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Archives: September 21, 2019

Dan Rather re: Trump's Extortion-Put every official on record-If they don't answer-walk away

HUD Secretary Ben Carson makes dismissive comments about transgender people, angering agency staff

The blue wave is fading and I am angry. We are beginning to look like a bunch of cowards.

Why not adopt the US health insurance model for automobile insurance as well?

There is one pumpkin that should not be kept till Halloween

G R E T A !

Kansas getting NOA for "major violations" from NCAA, per report

Warren: Trump knows his Justice Department won't act and believes Congress won't either.

Thousands join Climate Strike in Seattle: Networking for the planet

Panthers QB Newton (foot) out vs. Cardinals, Allen to start

Monmouth University, NJ, poll 9/19/2019

Hurricane Dorian: Warriors' Thompson upset with Trump's words

Joe Biden Hammers Trump And Demands The Release Of Ukraine Call Transcript 😎🎨

The market has spoken: Coal is dying

OMGAWD.....some sniveling punk on fawker Carlson show is clamoring for

'Storm Area 51' Facebook event draws only about 100 people

Jennifer speaks for me!

Judge orders President Trump to testify in 2015 lawsuit

Stocks fall after China trade officials cut US visit short

America's great climate exodus is starting in the Florida Keys

Kyle Kondick (UVA Center for Politics): AZ more achievable than FL

While Trump Tweets, Nancy Pelosi Unveils Proposal to Lower Drug Prices

Anyone watching Chris Hayes??

Department Of Homeland Security Adds White Supremacy To List Of Threats

In the late 70's or early 80's there was a poem/story about a baby who was not designated

CNN: Trump fixated for months on Ukraine and Biden

The World's Going to Pot

Ukraine corruption: The journalists pushing lies are Solomon (The Hill), Vogel (NYT), and Hannity.

It's not complicated.

Julie K. Brown's new article about Epstein and the people around him at the Miami Herald:

Scientists Discover That Trees Have A "Heartbeat"

The GOP is truly a one Party group in a two Party system.

Joe Biden demands Trump release transcript of Ukraine call

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Kathy's Story!

Someone Should Do Something

Before anyone else here falls for ANY of the RW smear against Biden, read this factual background

YYZ (Rush Cover); Sina feat. Jasmine Star

TCM Schedule for Monday September 23, 2019 - Disability in the Movies - Part 1

I see another GOP campaign has started against Pelosi. The whispers

OMGAWD........Billy Chrystal.....

Friday Talking Points -- Ukraine-gate? MassiveTrumpCollusion-gate?

Is it acceptable for Democratic members of the US House to oppose or remain silent on impeachment?

Which of our candidates, other than Harris, have made statements defending Joe Biden by name?

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher:

Much confusion here about Medicare for all.

Prediction: he loses the election, declares it null and void

Where are they now?

New Biden campaign video:

Was at the library working on a jig saw puzzle, 1000 pieces, & thought about Pelosi & her puzzle.

What will it take for Trump to be Impeachment and/or Lose support.

'Managed Retreat' From Rising Seas & Rivers, Controversial For Some But New Global Reality

Has Congress' Discovery of Your Impeachable Crimes Got You Down? Shriek Your Cares Away with Rudy!

In Aurora, Beto O'Rourke says he's open to broadening gun buyback proposal

In Aurora, Beto O'Rourke says he's open to broadening gun buyback proposal

A distraction to cover the scandal!

For those counting on the election to remove Trump...

This call is part of whistleblower complaint that Trump's DOJ has told DNI to conceal from Congress

Climate Change Denialism Poses a National Security Threat

Rep. Joe Kennedy III: Trump "is a scared, power thirsty man begging for" impeachment

Ukraine Collusion makes Watergate look like stolen girl scout cookies.

de Blasio's Big Ouch from The NY Post

Trump has done plenty to warrant impeachment. But the Ukraine allegations are over the top.

The Senate wouldn't convict Trump for anything.

I sent Amy McGrath a donation

Pelosi Statement on Whistleblower Complaint September 20, 2019 Press Release

Bill Maher says Democrats lost the Senate because they voted against Kavanaugh

Ghouliani is a treasonous blowfish

Women leave Montana town over border agency lawsuit backlash

Lizzo: 'Water Me'

Post without using Google

They see trump as one of them.He's not just one of them, he's their leader.

Only way Trump loses the election is the debates

New BLM headquarters share a building with a Chevron corporate office

Election 2019: Gabby Giffords Rallies Virginia Democrats in Front of NRA Headquarters

Madame Speaker, please consider:

WARREN: Congress Is 'Complicit' With Trump By 'Failing To Act'

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Least Favorite Character in the Trump Universe

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump's Promise to Foreign Leader Exposed

The 11th Hour a guest is explaining the course this whistleblower story is going to take.

Two Reagor Dykes Employees Plead Guilty To Bank Fraud Conspiracy

MA-04: Paul Feeney will weigh run for Kennedy's US House seat over 'coming days'

How Long Will Republicans Tolerate Trump's Lawlessness?

Election 2019: Former Iowa legislator Jack Hatch to challenge Frank Cownie for Des Moines mayor

Having to ALWAYS be diplomatic at work is a real challenge on occasion.

Arrest made after Minneapolis East African businesses hit by vandalism

Election 2019: Virginia Democrats have nearly $1 million cash advantage in State House races

The Daily Show: A Monumental Dispute in the Hamptons

Former CEO of Two Bellevue IT Companies Sentenced To 7+ Years in Prison for Mail Fraud and Failure

President Donald Trump Under Fire For 2020 Collusion - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Election 2019: Marche Johnson for Montgomery (AL) City Council

This migrant mother and her child couldn't wait for their asylum court date anymore. They drowned

The Daily Show: Edward Snowden - "Permanent Record" & Life as an Exiled NSA Whistleblower

Seth Meyers - Trump's New Border Wall Is Too Hot to Climb - Monologue - 9/19/19

Moving Past The Whistleblower, To The Possible Criminality - Deadline - MSNBC

Election 2019: Juan Marcano for Aurora (CO) City Council

Swalwell: "Game, set,match."

Gunman who triggered lockdown at Irving school turned out to be officer serving warrant, police say

Seth Meyers: Margaret Atwood's The Testaments Continues The Handmaid's Tale from New Perspectives

Bernie Sanders Is Only Major Candidate to Sit Out Both LGBTQ Events

Nurses at Tenet Healthcare hospitals in three states stage one-day strike over wages

Seth Meyers: Andrew Yang on Universal Basic Income and Measuring Our Economic Health

Not selling my wares nor blowing my horn, but I just again donated to the

Election 2019: Lauren Simpson for Arvada (CO) City Council

Seriously have any Repubs turned on trump

Election 2019: Tommy Butler for Greeley (CO) City Council

trump is gish gallop personified. Now we all know what gish gallop looks

Election 2019: William Lindstedt for Broomfield (CO) City Council

Election 2019: Bryan Tanner for Mishawaka (IN) City Council

Americans need to know if the GOP finds Trump's conduct acceptable

Ran into this photo of the LOSER family, it tickled the hell out of me

Election 2019: James Blanco for West Lafayette (IN) City Council

Election 2019: Matthew Smith.for Greenwood Common (IN) City Council

Friday-Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything...

Election 2019: Jorge Flores for Wyandotte (KS) County Commisioner

The Trump-Ukraine call was on July 25. DNI Dan Coats retired July 28.

Election 2019: Whitney Wilson for Johnson County (KS) WaterOne Board

Election 2019: Ayesha Wilson for Cambridge (MA) School Committee

Election 2019: Dimple Rana for Revere (MA) Councillor

A big shout out to Ken Burns!

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 9/20/19

Election 2019: Samantha Perlman for Marlborough (MA) City Council

Election 2019: Theresa Brooks for Troy (MI) City Council

Election 2019: Crystal Paradis for Somersworth (NH) City Council

Election 2019: Zackary Quintero Albuquerque City Council

Election 2019: Jill Basile for Otsego County (NY) Board of Representatives

PG&E to raise average monthly bill nearly $5 next month

Election 2019: Carmen Eckard for Hickory (NC) Alderman

There would be one bit of sweet justice, if after everything Trump has done to try to hurt Obama...

Election 2019: Kelvin Stallings for Goldsboro (NC) City Council,

Election 2019: Carrie Hartman for Maumee (OH) City Council

Election 2019: Melanie Farkas for Liberty Township Trustee

What product should Trump market in his next phase?

East Bay mayor claims 'lives will be lost' if Alta Bates closes

Election 2019 Jen Partica for Moon (PA) Area School District Director

Election 2019: Jon Panofsky for Centennial (PA) School Board Director

Election 2019: Rebecca Mirra for Bensalem Township (PA) School Board Director

Election 2019: Sarah Calvin Trappe Borough (PA) Council

Election 2019: Greg Perry for North Charleston City Council

Election 2019: Michalyn Easter-Thomas for Memphis City Council

Election 2019: Tami Sawyer for Memphis Mayor

What Landed Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich In Jail?......

California company refused to hire 'non-Hispanics,' feds say. It will now pay $2 million

Another norm utterly smashed by Trump: "Don't attack candidates' kids."

Steak, beer and politics: 2020 Democrats descend on Iowa

Trudeau's support holds after apology for wearing brownface

What's everyone been up to?

Homeless men called Democratic donor Ed Buck 'Dr. Kevorkian.' Why did his arrest take so long?

Austria's oldest Holocaust survivor dies at 106

Manson follower Leslie Van Houten loses latest attempt at parole

HUD chief Ben Carson reportedly made dismissive comments about transgender people during California

Marines from California base charged with human smuggling

New president takes reins at scandal-plagued USC

Stephen Colbert Presents: Best Of The Late Show, Season Four - and Opening

Gay in South Korea: 'She said I don't need a son like you'

Inglewood mayor's $342K-a-year assistant escorted out of City Hall, hires high-profile lawyer

Defendants from San Fernando Valley and Orange County accused of billing taxpayers $7 million in

Gavin Newsom tells CalPERS, CalSTRS to favor green investments in climate change order

Accused Poway synagogue shooter told 911 his attack was 'defending our nation against the Jews

'There was chaos': Witnesses recall San Diego synagogue shooting in court

California Democrats lash out at Trump over homelessness remarks. Nancy Pelosi remains quiet

Sacramento nurse charged in $31 million Medicare kickback scheme, feds say

About that Medicare for All thing...

California neo-Nazi who ran against Dianne Feinstein now a candidate in Idaho

Homeless attacks on state workers in Sacramento prompt pepper spray request

full video of Pete's talk at Georgetown climate forum

"... there is a cancer on the presidency, and cancers, if not removed, only grow."

13 totally innocent explanations for Trump's Ukraine shenanigans

University of California President Janet Napolitano to step down

It's really past bad with my family & friends Trumpers.

Bernie Sanders' climate change plan is radical and expensive -- which is why it could work

The climate crisis is only going to make disasters worse.

Wouldn't it just be easier if Republicans provided everyone with a list of what's NOT "socialist"?

Tom Perez has an interesting decision to make.

'An Explicitly Impeachable Offence'

Congressman Lays It Out: Trump Can No Longer Be President

The Rude Pundit: Remembering How Trump and the Right Tried to Convince Everyone Obama Was a Traitor

Over $100M in ACA money for American Samoa will be returned if it is unused by Sept. 30th

Aetna to deliver new, improved health benefits for GovGuam employees

Munich RE - 18 Of 20 Hottest Years On Record Took Place From 2001 Through 2018

Trump: My Crimes Can't Be Investigated While I'm President

Owners Of Revoked Illinois FOID Cards Must Give Up Their Guns. Fewer Than Half Do.

Politically Speaking: Can Board Of Freeholders Succeed At Uniting St. Louis And St. Louis County?

Elizabeth Warren Lost Her Dream Job but Gained a Path to 2020

Michael Mann On Kinder, Gentler Denialism, Now The Flat-Out Lies Aren't Sticking Any More

Democratic Underground for Joe Biden has now raised OVER $10,000

"Maybe 20 Years" Left For Columbia River Chinook Salmon; Dams, Heat, Useless Hatcheries Contributing

editorial by Iowa writer endorsing Buttigieg for president

Fry an Egg On The Wall.

It's Intimate! It's Invitation-Only! It's Big Oil's Sideline Meeting At The UN Next Week!

"He Won't Go To The Climate Summit, And He Wants The Distraction Factor, I Suppose"

Trump has done plenty to warrant impeachment. But the Ukraine allegations are over the top.

The audio of the Ukraine call needs to be released or leaked

Good Read -How Netanyahu's campaign against Israel's Arab citizens backfired

It's Stephen King's Birthday!

Stephen Miller gets someone to date him

Federal Judge Says Christian Hate Group Can Legally Be Called a "Hate Group"

What is it about some people that makes them dishonest?

Donald Trump is having a Louis XIV moment. He considers himself above the law.

WaPo: Scrutiny over Trump's Ukraine scandal may hurt Biden's campaign

Hands down best sign #ClimateStrike

A test for Joe?

Why is Greta Thunberg so triggering for certain men?

Vaginas be like...

Barron Hilton, Hotel Magnate and Founding A.F.L. Owner, Dies at 91

5 Stories from Europe You May Not Have Seen

Corey Booker is running out of money

we should be talking a bit more about the EXTRA $140 MILLION that Trump reportedly gave Ukraine

Pittie Does The Most Ridiculous Thing When He Gets A Treat

America's great climate exodus is starting in the Florida Keys

Why aren't barr and the DNI under fire for pulling a blatantly illegal act in mishandling the

The guest list to tRump's State dinner......

NYT Finds No Connection to Sense or Dignity

"You're a communist...and you're a communist...and you're a communist"

Hillary's E-mails 2.0

➡️ Eliminate Medical Debt - Read the Plan

Massachusetts Rep. Kennedy announces Democratic primary challenge to Sen. Markey

That's about where we are!

What's really at stake in the GM strike? The future of cars.

We see you

Pre-Steak Fry breakfast in Des Moines

'I Was Andrew Yang's First 'Freedom Dividend' Recipient - When He Fired Me'

China, Russia, Iran 'plan joint naval drill in international waters'

China, Russia, Iran 'plan joint naval drill in international waters'

What is Hell?

Trump to Meet With National Security Team to Discuss Iran

Today is the International Day of Peace 🕊

What would happen to Trump if Russia hacked the presidential election?

Sanders Unveils Plan to Cancel $81 Billion in U.S. Medical Debt

It has hit the fan, and is spewing all over.

All those who argue against impeachment do so for one reason alone.

Do You Remember?

Looks like almost the whole fucking administration is implicated in this Ukraine shit.

Message to Congress: Duty calls. Grow some balls!!

3 phases of Trump's denial claims:....

Scientology and the history of quackery

Clarifying retweet by David Frum about the Trump-Ukraine scandal:

Any plans for the Sestercentennial in 7 years?

Palladium is a fission product.

More than 1,000 Amazon employees have courageously challenged the richest man in the world

Andrew Sullivan is a racist...

Nancy is still avoiding facing reality: Impeachment must happen here,

Sorry Joy - Speaker Pelosi cannot impeach on the basis of speculation

Black leaders chastise Sanders backers for alleged racist attacks following vote

Countries get the politicians they deserve...WTH did we do a past life to be stuck with this rabble?

Very late to this...damn medicine. What is for Breakfast Saturday 9-21

➡️LIVE 2pm ET C-SPAN and DMR youtube - 17 Presidential Candidates - Polk County Democrats' Steak Fry

Trump's Got Talent

Trump "Call it the Ukraine Witch Hunt. Will fail again!"

WAPO has the accusations against Hunter Biden: about a loan guarantee:

Trial to start for Georgia cop who shot naked, unarmed man

55 Years Ago Today; The XB-70 Valkyrie makes its maiden flight

Trial to start for Georgia cop who shot naked, unarmed man

Remember - This is Art- The Fart Wars of Japan

September 21 - Happy Birthday Rep. David Trone (D) MD-6th

September 21 - Happy Birthday Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D) WA-7th

Warren's momentum spurs new attacks from 2020 rivals

watch two young guys scale Trump's wall like it's nothing

Time to Move Heaven and Earth

It's like America got drunk...

Neal Katyal has twice suggested to defund the office of the Attorney General. How about now?

California can win the war Trump just started

39 years married today!

Trump will hold session on religious persecution instead of attending UN climate summit

Weekend TOONs - The Republican Party is Soft on Crime, Weak on Defense

The US deficit topped $1 trillion. The year's not even over yet

The US deficit topped $1 trillion. The year's not even over yet

Interesting to see @Twitter debunking viral misinformation directly via its curated news section.

While listening to AM Joy talk about the Lewandowski hearing I had a thought.

Trump voters worship propaganda like evangelicals worship Jesus, blindly and when it suits them.

Starving Seniors: How America Fails To Feed Its Aging

Starving Seniors: How America Fails To Feed Its Aging

Unpublished photos of the Obamas

Elizabeth Warren has just one plan

Tweet: look at the face of this guy when the woman says, "this too is false"....

America's great climate exodus is starting in the Florida Keys

Art Against The Arms Fair

Trump voters believe there is a boogieman behind every tree and the boogieman is a Democrat.

"The Scottish public is being consulted on a memorial in Fife for people condemned as witches"

Treason. Yawn.

tRump's Ukraine Extortion Scheme Could Bring Down Mike Pence

I'm going to write a letter to my House Rep. "THROW THEM IN JAIL"

Photo: Bernie Sanders is *not* participating in sign wars here at the Steak Fry

The whole world knows Trump is a criminal but its not politically convenient to do anything about it

Joy Reid To Dems: If Trump Bribing Foreign Countries For 2020 Dirt Isn't Impeachable, What Is?

Journalists behaving badly--the rush to frame the whistleblower story to help Trump

Kamikaze and Banzai charge questions

Perfect metaphor for what we have to do to protect our Constitution.

Beto O'Rourke Named 'AR-15 Salesman of the Year' by NRA

How bad is it for tRump/Pence 2020? Put yourself in his shoes: why he's pulling out all the stops.

'Perfectly fine and routine conversation': Trump defends call with Ukrainian president

NFL told Antonio Brown to stop contacting second accuser

Mainstream News Bias against Dems has Gotten Even Worse

Joe scolding an idiot reporter LOL

IA People's Forum starts at noon CST

Blanket Amnesty for cheaper, faster and easier to get money.

Day 2 of Georgetown climate forum [Booker, Bullock, Buttigieg, Steyer, and (R) Weld]

Biden in Des Moines: "Trump's doing this because he knows I'll beat him like a drum"

Iran says it will destroy any aggressor

Is it all about MONEY, GUNS and Religion?

Saudi says it will respond appropriately if probe confirms Iran's role in attacks

How Trump and Giuliani pressured Ukraine to investigate the president's rivals

For Saudi Arabia, an oil field attack was a disaster. For Russia, it's a weapons sales pitch.

Greetings from Mike Pence's parallel universe. It's Constitution Day at the Heritage Foundation.

Everett 'die-in' was part of worldwide climate change protests

Backstabbed, Sanctions, Iran attacks. More sanctions, Iran will attack again. Tick, Tick, Tick.

Why not nuclear power?

Too few dollars spent to repair roads, bridges and ferries

Part of MLT Transit Center will close for light-rail work

live coverage of Polk Country steak fry

Stop pestering me, or I will make the planet warmer

Recently, my racist, big-rig driving, Trump-loving cousin called...

Stop giving McConnell credit for election security legislation support.

Perfectly sums up GOP and M$M responses to the #TRE45ON weasel...

'I've seen smarter cabinets at IKEA': See the most memorable signs from the global climate strike

N. Koreans can be excused for buying myth; what's our?

'We're not through': After biggest climate protest in history draws 4 million worldwide,

Orcas look healthy, happy near Bainbridge Island

Trump will go down in history as one of the most successful narcissistic opportunists ever.

Durkan rails against Trump on homelessness: 'It is time to end this political game'

SNOWDEN's take on SHITLER: He never got love without paying, all he wants is to be *loved*!1

We're not anywhere near seeing drumpf's taxes... if we ever see them

Nate Silver goes full batshit

Time for a weekend "say something nice" thread!

The House can punish Trump right now.

Trump's anti-worker labor nominee is more like the 'Secretary of Corporate Interests'

Don't let Trump take the lead on housing

Ukraine Phone Call Is the Russian Trump Tower Meeting on Steroids

KamalaHarris is joining McDonalds workers striking for fair wages in Des Moines this morning.

WaPo: Yes, there is something the House can do to punish Trump right now

Just killed my first Spotted Lantern Fly.

Cartoons 9/21/19

We The People March videos

Quite the entrance scene for @KamalaHarris ahead of the Steak Fry Answers: Beyond Burger vs. Impossible Burger vs. Beef Burger for Vitamins & Minerals

Halloween Make-Up DIY

Kamala Harris enters the steak fry in Des Moines

Monologue: Trump's Treason Three-Way Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

➡️ LIVE Iowa People's Presidential Forum, Sept. 21 noon-5 p.m. CST

Democrats and Republicans Aren't Just Divided. They Live in Different Worlds.

Shane Gillis proves that getting fired by SNL wasn't a deterrent to his being a racist prick.

Facing Iran, Saudi Arabia still owes US $181 million for Yemen refueling

SO PRECIOUS! Autism service dog Nala met Donald Duck in Disney World...

Is there any way one can block emojis from my wife's best friend.?

First observations from the Iowa Steak Fry

Bwahaha! Trump tweets video of Hannity interviewing MATT WHITAKER about the whistleblower.

Brandi Carlile - The Joke (Live from Studio A) Nov 13, 2017

It's Time for a Political D-Day!

I'm loving Elizabeth Warren right now, but I have one big question.

Despite President Weaknstupid's Tantrums, Senior DOD Officers Continue Climate Prep & Analysis

Steve Sack FTW

Comedy gold while driving

If the whistleblower report is correct, I don't want impeachment

Insurance, Reinsurance Companies Rethinking How To Map Climate Risks, Who, Where To Insure

Are there websites that compare the aggregate plans for each candidate in terms of benefits/costs?

Just heard VP Pence say about Ukraine:

I can't understand they the media is not asking about Trump's tax returns every single day

Babylonsister's post, shows how blatently "stupid" Trump is.

C-Span LIVE Link: Polk County Democrats' Steak Fry - Sen. Sanders 3:30 - 3:42PM ET

Bernie supporters arrive late to the Steak Fry after knocking on 7,500 doors and making 27k calls.

Imelda's devastating rains overwhelm southeastern Texas, cause record-setting flooding

Kushner to attend Saudi economic conference hosted by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Senator Dianne Feinstein laying the groundwork to sue DOJ for release of the whistleblower report

What's for Dinner, Sat., Sept. 21, 2019

After Barr squashed Mueller, I stayed sane knowing that Trump was likely to break the law again.

The whistleblower just got another lawyer to rep him/her:

Help please.

Hello fellow 505'ers and 575ers !

Here's a Doonesbury cartoon from July 1974 to remind you that time is a flat circle


Harris Co. official: 'People enjoy floods'

How campaigns invested in the Iowa Steakfry...

Whistleblower attorney:

Cars on Mackinac Island? Pence says nay to horse travel

Bernie Sanders Introduces Plan to Cancel $81 Billion in Medical Debt

Fact Check: Trump's claims about Biden and Ukraine - no there there

Photo of Joe and Pete from Pete's communications advisor:

You raised $135.00 on September 20, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

my best buddy Simba died today

What has happened in the lower ninth Ward since Katrina?

Thank you DU for helping me find one of the three thnigs I have been searching for on the

FYI: Sweet Earth Burritos (vegan & vegetarian) and Daiya burritos (vegan)...

LIVE: Senator Sanders Now - Iowa People's Presidential Forum, (Sept. 21 noon-5 p.m. CST)

Any Klobuchar: "We're going to build a Blue Wall and we're going to make Donald Trump pay for it"

Who me? I'm NOT hungry!

Michael Bennet has decided that the way to make a scene at the Steak Fry is with an 8 foot gavel...

McMullin: Did Trump realize his ploy would place mantle of defending democracy in Biden's hands?

Largest Polk Cty Steak Fry in history underway in Des Moines, 12,000 attendees, 17 presidential cand

Glenn Kirschner tweet: Congress - use your lawful powers!

About 75 People Gather at Area 51 Gate, 1 Person Arrested

I was just interviewed by CNN at the Steak Fry...

OMG!!! FFS!!! Man's penis rots after he injected it with petroleum jelly to make it bigger

Arson at 3 Catholic churches serving Hispanics in El Paso probed by FBI, reward set

Tulsi Gabbard-We are not your prostitutes. You are not our pimp.

Charter Schools Were Never A Good Idea, Corporate Plot To Privatize & Make Money

AZ Democrats to debate allowing independents to vote in party's presidential preference election

Ukraine Phone Call Is the Russian Trump Tower Meeting on Steroids

While Trump was correcting the weather map, Pence was meeting in Poland with Ukraine president.

Tulsi Gabbard warmly welcomes Indian strongman Narendra Modi to America

Judge orders Trump to testify in trial over 2015 protest outside Trump Tower

Just reading Twitter, it seems pretty clear that Speaker Pelosi will never countenance Impeachment

Sanders Loses Another Top Iowa Staffer

I hope this doesn't offend anyone's sensibilities, but aren't we---just possibly--- past the

Boise Climate Strike

The U.S. has no rules for when the president is a national security threat

Lets here it for trumps Putin. No nuclear or virus factory explosions in a whole week.

NYTimes: Warren and Booker Shone at LGBTQ Forum

The day started with blue skies, lots of sunshine and warm temperatures. And then.......

Nice try, Moscow Mitch, on the election security head fake. It won't work

AZ-SEN: McCain donors flip to Mark Kelly over Republican incumbent in key Arizona Senate race

Last night, I watched a sick western movie w/ Natives scalping settlers

Linda Rondstat's album in Spanish:

Big Band of Brothers

I'm wondering how many other countries trump has tried to shake-down as he did

Trump now fanning a conspiracy theory about the whistleblower

We are being slow walked in a coup, not of generals, but by judges, some supreme, others not.

The Hill: Signs That African-Americans Warming To Warren

Will Hurricane Maria Defeat Donald Trump?

Why Trump's Ukraine scandal could backfire on Biden

What's going on here with AZ Rep. Paul Gosar?

My sister's a Trumpanzee, I work with a Trumpanzee

🔥 Urban Dreams Block Party With Bernie

Did you know that MS Stockholm, the ship that collided with SS Andrea Doria 1956, is still sailing?

Great tweet from Joe:

Trump just can't poison things fast enough.

My friend Killer Mike is right. We are not going to wait any longer for justice and basic rights.

Be Prepared: Find The ER You Want To Use Before An Emergency Happens: ProPublica

I have a fun idea how to make Trump's wall a laughing stock before the election

Almost Everywhere, Fewer Children Are Dying

I hope our survival never depends on our court system moving quickly.

What happened to Trump to take him from his calls with foreign leaders being heavily populated to

Quilting and Murder go together

Who thinks Trump is the most transparent President ever?

Want guns off city streets in canada? Vote Liberal.

Global economists predict the world's lowest growth in a decade

Elizabeth Warren Hits House Dems for Not Impeaching Trump: 'Congress Failed to Act'

New Trump tweet about Ukraine.

Andrew Yang on Van Jones right now.

Whenever I hear the term "deep state" I want the next questions to be

Greta Thunberg:

The GOP's fear of strong women is getting more obvious by the day

Pittsburgh snaps UCF's regular season winning streak

Just a hunch but i think Trump jumped the shark on Ukraine.

Orange is the new orange...

Carolina Chocolate Drops - "Memphis Shakedown"

Those two hugging toddlers (after they ran to each other) up next on Van Jones

Chris Cuomo Breaks Down What Rudy Giuliani Was Really Doing In That Bonkers Interview

Tom Jones & Rhiannon Giddens - "St. James Infirmary Blues"

Africa's gathering storm

Africa's gathering storm

Cab Calloway - "Minnie the Moocher"

Joe Kennedy the 3rd's grand uncles John and Ted occupied Warren's US Senate seat not Markey's.

Why won't USDA enforce the Animal Welfare Act?

Caption Mike Gundy and T. Bone Pickens: