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The current Colace TV ads with their "cutesy" descriptions of difficult bowel movements are

just plain old-fashioned vulgar and disgusting! I mute them or change channels each time they come on and will never knowingly purchase ANY product offered by this company!

This is not exactly an important issue, but it is a daily offense to my sensibilities and I needed to vent!

Neither Congress or any state legislatures tell car owners how often they must change their oil or

rotate their tires or replace their transmission. And, they don't pass laws regulating what tools mechanics must use or instruct them as to exactly how to do their jobs.

Neither Congress or any state legislatures tell apple growers when to prune their trees or spray their dormant oil or pick their crop. And, they don't make laws regulating methods of grafting or fertilization.


Well, maybe they acknowledge that legislatures should not attempt to micromanage decisions best made by those the decisions will impact personally and seriously. Stated another way, they have declined to stick their partisan legislative noses into affairs that do not concern them.

What in the world persuades some of them that they may not know carburetors and they may not know blossom end rot from scab, but they sure as hell understand the infinitely more complex female reproductive system and the effect of an unwanted pregnancy on the physical, emotional and financial well-being of a woman and her family?

Are women still allowed to vote in Texas? Own property in their own name? Enter into valid

contracts? Drive? Can they get a divorce without their husband's consent?

I want to stay current and don't want to presume the good ol' boys honor any Constitutional rights that don't involve "keeping and bearing arms".

Count not the day lost! I was puzzled last evening as I happened to notice that all of the

dozens of hummers at our feeders were females. I mentioned it to Mrs. A and today she did a little research.

Turns out that the adult males migrate south first followed by the females and juveniles.

Who knew?

Hopefully, I am permitted to ask this: if it was appropriate to shoot Ms Babbitt as she was

violently attempting to invade the House Chamber after being ordered by police not to do so on January 6th, would it be appropriate to shoot members of the anticipated crowd on September 18th if they violently attempt to invade the Capitol Building in violation of police warnings not to?

Same question as to a clearly marked and manned security perimeter established by law enforcement.

Daddy was a union man.

It was then called, I believe, the "International Laborers and Hod Carriers Union". My first memory of union activity was when Dad and others went on strike and picketed a job site for a couple weeks to win an over $2.00 hourly pay rate. As I have mentioned before, I thought they were called "picket lines" because the signs the strikers carried were stapled onto pick handles. Later, I found out the pick handles were sometimes used for other purposes.

The union struck for, and won, disposable paper cups on job sites because infectious hepatitis was spread by the shared tin cup employers furnished at the water can.

They struck for, and won, shoring for any trench over five feet deep after too many died trapped when deep excavations caved in and buried them.

I recall being taken to every Labor Day parade as a child. They were very well attended by the entire community and many brought picnic baskets to the park where the parade ended. Since in those days most were uninsured, four labor union men carried a sheet along the entire parade route, each holding a corner. By the end of the parade, the sheet was sagging from the cash tossed into it by generous folks. Depending on who needed help, the proceeds were distributed to "brothers" who had unpaid medical bill's due to injury or illness or, sometimes, to their widows and children. I was proud that my dad held a corner of that sheet every year.

During a summer when I was home from college and every man in our local was working, I worked "on permit" on highway and pipeline jobs. I was happy to pay "temp dues" to the local coffers in exchange for getting to bank union wages into my school account.

I wish we could restore a society in which the "Look For The Union Label" jingle could again be heard on TV.

This may trigger your gag reflex. Here's a list of those who have been called "rising stars" in

the Republican party over the last year or so:


There are more, to be sure, but that's all I can bear to consider in one post.

What about OUR rights? What about what WE demand?

By "WE" I mean those of us who follow the recommendations of the CDC, NIH, FDA and our local health departments: get the damn vaccination, wear the damn mask and avoid close indoor contact with others.

"THEY" are the self-centered lazy fools who would rather piss us off than protect us and themselves and all of our children.

They demand we respect their "right" to be petri dishes in which additional, perhaps more virulent, variants can develop.

Why can't we demand the right to know that everyone our child will in be in contact with at school, everyone we encounter at our job, in our post office , in our retail stores and restaurants HAS BEEN VACCINATED and, where appropriate, is WEARING A MASK?

Granting us our rights won't kill anyone. Granting them their rights is--- RIGHT NOW! --- killing many.

Do common sense and decency no longer mean anything?

I am sure many here already know this, but for those who don't, a human fetus at 6 weeks of

development---the time beyond which Texas now prohibits abortion---is about the size of a kidney bean and has a little tail making it resemble a tadpole.

Most non-experts would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between a human fetus and that of a pig at a similar stage in development.

Of course, that's just scientific fact; not as reliable as, say, the internet research of a Texas legislator.

"The government you elect---(or allow to be 'elected')---is the government you deserve." Thomas

Jefferson. (the parenthesis was my addition)
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