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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 13,578

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Ever notice how many Republicans whose words come back to bite them

in the ass respond with some version of "How DARE you slander me by accurately quoting something I really did say?!?!"

Elon Musk is just one more example---along with others like Cruz and Hawley---

that being highly educated and intelligent and wealthy is not at all the same thing as being a "successful human being".

Rep. Perry is confirmation that the state of Pennsylvania has at least

one more horse's ass than they have horses.

Concealed carry; open carry; Constitutional carry; ghost guns; "stand your

ground" statutes; white supremacy and antisemitic militias; a White House that spewed racism, bigotry and misogyny for four years ------------

Any idea why shooting deaths have greatly increased?

(NOTE: "Biden's fault" has already been taken.)

I am watching C-SPAN coverage of the debate about Meadows contempt.

For those unable to watch, let me give you a description of a screen featuring Jordan screaming at the podium and Representatives Banks and Taylor-Greene sitting behind him: picture a trio of mutant vipers that have just slithered out of a brim-full septic tank.

They writhe compulsively each time a truth is told and try mightily to fling some of the filth that encases them onto anyone near.

That's the visual. I can't tell you what they said because---of course---I had the audio on mute.

Please, leaders---LET the "shit hit the fan"!

With more and more evidence being revealed of the complicity of Trump, his acolytes, members of Congress and other "big" conservatives in the January 6th attempted coup, I believe it is inevitable that some of the PTB will start to get a little queasy about prosecuting the SOBs.

"The MAGA people will REVOLT!" some will say with alarm. "Trump's supporters just win not STAND for putting him on trial or ---'shudder'---putting him in prison!"

Really? Is this where we are---just abandoning that "nation of laws, not men" stuff we have cherished as an ideal for over two centuries?

My personal attitude about being threatened by a cadre of incel punks is "If it happens, we will deal with it". But, please, let's not allow them to intimidate us and prevent justice being served to the traitors who tried to destroy us.

If Trump and company are not held to account for their schemes to overthrow the government---turn out the lights; they will have succeeeded.

How long before Trump stakes out this position?

"I was shocked---SHOCKED, I TELL YOU!---to learn for the first time yesterday about all of these alarming texts that lots of people---good Americans---sent to my Chief of Staff! Mark never mentioned any of these and just kept telling me things were "okay" and "under control".

I had no idea people were being injured or that the Capitol had been damaged!

Mark really let me down and he will have to live with the legal consequences of his disloyalty."

24 days from now will be the first anniversary of Trump's traitorous attempted

overthrow of the US government. I think that it should be marked by another televised Select Committee "event" like we just watched.

If at all possible, that would be a great time to hold the first "open" televised hearing with questioning of witnesses under oath.

I think the quotes and facts made public this evening have already begun to ratchet up public pressure on all concerned to get involved or get out of the way because the REAL "Trump Train" is building up steam and can't be stopped.

I love and support DEMOCRACY. Therefore, I am a DEMOCRAT! nt

In 1984, a man named Lyndon Larouche campaigned for the Democratic nomination

for POTUS. He ended with 1% of the primary votes and instantly claimed the primary win had been stolen by "massive, absolutely massive vote fraud!"

Does this whiny nonsense sound familiar?

Back then, though, Mr. Larouche's party did not echo and amplify his silliness. Americans---including virtually all Democrats--- scoffed, rolled their eyes and moved on.

Just one more "difference between the parties": we don't support nutjobs and crybabies.
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