic tacs, that's exactly what Trump did to me"

CNN Reaction Videos

Republican donors are leaving Trump tonight

Wait a minute . . . . have I missed this detail of the TrumpTape story? Seriously.

Pence to replace trump? Just heard

NBC needs to part ways with Billy Bush. We should try to influence that.

NO, Mr. McCain, You Built This & Your ENTIRE Party Needs To Suffer The Consequences!

Federal Judge Orders Hearing in Donald Trump Rape Lawsuit

If the RNC can and does fire Trump and replace him with Pence will Trump run as Independent?

....and at Freeperville

Get ready to hear an apology statement from Trump written by KellyAnne Conway

"King David had 500 concubines for crying out loud." --Sean Hannity just now.

What path is availibe to the Republican Party if Trump should Resign?

2NE1 News: Kpop Group to Officially Disband; CL & Sandara Busy with Own Careers

Bill Maher's "Killin' It Time" With Senator Al Franken

There’s no longer any way for Republicans to boot Donald Trump from the ballot

I hear schadenfreude goes well with

Four University of Vermont hockey players suspended in hazing probe

CNN reporting Trump making a video statement to be released soon.

After all the deplorable things Trump did, this is the excuse GOP uses to dump him?

When Palin just isn't enough of a trainwreck for you ... you have to kick it up a notch

Did the Fraternal Order of Police endorse a Sex Criminal?


Luckovich Toon - Groper In Chief

Watch close, in the tape, when Trump off the bus and shakes the woman's hand.

Bill Maher, Mark Cuban, James Carville, Johann Hari On Trump's Billion Dollar Loss

Jill Harth's sexual assault allegations against Trump are NOT new,

What happens to the race and the outcome if Pence replaces Trump?

Does Pence step down?


Trump meme NSFW

New York Daily News: Early look at tomorrow's front page

How much you want to bet Trump cheated to get these trophies?

Bill Maher Opening Monologue -- "Is This Really Happening, Part 2"

GOP Rep. Chaffetz withdraws support of Trump

Dear Republicans 2

Ashley Judd on Donald Trump 2005 tape: "This is who he is"

Melania will be self deporting any second now.

How long does Kelly Anne Conway stay on the campaign?

I suspect camp Hillary has the anti-Pence ads all ready to go if trump quits it's pence

"You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in."

Shumlin pushes new health care model

Cher and other celebrities react to Donald Trump's crude comments

Dumpster Fire's new theme song.

"It's over."

GOP group fined $2,000, returns donations

One of my FAV Roy Orbison's songs - It's Over can only wonder how all this is going to affect the "Trump" brand.

There’s no longer any way for Republicans to boot Donald Trump from the ballot - WAPO

Robert De Niro on Trump: ‘I’d Like to Punch Him in the Face’

Mark Cuban had an interesting comment on Bill Maher's

Congressman Jason Chaffetz withdraws his endorsement of Donald Trump


The truth is, Trump's campaign has been unraveling since the Republican convention

A modest proposal to replace Trump with Pence — with or without Trump’s consent

The DEA spent $73,000 to eradicate marijuana plants in Utah. It didn’t find any.

Trump to Release Video Statement After Crude Comments About Women Surface

Believe me, the Supreme Court is going to be beautiful,

WaPo: DEA spent $740 a plant 'eradicating' marijuana in New Hampshire

Creepy X infinity =

Breaking: Exclusive Video of Tonight's Meeting at the RNC


New Hampshire governor hopefuls battle in first televised debate

sorry, apologize, regret, feel bad

Next time I'm driving around the area I'm going to count the number of houses with Trump signs

Trump Brought Shame To Himself - If He Was A Samurai.....

I bet he's going to try to claim he has had a recent faith experience that taught him a lesson.

Trump and J. Epstein sued for raping 13 year old girl, with witness corroboration.

Trump to Release Video Statement After Crude Comments About Women Surface

Access Hollywood just pulled a "Lonesome Rhodes" on Drumph.

Tonight would be a great night to own a liquor store

Stay, Donald! Stay! They're all wrong! They are all wrong! They care about the little people!

This reminds me of the old joke:

CUB fans? down to the last out.....just missed HR by my closet favorite cubster


New Trump hat

Lawrence on MSNBC said access Hollywood has dozens of hours of tape like this

Hillary just released a statement.

Drumpf video apology coming up soon... Horse-race media to start repairing Drumpf

When life gives Sean Hannity lemons...

Been watching MSNBC going nonstop about the Trump/GOP meltdown! Good coverage. n/t

O'Malley rallies the troops at Conway Democratic headquarters

Why did this tape finally break Trump (if it did)?

I can't wait for the post-apology tweetstorm.

Scottie Hughes (?) on CNN claiming the tape is from the Clinton

One down!

Bernie Sanders campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Keene, Nashua

Dear little baby Jesus, please don't let him drop out.

"Some Trump advisers not aware that a video statement is actually coming"

Coffman: Trump Should ‘Step Aside’ And ‘Do The Right Thing’

'He was channeling Bill Clinton:' Wash. GOP chair blames democrats for Trump's comments

What's more fun than laughing at the Donald trying to squirm out of this one?

Trump Video Statement Released Breaking News Alert

Surplus boosts rainy day fun

We must take back the Senate. The Supreme Court matters. Trump's misfortunes make it even more

The GOPs Real Problem

Cubs Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......nt

Can anyone here imagine the Great Narcissist voluntarily stepping down?

My Repuke representative canvassed my neighborhood tonight.

"AM Joy" Must see TV @ 10

What a fine show Bill Maher's was tonight!

Production of Trump-branded shoes moves to Africa from China

What happens when a Presidential nominee withdraws - An expert opinion

Oh the irony!

should we start a pool- time of delivery of hostage statement?

Can we start calling them the "Establishment GOP" Most of them have been in office

Ivana Trump says she raised Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric without any help from Donald

You know it's a big story when Chris Matthews is working after midnight.

Paul Ryan, 'sickened' by comments, says Trump won't attend Wisconsin event

I did not think there was a Trump line

It's on. He's a changed person.


If THAT is his apology, he's toast

Yes, Trump is making it worse. n/t

He can't make a effing appology without invoking the Clintons?

He won't be forced out

This is an apology???????

"nothing but a distraction"

''I've spent time with grieving mothers...."

Trump Apology: FAIL!

He said one thing: I'm not going anywhere

Bernie Sanders fires up Bangor for Hillary Clinton

The solution to a PR problem is not releasing a video that looks like it's Hitler sending a message

He speaks!

Any guesses on how soon those other 'Apprentice' tapes will surface?

Anyone else think he sounded like he'd been crying?

crap I missed it. wheres the link for his bunker "apology"

Why is Rubio leading again??? God help us!

He's spent time with grieving mothers. Did he try to grope them, too?

That video means Trump isn't going anywhere. He's in for the duration.

He looked totally pissed. He turned it into a campaign

The Media Is Finally Dumping On Trump - Now They Should Use The Power Of The Media To....

Who cares what Chaffetz thinks?

"I, Donald Trump, allow any agency, person, or other entity to release all recordings of myself

So as we all saw, The Donald's dander is up

I explained to my 74 year dad and 70 year mom what happened today... they listened to this shitpot..

Thank you, Donald!

Revised new Trump campaign hat

Chaffetz on MSNBC: "I just hope the media holds the Clintons to the same standard."

Trump promises to be 'a better man tomorrow'

Democrats are so happy tonight that I predict a wave of babies born nine months from tonight

Donald Trump Tweet on Anthony Weiner

Should Hillary...

I think Trump will be asked publicly to step down by the R leadership

Donald Trump releases video on Twitter regarding the recordings

Virginia Supreme Court won't rehear Confederate flag appeal

SNL writers/cast/Alec Baldwin/Stage Crew probably up late tonight

Fuck you Trump, just go away from my life... you vile asshole

Has anyone else noticed that Trump does not wear a wedding ring?....

Mom left us two years ago tomorrow.

1st Circuit Considers Appeal in Lawsuit Against LePage

BREAKING: Samantha Bee recorded having extremely lewd conversation about men in 2016

Does anyone know at what time Wikileaks released the Podesta emails today?

'Here is my statement.'

Jokes about Trump! (Don't read them while drinking something hot!)

Trump's future may be in the hands of a Democrat named Mark Burnett.

Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock of Virginia urges Trump to drop out of race

The devolution of the GOPrs has been precipitous over the past couple of decades

Where are they going to find "undecided" people for Sunday's debate?

Major Maine Newspaper Strongly Endorses Hillary!

Friday Night Wine-Buzz.

Tomorrow's New York Daily News Cover

Did trump took Botox shot before the video, cheeks are puffed

Nominating Trump was the equivalent of the taking a ѕhit and realizing you forgot

WHY should it matter IF he IS a business man.....LIKE THAT BEHAVIOR IS OK

wow, lawrence has got andrea mitchell out of bed!!!!

I Predict the Angry Freeloading Yam will be bankrupt in under 2 years.

Okay, what will the NEW YORK POST, which gave us:

Wow, that Trump "apology" looked like something a kindergartener would say.

One of the most damning aspects of the video

Can Someone make me a Trump/Pence sign but instead of saying Trump/Pence


Ana Navarro yells at Scottie Nell: Don't you tell me not to use the word "pussy" when

I am not a wife or mother

We are Sinking

Whoa! CNN panel is a brawl

GOP Sen. Mike Lee calls on Trump to step down

When will the Trump Unendorsements Start from Police Groups etc?

so how does Trump bring up Monica in the debate??

Ten Virgin Islands Women In Tax Fraud, Identity Theft Case Facing 12 Years In Prison



How long has the media been keeping tapes like this under wraps?

Donald Trump Statement on Leaked Video Clip (omg)

Trump Supporter friends abandoning Trump

If Trump went hard ass like that apologizing

Just imagine that Barack Obama had been caught on a similar videotape.

Trump: "Contrite? I don't need no stinking contrite! Bill Clinton is worse!"

The Republican Party of California will be dead on Election Day

PROMESA Board Receives Reports from Puerto Rico Government, Requests More Information


trump's video tonight is a gift. Here's the ad you get using it.

So what ever happened to Hurricane Matthew? Kinda got

Trump Surrogate Gasps Out Loud When CNN Panelist Call Trump ‘An Irredeemable Pervert, A Predator’

So Paul Ryan or Mike Pence might not use the language Trump used


October 7, 1996 Fox News launched. It's their 20th Anniversary!

Get on YouTube and place your vote.

As the political wheels turn, more and more this is a reality show for sure. n/t

Why won't Pence resign?

Portman (R-OH) finds comments "offensive and wrong"...remains committed to Trump.

Trump's Youtube apology is monetized with advertising so he profits off of it. Don't watch it don't

Bernier: With Wrong Governor, Control Board Could Do Harm to Puerto Rico

Stephen Colbert Releases a statement about Trump's video


This is a Surreality Show that feels both like and unlike the Nixon death-watch

My god. I just saw the "apology" vid.

Congrats cons .... you Built this...... eom

So how long before Trump merchandise become valuable collectables?

Utah Sen Mike Lee calls on Trump to step aside

Has anyone else noticed the apology tape...

Oh, and can someone get Roger Stone to END HRC's campaign?

There is a real path for RNC to dump Trump by "Ticket Flip" to Pence using 25th Ammendment

Does Trump Need Jesus?

So here is my question

This is the best Friday "dump" of ALL TIME.

The Sleaziness of Donald Trump

So the Media are finally admitting there is no horserace?

Reid to GOP: Drop 'sociopath' Trump

Ha ha, and faux noise is still talking tRump video for them....

Trump will be happy that at least he will have a permanent place in American history books.

Paging Rience Priebus, paging Rience Priebus two more broke the ranks with donnie

Nate Silver: What The Electoral College Would Look Like If Women Refused To Vote Trump

Hey! Media! stop treating us like children!!!

Hitting on married women? Condoning assault? Such vile degradations demean our wives and daughters

'He was channeling Bill Clinton:' Wash. GOP chair blames Democrats for Trump's comments

For Trump’s Congressional Backers, Hell Is Empty, and All the Demons Are Here

A 59yr old man condoning sexual assault?

How will Raddatz handle this on Sunday?

You know the Repubs are just dreading the 3a.m. hour

CNN contributor unloads on Trump surrogate for asking her not to repeat Trump's explicit language

Donald Trump's Election Day Disaster – A Look Back (2004) Read more at https://www.accesshollywood.c

Meet the conservative group that's driving Hillary Clinton's email (non)-scandal

SHIT! 2am Matthew has shifted and is heading toward Beaufort which is South of Charleston.

Bill Maher's "Real Time" October 7, 2016 (Complete)

GOPPERS Denouncements Just Crocodile Tears. Fucking Hypocritical Assholes.

Space-related groups, building avoid heavy damage from Hurricane Matthew

How Fascist Tendencies are Already Bringing Back Nazi Style Slave Labor

Meanwhile Humanity for Hillary Goes Positive...

Storm stirs up 2,000 price-gouging complaints

Ok, so in 2000, we were made to notice...

Advance the Schmilblick! - and other fun things to say

If Trump Drops Out, The Result Will Be A Horrible Legal Quagmire

Debates Likely Last Chances to Sway Voters, but Undecideds Unpredictable

Debates Likely Last Chances to Sway Voters, but Undecideds Unpredictable

Debates Likely Last Chances to Sway Voters, but Undecideds Unpredictable

how did we get here?

Opa-locka raided customer deposits — $1.7 million belonging to residents, businesses

Florida Republicans react to Trump's comments on groping women

Why The NRA is Awful and Needs to be Taken Down

NYtimes: The Sleaziness of Donald Trump

Tampa to pay $42,500 to woman who said police officer broke her arm during arrest

Chicken crosses road - no, really

Same song, two performances 20 yrs apart

Morning Joe and Mika are relieved they don't have a show in the a.m. I'm guessing. After they

It's not words, it's an ADMISSION OF ACTIONS

"I am not a crook"..President Richard Nixon - Nov 17, 1973. (37 sec)

If You Were One Of The Clown Car Of Candidates That Campaigned For The Repug Nomination....

Has anyone heard from Christie or Rudy G about the tape?

Cruz Hoisted on His Own Petard

What Hillary Clinton told Wall Street bankers in private, according to leaked emails

Remember this thread from last month?: "Fuck. There is video." :)

After Hurricane Matthew blows past, gas shortages linger

I see Kellyanne is not on Twitter posting her hateful


Trump says 'I was wrong and I apologize,' then calls uproar over lewd comments a distraction

Any Other Filk Fans Here?

Brits say it best...Toast!...

Cover up

Former softball league president pleads guilty to pocketing money

TRMS reports there are more tapes of lewd Donald

Mark my words

Top Evangelicals Stand By Trump Despite His Vulgar Comments About Sleeping With Married Woman

Has Billy Bush Made Any Public Statement Yet About His Role....

Colorado Rep. Mike Coffman calls on Trump to step down

Speaker Ryan: ‘I am sickened’ by Trump’s comments

A call out to Skinner and the Guys

CNN still going on and on about it at 3:30am EST

Republicans slam Trump -- but slow to pull endorsements

Back in the day............ I have friends who are sailors, construction workers,

Sum it up.

New Trump/Pence logo

Top Evangelicals Stand By Trump Despite His Vulgar Comments About Sleeping With Married Woma

Do you think they'll "Dump Drumpf" NOW?

@aedwardslevy: I'm calling for a total and complete shutdown of Donald Trump...

Donald Trump was more contrite to Billy Bush about not f**king Nancy O'Dell than he was in his

Pence: Trump is “still standing stronger than ever”

October 8 - Happy Birthday, Clayton Williams!

Robert De Niro says it best

Trump tried to fire Nancy O'dell

Beyond insanity.....see how much of this religious crank's spiel you can take:

The 'NYT' finally realizes: Netanyahu doesn't care what Obama thinks

Do you think there is a chance Trump will withdrawl and allow the GOP to nominate

To Those Who Say “A Pox on Both Your Houses,” I Say “A Pox on You”

New Virginia Poll: HRC: 46% (+3) Trump: 34% (-7)

NYT runs Jill Harth story....molestee from Mar a Lago....Nicholas Kristof

Trump candidacy shows lack of GOP core moral values – A dying party.

Got to love Fox "news"

CNN Panel Devolves Into Shouting Match About ‘Pussy’

Some answers about Indiana's voter registration probe

Republican Party Plays Politics with Zika, Shows Its True (Disgraceful) Nature

The Dumbing Down of America Documentary

New York Times: Donald Trump, Groper in Chief

POLITICO: Is Trump's campaign over?

"I could shoot somebody in the middle of the street and get away with it."

Rescue Dog Accompanies His Owners While They Feed The Strays

Comprehensive rundown of the PBus fiasco, from CNN. great summary of many, many facets of what

Wikileak docs altered.

what a fantastic time for a town hall debate, eh?

Daily Holidays October 8

Clinton Foundation: Time for Truth About Its Work!

Clinton Foundation: Time for Truth About Its Work!

Clinton Foundation: Time for Truth About Its Work!

Clinton Foundation: Time for Truth About Its Work!

The Clinton Foundation has helped millions of people around the world

Rising cost of Medicaid expansion is unnerving some states, Georgia included, some say

No plans to extend Georgia’s voter registration deadline

Gary Hart

Another reason to treasure the urban dictionary:

Stork hides out from Hurricane Matthew in zoo bathroom

Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles in Atlanta gets a 44 in surprise inspection

Classic 80s movie quiz

Colombia's Dirty War Is America's War Too

Colombia's Dirty War Is America's War Too

Don't forget the Vulgarian is a narcissist

Trump Tweets out a scripted "this is not who I am" video apology, and's Hillary's fault.

Too late for the GOP to dump Trump, and Ted Cruz is getting SLAMMED on Twitter for his "endorsement"

Facebook post from a non-political type - 'my skin ... my d**k ... my god'

U.S. "Second Lady" visits Cuba

U.S. "Second Lady" visits Cuba

De Niro on Trump: He's blatantly stupid, he's a pig, he's a dog, he's a punk, he's a bullshit artist

How long before Trump goes full Jimmy Swaggart with Jerry Falwell Jr. at his side?

California failing its poor students

So tRump's excuse is

What happens if Trump steps down or is forced out?

Hurricane Matthew: In Haiti the death toll stands at 877 but the US media does not seem to care

So, will it be a Bush that brings down Trump?!

Corporate 'Biopiracy' in Peru Threatens Indigenous Knowledge

Georgia Man Tells NPR: If Clinton Wins, ‘Patriots Are Going To Overthrow The Government’

Corporate 'Biopiracy' in Peru Threatens Indigenous Knowledge

Race organizers fear Bernie Sanders' Scranton rally will snarl Steamtown Marathon plans

Donald Trump audio leak dominates the news... except on Fox News

Mike Luckovich strikes again!!!

Prediction markets showing a "groping bump": predictwise up to 85%

Mr. Trump had to know Elizabeth Warren would be coming after him...

South Carolina is taking a direct hit but you'd never know

Trump can't even be the "strong leader" he claims to be

The fake republican disapproval over tRumps latest perversion is disingenuous at best and probably

Weekly Address: Continuing to Strengthen the Middle Class

Best line on this came from my Republican brother.

State GOP chairman defending Trump-saying he was channeling Bill Clinton when he made those comments

"We have nothing to fear but fear itself" - FDR

The young woman who filed rape charges against Trump

Trump's Debate Strategy Is

Jack Kingston coming up on MSNBC

McCain: Trump Should 'Suffer The Consequences' For Explicit Comments

German city on lockdown as armed police launch operation against planned terror attack

‘Russia’s Senior-Most officials’ Ordered DNC Hack

OMG drumph lies again in the video

Megyn Kelly Forced To Apologize On-Air For Reading Bogus Wikileaks Document

Hillary's (Podesta) leaked Wall St speech emails - I don't see anything here

Does anyone even care about India and Pakistan?

Verizon Must Be Happy As They Are Getting A Lot Of Exposure...

Only the beginning . . .

‘He was relentless’: Former business partner tells horrific story about Trump’s attempt to rape her

Republicans draw their line.....

GOP --> GOPe --> GrOPe. From GOP(elite) to Make America Grope Again.

Time to stamp out the Russian hackers

Trump’s Latest Comments About Women Are Rape Culture In A Nutshell

Where is Taturguy?

The Town Hall Question I Would LOVE To Hear

Let's get the language right.

Republican honor vs Republican cowardice.

Are non-disclosure agreements nullified if they are used to cover a criminal act?

So, NOW can we talk Democratic landslide?

Trump's "Grab Them by the Pu**y" Recording is the End of His Sordid, Disgusting Campaign

In 1999, Trump Said He Couldn’t Be President Because of the Women He’d Sleep With

CNN’s Erin Burnett Reports Donald Trump Kissed Her Friend Without Consent

Is Katy Tur Suffering From Stockholm Syndrome....

In my view Hillary and the campaign, unless asked, do not need to pile on. It has a life of its

Matthew Pounding South Carolina, Flooding Streets, Leaving Roads Impassable

The maggot insults women, Pence puts them in danger

Hillary's time spent at ground zero after 9/11?

Fantastic NEW RULES (Maher) "...the impulse control of a grease fire"

Best play for the GOP is for Pence to step down...

We stand with you Mr. Trump

The GOP went to bed with Palin in 2008 and woke up with Trump in 2016

You know what's gotta really bother Trump this morning.

Ana Navarro Obliterates Trump Surrogate Offended That She Keeps Quoting Donald Trump

According to the keyboard brigade of StormTrumpers, EVERY man is a rapist

I found the perfect image.......

The longer GOP congressmen/women wait to unendorse Trump, the better

If Mike Pence was smart . . .

U2 pause San Franciso benefit concert to cover Trump...Bono to Trump You ARE FIRED!!!

Hacked emails appear to reveal excerpts of speech transcripts Clinton refused to release

best strategy againts donnie

What Ivanka should say

On the #TrumpTapes found on Twitter.

A Donald Trump presidency would bring shame on this country

Myrtle Beach Earth Cam

This tweet says it all.

Wow, even Chuck Todd is jumping ship. He just said on MSNBC that Trump has

"I love women. Huge respect for all women who are tens."

Melania Has NOT Endorsed Hillary

NPR reporting that Trump's Taj Mahal is closing permanently

Re: Chafferts & McDonnell's statements.... why should the fact they "have daughters" have

TRUMP: "Why is she allowed to grab me and shout questions? Can I press charges?"

as donnie's wall comes crashing down around him...

Pssssssssssssssst! Any word from Ted Cruz?????

Found on Huffpo: Donald Trump ‘Apologizes’ In Recording That Looks Like A Hostage Tape

There Goes Trump's Plans For A Harem Room In The White House.....

All are a bunch of hypocrites!

There’s more where this came from.

Donald Trump will be the first presidential candidate to be disavowed by both Skittles and Tic Tacs

A word of sympathy to those who have been abused by serial gropers

So tell me GOP, how many Pu**ies did Jesus grab?

Oh my..this is exactly what I thought would happen with the Deplorables....

Next Up: The Apprentice Outtakes

The Seattle Times recommends: Hillary Clinton, the only choice for president

Free Trump Greetings

Two things we should not let the public forget about Trump and his party:

The Denver Post: HRC "an easy choice"

Do you think we will hear from Nancy O'Dell?

Did anyone make a Trump/Putin 2016 logo with the new campaign slogan yet?

So which Bush Crime Syndicate operative leaked the tape?

"The Admonishment"

Trump is going to be so pissed off going into Sunday's debate

Growing old really, really sucks.

The Christian right must renounce Trump or renounce its self-respect

Republicans: You nominated the creep. You own him.

MSNBC LIVE Link & Periscope Link: Sanders campaigns for Clinton in Scranton, PA Oct 8

Great Minds P1: Why Trump Won't End Up A Footnote in History

Trump's other victims will emerge and speak.

Great Minds P2: Libertarians Are For Freedom But ONLY For the Rich

November 8th is when pussy grabs back

Pence on Trump

USC/LA Times Poll October 8. Clinton 43, Trump 46. Trump +3

TYT's take on Wikileaks's Transcripts

Nicholas Kristof: Donald Trump, Groper in Chief

Trump thanks Tennessee voters for deserting him in new opinion poll.

I must say we are having a spectacular fall foliage season in Maine right now.

Robert De Niro Rips into Donald Trump: He's A Pig, I would like to punch him in the Face

Comedy gold from Trump's campaign manager, pre- 'Access Hollywood' meltdown

his taped, teleprompted "Apology"

A Donald Trump presidency would bring shame on this country

Could Facebook posts cost Kentucky House candidate the election?

Objectively speaking and all partisan politics aside....

What about a poll re Democrats who do not respond to phone polls?

Has Dumpster shown his neanderthal face or neanderthal club anywhere since yesterday? Or was he

Do you kiss your daughter with that mouth?

Trump twitter account silent for 10 hours now.

Ammon Bundy as Inkblot: What Will Jurors See in His Words? - #BundyTeaParty

Hahahaha Found on facebook. Pass the popcorn please.

any word out of Pence?

"Trump is “still standing stronger than ever”

Pence must really be beside himself behind the scenes

People need to pass psychological evaluations and drug tests to hold public office from now on...

Samantha Bee is flat out hilarious - Lepage segment

I must say the TV Late Hosts and Comedians are Salivating this morning

Why Stews Always Beat Steaks

Latest Republican efforts to suppress vote, save Ron Johnson and Trump in Wisconsin

Let's play: If Pence were to resign which of the three stooges is most likely...

Hillary needs to play it cool on Sunday

predictwise is gonna need to change their y-axis

Where is my delicious chocolate?

Joy Reid is awesome

Joy is killing this fool

We can't allow a groping orange Skittle that might be poisoned running around on the loose

LOL. Story about Trump's lewd tape buried on page 9 of our

Oh boy. Joy is not taking any BS from this evangelical defending Trump

Oh Mark! . . . ♫ Ma-a-a-ark ♪

How U.S. Torture Left Legacy of Damaged Minds

Is tRump the new "skittles"? Ummm, ya think? A poison one in every bunch ya know.

Joy Reid runs Jill Harth story. will CNN follow? will broadcast TV?

When I hear a Trump surrogate, I just want to scream....

Has creepy Hugh Hewitt commented on Rump's new shitshow?

Vulgar Toons for a Vulgar Person

Joy Reid is a Brooklyn girl who went to Harvard: No Fools Allowed!

"It's not who I am."

Are you watching AMJoy???

Self Righteous hypocrites

I think Drudge is turning on Trump.

Fuck the repigliCON party! What about the office of POTUS? P---y Grabber for POTUS? I think not.

LEAKED: Post "non apology" of Donald J (as in "Jackass") Trump (as in "I just took a big Trump")

Trump is tweeting again

I hope somebody tags his bus and plane with the Kill Bill truck name.

When did a woman's right to defend herself become a RW talking point?

Remember Trump saying he could get away with shooting someone? Reminds me of his behavior here.

Hugh Hewitt just called for Trump to step down on Twitter!

Hugh Hewitt calls on Trump to withdraw "for the benefit of the country, the party, his family"

at this point, of course, joy had jerry springer coming up.

Time to bring back slinking off into ignominy

The front page of Huffington Post

Trump Just Tweeted

Predictwise up to 86%

Let's make #Interesting24Hours a thing. My contribution:

Republicans want to draw the line now, after normalizing racism and bigotry with every Trump gaffe

Many casualties from air strike on mourners in Yemen - witnesses

I don't know who Emmy Rossum is, but she wins my 'tweet of the day' vote

From the Washington Post this morning and all I can say is WOW!

Anyone going to the NotTrump Rally today? lol

I think Joy just cussed on the air....

When the Republican Party backed a Democrat to stop their leading candidate

Bulk food finds

Does it count if I noticed the "answer" in internet puzzle but didn't think it was the answer?

Looks like freepers are leaving and Jim is doing damage control--

i hope hillary...

First Flu Cases Beginning to Show Up. Get Your Shot!

Freeperville in meltdown to rival Fukishima

drumph's "apology" for sexual assault does not fly

"Binders of women" has a new, much creepier meaning

I've been in a lot of lockerrooms and we talk about

Remember The Bush/Merkel shoulder rub?

Could They Use This New Video In The Rape Case?

OMFG. Kurt Eichenwald just ripped a Trump apologist a new one on AM Joy.

So amazing-- Billy Bush is a cousin of George W Bush

The daming Newsweek story about Jill Harth encounter with Trump

Hugh Hewitt just threw Trump under the bus.

dupe...see this post

Robert DeNiro speaks for me.

Trump is writing a new book: The Art of the Feel

To Eliminate His Stench... Former Trump Aide Says He Regrets Ever Working For Him...

My favorite RW site to troll....

Springer nails it!

Rep. Martha Roby (R-AL) is out

Transcript of Trump's Toast at Ivanka's 2009 Wedding (disgusting)

Hugh Hewitt Verified account  ‏@hughhewitt For the benefit of the country...,

Donald waits until 7:48 tweet this...

I confess that this is the first time I've watched Joy Reid's show. But not the last

The evangelicals would vote for Satan

Technical question: isn't it too late for Trump to drop out?

Republican Party Could Recover as Early as 2096, Experts Say

Hungary's largest paper Nepszabadsag shuts, alleging pressure

TRUMP: “I’d never withdraw. I’ve never withdrawn in my life,”

Anti-vaccination, anti-GMO, anti-science, this woman has it all!

A townhall question for Trump that will kill off the GOP for good:

KO: How Trump begins his apology with a blatant lie. His own Tweet convicts him.

3fer: Question for DRUMPF's "This is not who I am", Louis C.K. pot/kettle, & REVENGE o'the BUSHes!1

TRUMP: "Sadly, there is no cure"

Hugh Hewitt is a pig

When You Piss Off Robert DeNiro, You Are A Bum And A Loser

Pigs have just flown by. Huge Hewitt just called for Trump to drop out of the race.

the undertaker, AKA Hugh Hewitt, is going to be on Joy momentarily

Amid growing calls to drop out, Trump vows to ‘never withdraw’

"I apologize if anyone was offended..."

oh no no no Hugh Hewitt

Investments lost. Gee I haz sad. Poor richie rich.

Just walked past the TV with a load of dried laundry.

Trump now is a punchline until the day he dies

Carly Fiorina has jumped ship

"More and worse oppo coming" ??? Anyone ???

Pretty sure the big dog is off the hook

Quite Appropriate.

Getting more serious--as if it weren't serious enough.

How badly do you think this will hurt Drumpf in the popular & electoral votes?

The Latest: GOP Sen. Crapo calls on Trump to quit race

Wow, from Hugh Hewitt: "More and worse oppo coming"

Let's say, just on speculation, that Trump doesn't show up tomorrow night

Carly Fiorina calls on GOP to replace Trump

How men talk when it is 'just us guys'

Groper in Chief: Trump assaults yet another woman

CNN reporting Kelly Ayotte will write in Mike Pence for president.

Kelly Ayotte will write in Pence on her ballot. This is going to be a blowout

Kelly Ayotte just announced she will not vote for Trump

Write in Mike Pence

FU Republicans & Media For Making My Daughter's First Election About Trump's Bigotry & Misogyny

Stay the course, and stay safe, Don!

If Deplorable Don drops out, WHY would Pence automatically become the Repug nominee??

Ouch ... Pence disinvited too?

Pence is not going to the GOP event today either

Think of all the women who had their p_____ grabbed by Trump

Boston Globe endorses Clinton: "GOP nominee needs to see a psychiatrist, not a nuclear-launch code"

Think about the stories all the beauty contestants

So now Assange is seeing Jewish conspiracies behind Hillary?

GOP senator Mike Crapo unendorses Trump, urges him to leave ticket

Mike Pence can prove right now if he values the presidency more than his country.

Flashback: Michael Bloomberg's full speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention

You say pussy, we say RIOT!

Any words from Ann Coulter?

WHOA! All Mike Pence speaking engagements dropped from Trump for Prez site

All these republican shitholes have to make announcements that they won't vote for trump! hahaha

He apologized for what he said, not what he did!

John Kasich Jeb Bush & Mitt, whatever else you can say about them, legitimately earned some respect

If he won't quit, will the Repukes *FIRE* him?!1 Do we *want* him out before Election Day?!1 n/t

Trump is not a change agent.

How do you like your Trump?

Not that I expect Trump to withdraw, but...

Big bad Bore-us Epshteyn is literally phoning it in to msnbc as I type

Trump is the face of sexual assault

Primitive Technology: Spear Thrower

Trump is not going to drop out Period. He'll double down on his "establishment/rigged"

Ain't that the fucking truth:

Make-up artist who sued Donald Trump in 1997 harassment case says ‘p---y’ grabbing is ‘exactly what

Pot for pets?

Map Of All The WiFi Passwords At Airports Around The World

Will Donald cancel tomorrow's town hall appearance ?

***Times Picayune/Lucid tracking poll HRC +10***

Boris the orifice is trying to explain the maggot

I am angered at the GOP and their collective failure at denouncing Trump's words

Honest question

say its a perfect storm on Trump, is a 50 state blowout possible?


Oh Kellya-a-a-a-nenenenene... (has she had anything to say yet?)

On another subject, I have a request for imaging diagnostic centers

Given Trump history of sexual assault, many people are saying..

Report: Pressure Is Mounting on RNC Officials to Kick Trump to the Curb and Focus on Congress

***New Virginia poll HRC +12!!***

Would love Cruz to say "Donald, you mess with my Nancy O'Dell, you mess with me."

Under pressure, JVP re-embraces Miko Peled just days after accusing him of antisemitism

An Open Letter To Donald Trump From Some Angry Women.

bet giuliani got tingly hearing trump talk dirty

A Cascading Failure...

HOw the republicans can use electors to write in Pence.

"Hillary Clinton and her kind"?

Coastal SC and inland are drowning.

Have we heard from Trump's fellow sleazebags Giuliani, Gingrich and Christie yet?

Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID) withdraws endorsement for Trump; calls on him to withdraw

So I went to @realdonaldtrump to read responses to his "interesting 24 hrs" tweet.

POLITICO Breaking News: Pence reverses, no longer attending event with Paul Ryan

Teeny Tiny former GOP voice in the nortwest rejects Trump

I know that it looks very unlikely that Trump will win.

Republican honor!

I hope Donald Trump is registered

TWITTER RESPONDS to Trump tweeting "Certainly has been an interesting 24 hours!"

It's Panic City in GOOPerville Today!

MSNBC! Romney about to speak but Trump already asked to drop out.

Trump In Collapse As Campaign Cancels Ads In Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina

Trump says 'zero chance" he'll end White House bid,

In case you needed another reason to love Joy Reid...

Hey Kelly, about your write in vote...

I met the brewers at the 5 Rabbit Cerveceria last night!

I am at the book depository in Dallas. Never dreamed I would get here.

Oh boy, Mromney is talking!

I forgot how much I dislike Romney

The Trump Disavow List

Republican Party Could Recover as Early as 2096, Experts Say and so does Borowitz

Would the RNC replace Trump (if he resigns) with Pataki???

I don't understand. They knew he was a sexist racist when they endorsed him. What changed?

The Sleaziness of Donald Trump

The Latest: Ayotte Drops Trump, Will Write in Pence's Name

Romney is talking disaster!

Republican Gov. Whitman: Why Clinton is the only choice for president - Opinion

So Mit the shit embarrassing the rest of the country from Nevada. He reminded me of that

theres still a lot of the Deporables who will stick with Trump to the end

Joe Heck (R-NV candidate) withdraws Trump endorsement...

*** New Ohio William and Mary poll HRC +3***

Robert DeNiro Would Like To Punch Donald Trump In The Face

Mitt is their savior? Dog on top of car Romney?

If Pence steps aside, Trump will replace him with a woman. Who do you think it will be?

For those who slept in today, here's a quick summary of the Donald Trump situation...

Is this ad still being shown?

CRC error on my HD - UPDATE

Just for a little laugh.

Beautiful Photo on MSNBC - Trump yard signs shredded and lying on ground - warms my heart!

I know it's tacky to say "I told you so"...

Anybody heard from KellyAnn Conway?

This is a well deserved pay back to the republican party, and how they treated President Obama for

The GOP’s Nightmare Scenario Is Here

Seattle Times endorses Hillary! Good write-up to share, addresses False Equivalency crap

And the Cubs are the best team in baseball this year

Crotch Grabbing Trump & Paul Ryan Plot to Gut Gov't

Should Hillary shake hands with Trump at the debate tomorrow night?

Jonah Goldberg Asks What’s Next?

UK freezes $30m in Palestinian aid over salaries for terrorists

The official DU Pence quits the race pool!

The Destroyer of the ‘Old Boys Club’

BFEE plays major role in 2016 election after all

Hewitt on AM Joy: More Even Worse Oppo on Trump Coming

Here's the list of Republicans so far recinding support for Trump or denouncing him

I should be out and about being productive, but I don't want to miss any more 'shoes dropping'!

Sovereign Citizen Weekly News

How Hillary Clinton’s Allies Are Expanding the Vote Behind the Scenes

Hey republicans! Karma hurts but you all have earned it for your treatment of

Assholes support Trump. We all know that. What I don't understand are the decent people who do.



Will this new Trump outrage go 'full Cosby?'

The question everyone wants answered. Will the National Enquirer unendorse Trump?

Sen John Thune out!

Pence: ''Offended by trump's words and actions''

I wonder how undecideds will see this, even if GOP drops Trump?

Mike Pence statement regarding the actions of Donald Trump

Pence just released this amazing rebuke of Trump

Statement from Mike Pence

As Others See It: Florida — land of fun, sun and guns

Trump is say the support he's getting is 'unbelievable'. Yup, probably is.

The M$M still has blood on its hands

We should question the judgment of a candidate that endorsed Trump. Use a Peggy Noonan voice

Pence promises Trump will revoke LGBT protections, appoint far-right judges

No Defense Pence's best move right now: Quit!

I am terrified that Trump will drop out - Hillary haters who could'nt support Trump will be unleashd

FL GOV Refuses to Extend Next Week’s Voter Registration Deadline Despite Catastrophic Hurricane

John Thune has now jumped ship as well

Josh Marshall has a good essay up that sums things up well on Trump now

this was already the strangest election ever, worse than 2000. Now it looks we will have only one

I am not even kidding that someone just posted a meme for a political rally at a CHURCH

Gary Johnson comments on the Trump remarks

Will Trump's fear of LOSING, LOSING HUGELY in front of the world make hin take an out and drop out?

I think it's an appropriate time for this picture.

The type of woman who defends Trump's actions

Does "Free Republic" (DU's nemesis for years) still exist? What are the freepers saying now? -nt

Donald Trump Tried to Fire Nancy O’Dell After She Rejected His Sexual Advances

"Can we still replace Trump" = BARGAINING STAGE

12 to 14 other tapes set to be released.

Excellent observation on Twitter of Pence's role for Trump

When the idiot starts taking HRC's words, speeches out of context...

Trump cannot be replaced at this point.

The Trump brand...

Meanwhile, at the RNC...

Truth: It ain't what he said or did, It's that he got caught on tape bragging about what he did.!

John Thune pulls the plug...

Dear frightened GOPhers don't worry about Trump, he has "this woman thing" well in hand

Nothing to see here folks, move on.

Can the GOP change candidates? They can draft the empty chair Clint Eastwood yelled at!

TOON: President Trump Meets With Angela Merkel

What color dress should Hillary wear at the Inauguration Ball?

Face it: We all KNOW what's going to happen at the Debate.

Republicans had their opportunity to nominate a candidate.

Early Voting?

Trump: "I've spent time with grieving mothers who've lost their children"

Looking at what is trending on Facebook. WikiLeaks has 1M people talking about it while Trump has

"DJT is a malignant clown" -GOP Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois

This is more tension-filled than Watergate was...

Here’s When Repub leaders Reached Their Breaking Point...

Donald Trump Gropes the GOP!

Until the 3 Stooges...

Excellent post on RedState..

I owe people an apology I posted a picture of my cousin on another site

NY Times posting Sunday : It recounts how Trump forced himself on a young woman-Ivanka's bedroom

Hillary: "Women's Rights Are Human Rights" / Trump: "Grab Them By The P****

Remember: "It may not be good for America, but it's damn good for CBS."

GOP = Grab Our Pussies

So about that Supreme Court nomination they have been holding up.....

Glow-in-the-dark bike path

Unendorsement Count

And here comes the false equivalency

Pence’s Team Boots Reporters After Audio Of Trump Saying He Can Grab Women ‘By The P***y’

Erin Burnett reports on a friends experience with Trump.

Arizona is blue on five thirty eight Now Cast...

So I had to explain what Trump said to my 12 year old

Deadlines by state for parties to certify their candidates for the election

Here is the new symbol for the Trump Republican Party

Gorgeous photo from Germany

Uh oh. They're Talking about Rule 9

If Pence had any integrity, he'd withdraw

I'm watching (GULP) Fox News .... and

If you can't trust a party to select a decent Presidential candidate,

So it occurs to me that we have an unusual debate concern for Sunday night. What sort of greeting

7 other times Donald Trump's statements have caused an uproar

"When the republican party elects a nominee, they are not sending their best."

Educators shine light on the effect of Donald Trump’s bullying on students

why didn't investigative journalists find this ?

What Mike Pence should be forced to do:

Alt-left radicals discuss Trump

CNN Headline: Trump: Zero Chance I'll Quit

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Republican party

I think Donald Trump deserves a round of applause

Trump Says He Won’t Quit Race as Republicans Abandon Him

REBELLION: RNC staffers 'defying orders' to keep working for Trump, source says

News: cheesy Trump Taj Mahal Casino (R) collapses in a massive pile of debt

Buyer's remorse

Sean Hannity’s Defense Of Trump Is Now Beyond Parody: ‘King David Had 500 Concubines'

Early voting schedules:

No. 3 GOP Senate leader says Trump should withdraw

I nominate October 7 as "National Mysogyny Awareness Day"

Katy Tur is hosting the MSNBC anchor desk

Isn't this the sad truth?

If he is a true Christian, Pence should resign

Does Trump spell the end of the GOP?

Granted, I'm overdue for new lenses...

Am I the only one not super-excited about GropeGate?

Business leaders urge London against 'hard' Brexit

W/The Raids By State Police On Vote Reg Centers Indiana Is Officially A GOP Style Police State.

Bullshit! Trump's comments are not just locker room banter

What the electoral map would look like if women refuse to vote for Trump

GOP Sen. Blunt Still Stands With Trump After Video Debacle

Barnum's legacy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: ‘I Will Not Vote For the Republican Candidate for President’

Two US troops wounded in Afghanistan after vehicle hits mine

More Than 120 Republican Leaders Won’t Vote for Donald Trump. (NY Times, Updated)

My name is uppityperson and I'm an addict

I feel like I've been terrorized by the Republican party my whole adult life.

Sen. Sullivan (R-AK) bails...

Lewandowski On Vulgar Trump Comments: ‘We’re Not Choosing A Sunday School Teacher’

By dusk this evening, there will be five women in America still officially supporting Trump:

RNC halts Victory project work for Trump

I'm sorry GOP you've no choice in this matter and must take this to full term

Gov Sandoval (R-NV) is out...

Jill Harth speaks out about alleged groping by Donald Trump

Will Trump make it to election day?

Got a question..

Republican party just aborted its GOTV effort for Trump. Time to give it a funeral, Mike Pence.

Has anyone here worked in a county or state election office?

Place your bets Ladies and Gentlemen.... will Trump chicken out of the debate Sunday?

Pence Just Threw Trump Under The Bus, “I’m Offended, Cannot Defend Him”

Profiles in Cowardice

Newest Clinton ad after the release of the Trump "Access Hollywood" tape

Melania Trump is speechless because Michelle Obama never had to defend a cheating husband


I remember after Nixon, even after he died he was the butt of jokes, from all corners.

Ben Carson warns conservatives of 'mass killings once again' without resistance to government

Source: Pence plans to stay, advise Trump on fallout

In case there was any confusion.

That time when a campaign logo was foreshadowing:

Gusts of 50 MPH in NC right now

Ben Carson --- ♪ ♫ ►КØØК ALERT◄ ♪ ♫

Katy Tur freudian slip: "More republican lawbreakers..." vs. lawmakers. lol

Donald Trump Just Revealed His Next Debate Strategy

Did Trump run out of female surrogates?

Actually George W. Bush, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, etc. are examples of how bad the GOP governs

From Olbermann: Real Donald Trump right now:

Makes ya wonder

Double Digit Landslide?

When every question is, "Will you drop out?" you're done, no matter how you spin it.


Trump apologizing for what he said is missing the point.

Uh Oh. Trumps lost the support of the original gropernator.

RNC Stops All Direct Mail Campaign Support for Trump

Florida: 488K new registration forms submitted by Dems; 60K by GOP.

Breaking news: From prison, Denny Hastert withdraws his support of Donald Trump

Oh my, this is not good.

Even if Trump has been on his best behavior for a year, the tape(s) was still out there

Miss America?

Melania Trump statement calls Trump's hot mic comments unacceptable and offensive

MSNBC: Melania Trump: "My husband's words are unacceptable and offensive to me."

Add Hugh Hewitt to the list

Carson defends Trump: Tape release a 'scheme' to cover for Clinton

a vote for dipshit donnie for prez. is a vote for Droit du seigneur

French police injured in 'unspeakable' Molotov cocktail attack

Now it's the "he was in show business then" excuse from Trump surrogates...

Trump supporters heckling Ryan at Wisconsin event.

Legal Experts on the DU: Question About Sexual Assault Punishment


We're suppose to believe Melania?

What's for Dinner, Sat., Oct. 8, 2016

Just saw a Trump commercial about how HRC doesn't care about women because Gunz.

Please talke me down from the ledge

Captain Renault Clears the GOP Room After Drumpts Latest Comments

Need to make this bigger than trump

Predictions going forward

so has Senate announced what time they are having Garland confirmation hearings yet? anybody think

Pundits missing the point. It's not the words, but what they imply. Sheesh!

Do you think Trump and team are working on an excuse to abruptly leave the debate?

A candidate apparently can say whatever you want about Mexicans, Hispanics & Black people...

***** BREAKING NEWS ***** RNC staff revolting

Just gonna say it. Hillary should walk on stage and protect her crotch

Trump has been getting security briefings, when will those tapes get released?

Melania Trump asks forgiveness for husband's 'offensive' comments

Rather's rather rad

My Night at the Playboy Mansion With Donald Trump (...confessions of an “Apprentice” contestant)

Best tweets about the latest Trump scandal:

If the GOP dumps Trump from the ticket.. I fear a violent election day...

Melania thinks drumph has the heart and mind of a leader?

Replacing Trump would mean mayhem for GOP: experts

Tic Tac USA has made a statement

Somewhere, Ted Cruz is crying and Glen Beck is gloating

Donald Trump to Howard Stern: It's okay to call my daughter a 'piece of ass'

Donald Trump to Howard Stern: It's okay to call my daughter a 'piece of ass'

Kellyanne Conway! Come out, come out where ever you are!

Women Share Stories Of Sexual Assault To Show Trump What Rape Culture Looks Like

Joy Reid Takes Down Michelle Bachman on Hardball

Call me cynical, but I'm thinking Melania will be vacating the palace, shortly after Trump loses

What would it take for Ryan not to endorse Drump any longer?

Bumper sticker I saw today: "Felt the Bern? Now feel the Johnson."

If there ever was a 3-day period to wear HRC cloths/buttons

Trump vs RNC

In our opinion: Donald Trump should resign his candidacy (The Deseret News)

Absolutely great D Niro: He’s a punk, he’s a dog, he’s a pig, he’s a con, a bullshit artist...

Hugh Hewitt calling for Donnie's head

Donald Trump to Howard Stern: It's okay to call my daughter a 'piece of ass'

Does anyone know what tomorrow's big bombshell is? Audio or video? Both?

He just might take the House with him...the US House, not the White House.

So heard via the talking heads there may be more shoes to drop on Drumpf

re: Billy Bush - a notion that goes against common thinking

Poor Deplorable Donnie is Yelling in his Tweet

What would happen if a nominee died after the ballot deadline?

This guy is done, its going to be HRC vs Pence...I doubt about second debate

The growing list of Republicans who have abandoned Donald Trump

My neighbor took down her Trump yard sign today.

You Don’t Need A Daughter To Know Trump Bragging About Sexual Assault Is Vile

Trump's latest tweet is in all caps: "I WILL NEVER DROP OUT OF THE RACE"

Great news! Trump's latest tweet.

If Trump shows up, should Clinton shake his hand?

You know it's over when you've lost TIC TACS...

The media must stop acting like the GOP is a victim here

Wisconsin rally, not one speaker has mentioned the REPUBLICAN NOMINEE.....this is a GOP rally

Full Speech: Bernie Sanders Rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (10/8/2016)

Fake Fake Outrage In The End GOPPERS Are All The Same As Trump.

Alaska’s 2 GOP Senators Call For Trump To Drop Out

It is not just the comment. It is when the young Bush

Is Pence making a play to overthrow Donald Trump?

Prediction: Trump will make lewd comments about Michelle Obama

Governor Kasich shuns Trump

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them - Supplemental 08/10/16

Trump's nomination and what ensued is a gigantic media failure.

Breaking news: Darth Vader withdraws support

Report: Trump Is Aware of More Disastrous Revelations Emerging: They ‘Have More Things’

Breaking CNN: Donald Trump to Howard Stern: It's okay to call my daughter a 'piece of ass'

Do you think the RNC will endorse Hillary?

Am I a terrible American?

Everyone on this site should be encouraging Trump to stay in the race.

My tweet to Hillary

Trump on Howard Stern...😮😮😮

Full Speech: Bernie Sanders Rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (10/8/2016)

Bill Maher's New Rules of October 7, 2016

It's Saturday night, so before you head out for the evening just remember....

61 insults, 39 women: Trump’s long history of misogyny

Sorry GOP, we're making you carry this baby's candidacy to term

Donald Trump Wanted to Show It All to Gloria Allred

Remember: Cowardly Rs like Ayotte, Heck, Hewitt et al Could Have Joined NeverTrump

Hummm apparently Putin still supports Trump

FOX News guest breaks down on air over Trump's comments.

What are the odds Trump will turn on the GOP

This will give Joe and Mika something to talk about Monday morning...

I imagine Jeb Bush is laughing his ass off!

Watching the Trump candidacy is like watching an accident happen...

Pence can forget about 2020, the candidates then will be, IMO, Melinda Gates and

Campaign Event..How Fun Would This Be! Concert in Denver/Monday 10/10

It is time to let the Democratic Party run the Senate!

So if Groper Don the Con is the national security candidate

With the mood of the electorate right now, I think

Drip Drip Drip another Trump BOOMBSHELL!!! from the

Trump describes walking in on beauty pageant contestants while they're naked.

In A Way I Feel Sad For Melania.

Tic Tac weighs in!

Chriatie in NY to Prep TRump ,stays mum on vulgar video comments

So this is the "big wikileaks surprise" that Putin and Assange were promising us?

As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly

Book Title - From Reagan to Trump: Thirty Six Years

Even Tic Tac Has Spoken Out To Denounce Trump’s Disgusting Comments

McCain finally bailed on Trump!

Wow! A Hurricane knocks out the power and damn I missed cheeto faces comments that might

Eastern time zone DUers watching SNL tonight...

Trump just came out of Trump Tower giving thumbs up to cheering fans!

McCain rescinds Trump support

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah McCain withdraws his support for Groper Don the Con

Mark Burnett was Trump's producer. He MUST know of similar incidents.

What should Donald Trump's latest scandal be called?

I don't know what to do first--throw up or take a shower.

So they are saying you drop your weakest Oct. surprises six weeks out and then escalate

Trump Still OK With Usual Red State, Reed, Perkins & Many Evangelicals.

SNL will be having a field day tonight. Alex Baldwin and writers have so much material.

Reports indicate Drumpf initially wanted to tweet

For the GOPee: Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

Normally I'm a little sad to see someone's reputation fall apart

Trump is not NOT dropping out. He has said so. His ego won't let him. And even if he did, the GOP

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday

As many TV channels that can should play "A Face In The Crowd"

Why does that "cheering crowd" outside TT remind me of the Brooks Brothers Riot?

I'd hate to be an intern at NBC right now. You know they are looking at those tapes for more.

The Republican party is trying to separate its brand from Trump

Donald Trump to Howard Stern: It's okay to call my daughter a 'piece of ass'

So how soon after Trump loses the election does Melania dump him

Former GOP Chairman: It's Over for Trump and the Party

"You can't fire me. I quit!"

I'll come out of the closet: I'm against abortion

If the RNC abandons Trump, they do so at their own peril

Kirkpatrick: “It’s too late, John McCain”

Other than America, there is one other clear winner coming from the Trump meltdown.

Real reason Trump wants to build wall to keep out Mexican rapist

Let Me Be Unequivocally Clear

Deseret (UT) News: Donald Trump should resign his candidacy

Give Hillary a Boost Before Tomorrow’s Town Hall – HERE’S WHY …

They can't kick him out

omg - cnn webpage...

Is there even going to be a debate Sunday?

Ooops she did it again. Melania Trump appears to have plagarized her statement regarding

Trump Called Pregnant Melania A ‘Monster’ And A ‘Blimp’

I bet the exit polls match the votes this year.

Trump dropping out? NO WAY, NOT NOW. His primary supporters knew whom they were voting for.

CNN Breaking News Banner: John McCain Withdraws Support for Donald Trump

Joe Biden Says Trump’s Comments About Women Were ‘Sexual Assault’

Just now on MSNBC, the RNC has told venders to hold off printing Trump

Little marco, christie, bush, cruz etc were really inept huh?

Ted Cruz considering withdrawing Trump endorsement.

Nancy O'Dell makes official response to Trump's comments about her

AND...Condi Rice weighs in...

Please let him stay in the race

Sarah Palin stands by the pussy grabber (and so do her idiots)

The GOP would still be 100% behind Trump

How Andy Griffith And Elia Kazan Predicted Donald Trump’s Rise (And Fall?) Way Back In 1957’s...

Can't wait for the polls next week!

Hey, time out for a massage - relaaaaaaxxx, take it eassssy

Hillary Clinton Faces Her Toughest Interviewer Yet―​11-Year-Old Marley Dias

3 Deplorables on CNN right now. Guess which 3.

New Tapes Reveal Trump Lewdly Discussing his Daughter, Black Women, Threesomes, and More

Donald Trump is NOT destroying the Republican Party

Loving this!

"As of now, are you planning to vote for him?"

McCain pulls his support

boris epshteyn

How many women are going to come forward to accuse Trump of sexual assault?

This has got to be a record for elected officials dropping their party's nominee

Has Putin withdrawn his endorsement yet?

Trump loses the Gropenators vote ---- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Okay, I admit it. Every time. I can't stop laughing.

Nancy O'Dell reacts to Trump's lewd comments

Hard-core drumpf supporters gather at drumpf tower

Nancy O'Dell reacts to Trump's lewd comments

How will Trump's comments about women affect the race?

Nancy O'Dell..the "married woman" from Trump's sex tape (check it out!)...breaks her silence

Nate: The Bottom Could Fall Out For Trump

I'm old enough to remember "The Saturday Night Massacre" during Watergate

GOP Lawmakers Renounce Support of Trump Over Lewd Video

Trump Supporters Heckle Elected GOPers: ‘You Turned Your Back On Us!’

Boris the butt wiper can't clean this up,......

US: Will black voters turn out for Clinton on Election Day?

All Aboard, the Trump Titanic sails at dawn

Like the OJ trial, like the Gore/Bush Recount, like Watergate,

Trump Emerges For First Time to Crowd Chants of “U-S-A! U-S-A!”

Candidate booed while disavowing Trump

Will trump withdraw or continue ? would be decided by his business needs, Litigations if withdraws

Time for a "donut" commercial from the DNC


Senate Republicans wrestle with dumping Trump

Biden Stumps for Clinton in Pa., Slams Trump

Sen. Deb Fischer calls for Trump to step aside, give Pence nomination

South Carolina extends voter registration deadline

NYT: "We have now heard the Republican nominee for president .. brag about repeated sexual assault."

Trump's revelations are literally earth-shaking.

If that fuck ever writes a book about his campaign and it sells

Why did Colombians reject the FARC peace deal? - UpFront

Chuck Todd on Donald Trump’s Apology: ‘He Didn’t Even Apologize To His Own Wife’

"Still not voting for Hillary Clinton" - my conservative friend on FB

Michele Bachmann Suggests Damning Video Came From Clinton: ‘These Things Are Coordinated’

Trump in 2012: Attorney Gloria Allred would be ‘very impressed’ with my penis size

S. Korea, U.S. closely watching N. Korea's nuclear, missile sites amid extra activity

With early voting underway, isn't the GOP stuck with Trump now matter how much worse it gets?


Nearby Planet May Have Liquid Ocean, Boosting Chances Of Alien Life

RNC just told a vendor to stop printing Trump campaign mail:

Today's recommended listening

great On The Media segment on welfare this week. long, but informative.

Dob Bole Standing By Tic Tac Pu$$y Grabber

Allan Lichtman as of the 6th was still predicting a Trump win

Rush Limbaugh believes that hurricanes are part of a left-wing conspiracy.

The Tic Tac company has weighed in:

Two officers dead, one injured in Palm Springs shooting; manhunt ongoing

Trump in 2012: Attorney Gloria Allred would be ‘very impressed’ with my penis size

Japan's Mount Aso Volcano Errupts

Do they have Alex Jones on suicide watch tonight?

Paris Climate Agreement Not Strong Enough to Prevent Global Catastrophe

The difference between what Bill Clinton did and what Donald Trump did is one simple thing.

Ben Carson: "TRUMP believes there are other similar "bombshells" coming"

Brazil's biggest dinosaur found after 60 years in storage

Marco Rubio, unendorse Trump or withdraw from the race - By Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-Fla.)

NASA’s Hubble Telescope Spots Star Spitting ‘Cannonballs’ Into Space

My mother has always said......

Every once in a while..a hunch ...turns out to be correct..

Maybe a good time to view this HRC ad again: "Role Models"

Have you no sense of decency, GOP? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?

Paul Ryan is asking Trump to step down?

I wonder if the Trump disaster will change how the GOP does their primaries

Mike Pence will not get the GOPee nod this year or in 2020.

Trump: 'Zero chance I'll quit'....CNN

Alpha male?

More Alabama Republicans Abandon Trump

Will Pussyghazi come up at tomorrow's, debate?

Is it time to start drinking yet?

State Employees Should Be A Budget Priority in 2017

Why Mike Pence won’t grant pardon to exonerated Indiana man

So will this increase Johnson's vote tallies?

What's really ironic is

GOP Exodus Could Cause a Wave

Donald Trump: Sure, Call My Daughter A ‘Piece Of Ass’

Giuliani: Trump Dropping Out Is ‘Wishful Thinking’ Because He’s in This to ‘Win’

Justice Department Launches Investigation into Alabama Prison System

Attention Republicans

Hubbard Files Notice of Appeal on Felony Ethics Conviction

‘Russia’s Senior-Most officials’ Ordered DNC Hack

Here is a dish I can get behind...

I really want Trump to lose most of his wealth from this pathetic clown show. Is that possible?

Pence confirms once and for all that Trump will be an anti-LGBT president

HRC should refuse to shake his hand tomorrow

Trump has lost Utah

‘I Assure You … There Are Far Worse’ Than the #TrumpTapes: Former 'Apprentice' Producer Speaks

Trump won't drop out, but what about Pence?

Mapping coal's decline and the renewables' rise (interactive)

New Yorker - "Trump and the Trurth: The 'Rigged' Election" - Spoiler, the GOP Is Rigging It!

More Trump tapes surface with crude sex remarks

If you are a republican and alleging you no longer support tRump, just saying that is insufficient.

New Trump Surrogate Makes Debut

Navy beats #5 Houston

Dear GOP: You created that brand.

CSPAN Up NEXT 8pm ET : 1992 Pres Debate - William J Clinton & GHW Bush

For 17 years Trump appeared on the Howard Stern radio show.

I'm getting the vibe that the Trump apologists think that vile tape was a 'one off'.

How I Met Your Trump

Everything's going so well in Gopville, except they've cancelled

Trump is currently retweeting Juanita Broaddrick