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Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 52,914

Journal Archives

LBJ and impeachment

There's an anecdotal story (may or may not be true, but nevertheless) that during a campaign in Texas Johnson told his campaign manager to accuse his opponent of being "queer".

"Lyndon, you KNOW he ain't queer."
"Hell, yeah. I KNOW that. I just want the sunovabitch to have to deny it!"

IF, and it's a very big IF, we took back the House and could bring articles of impeachment the senate would never convict.
But every repug there would have to go on record as voting not to convict the the most corrupt president we have ever had.

And the next time around...?
Elections have consequences.

Miz t. is making jambalaya and the smells coming out of the kitchen are killing me.

Conechuh sausage, local caught Gulf of Mexico shrimp, chicken.
An old friend who we haven't seen in a few years is coming for lunch tomorrow.
Can't wait.

I have a semi-automatic rifle.

It's a .22.
Pretty innocuous looking.
It has a 10 round magazine.
For me, it's just about convenience.
I don't have to stop to re-load between shots.
At least not till I've fired 10 times.

If semi-automatics were recalled, I would gladly exchange it for a single shot, bolt action .22.
My life wouldn't change.
That's it.

Mighty Mouth

Mister Trouble always hangs around
When he hears this blowhard sound,
"I can't make it there today"
That means that Mighty Mouth has run away.
Yessir when there's a wrong to right
Mighty Mouth no where in sight
On the land or sea or in the air
Donnie Two-Scoops does not care

I saw the Don Siegelman documentary yesterday.

"Atticus v. the Architect".
Don Siegelman was the governor of Alabama who was politically prosecuted/persecuted by a corrupt repug U.S. attorney and her henchmen.
He served several years in the federal pen in Louisiana for a 'bribery' charge that over 100 current and former state attorneys general said, in a full page NYT ad, did not happen.

The film uncovers layers of corruption and conflicts of interest that I did not know about.

Eric Holder, the U.S. AG.
He fired a DOJ paralegal whistle-blower who documented the corruption and conflicts of interest.

Are Holder's GOP Ties Subverting Justice in Political Prosecutions?

Attorney General Eric Holder has shown little or no inclination to intervene in apparent Bush-era political prosecutions involving Democrats, such as Don Siegelman in Alabama and Paul Minor in Mississippi.

So far, Holder has intervened in federal prosecutions involving Republicans, most notably the case of former U.S. Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK).

Why does Holder seem content to let the Siegelman and Minor cases languish? Alabama attorney and Siegelman-case whistleblower Jill Simpson says she might have the answer.

Simpson, a former opposition researcher for the Republican Party in Alabama, is skilled at tracking down information. She learned that Holder, before being named Barack Obama's attorney general, worked for a Washington, D.C., law firm called Covington & Burling. And what did Simpson discover about that august firm?

The tip I got was that the firm had a very important client. His name was George W Bush. And they represented a very important organization . . . called the Republican National Committee. I was in shock when I checked it--and it was true.

My favorite research item I ran across is when they were protecting the RNC from having to turn over Karl Rove's e-mails that were run on the RNC servers. It shocked me. Plus I found it mighty interesting that AG Eric Holder never enlightened anyone about his conflicts of coming from a big Washington, D.C., law firm that represented the National Republic Committee and George W. Bush in the 2000 election contest.
Simpson notes that Holder's favorable treatment of Republicans hardly stops with the Stevens case. She lists the Tobin phone-jamming case in New Hampshire, the Kott case in Alaska, and the Abramoff/Feeney case in Florida as examples of the Holder DOJ killing GOPers with kindness. What does Simpson make of it?"

Why not?

If you have an opportunity to see this film, you should.

There's an easy way to look at gun control.

The FAA gave airlne pilots permission to carry firearms in 2003.

Number of hijackings thwarted by gun carrying pilots since then - 0 (zero)

Increased security at U.S. airports (no matter how idiotic some of it is) has done it.

Arming teachers is NOT the answer.

By Du definition, I guess I have an assault rifle.

It looks like this:

Fairly benign, hunh?
It's a Mossberg .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle.
The little thingy hanging down in front of the trigger is the magazine.
It holds 10 bullets.
How fast can I fire those bullets?
As fast as pulling the trigger 10 times.
About as fast as you read that and made sure there were 10 bangs.

After that I'd have to remove the now empty magazine and reload it.
That would take a few minutes.
I could have another (or more) pre-loaded magazines.
It would only take a few seconds to remove the empty clip and insert the loaded one.

My point is that if we limited the capacity of magazines, I'd be fine with that.
It would be a bit inconvenient, but OK.

If we wanted to go to NO semi-automatic firearms, I could live with that too.
Sure, I could go back to a bolt-action, single shot .22. It would be kind of a pain, but I could do it.
But I feel that I am in a very small minority on that.

Just wanted to try and help clarify things.

A Valentine poem to Donnie Two-Scoops

Dear Donnie Two-Scoops

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Kelly may be leaving
How about you?
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