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Gender: Male
Hometown: NY
Member since: Tue Dec 30, 2003, 12:41 AM
Number of posts: 38,636

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Cloris Leachman Wins Supporting Actress - 1972 Oscars

Posted by BeyondGeography | Wed Jan 27, 2021, 06:50 PM (4 replies)

Scarborough: These are Trump terrorists. Call them by their name.

THIS is what effective messaging sounds like:

Posted by BeyondGeography | Wed Jan 27, 2021, 10:07 AM (19 replies)

Rudy Giuliani Sued by Dominion Voting Systems Over False Election Claims

Source: NY Times

Dominion Voting Systems filed a defamation lawsuit on Monday against Rudolph W. Giuliani, the lawyer for Donald J. Trump and former mayor of New York City who played a key role in the former president’s monthslong effort to subvert the 2020 election.

The 107-page lawsuit, filed in the Federal District Court in Washington, accuses Mr. Giuliani of carrying out “a viral disinformation campaign about Dominion” made up of “demonstrably false” allegations, in part to enrich himself through legal fees and his podcast.

The suit seeks damages of more than $1.3 billion and is based on more than 50 statements Mr. Giuliani made at legislative hearings, on Twitter, on his podcast and in the conservative news media, where he spun a fictitious narrative of a plot by one of the biggest voting machine manufacturers in the country to flip votes to President Biden.

Mr. Giuliani, one of Mr. Trump’s closest advisers and confidants, has faced continuing fallout for his highly visible efforts to reverse the election outcome. This month, the chairman of the New York State Senate’s judiciary committee formally requested that the state court system strip Mr. Giuliani of his law license.

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/25/us/politics/rudy-giuliani-dominion-trump.html?searchResultPosition=2
Posted by BeyondGeography | Mon Jan 25, 2021, 08:27 AM (40 replies)

BT Express - Express

Posted by BeyondGeography | Fri Jan 22, 2021, 01:12 AM (0 replies)

Bob Marley - Sun is Shining

Posted by BeyondGeography | Thu Jan 21, 2021, 12:00 AM (0 replies)

Mary Gaitskill reads "Lost Cat"

A meditation on human love and animal love:

Posted by BeyondGeography | Mon Jan 18, 2021, 07:24 PM (4 replies)

Lawrence just showed this clip

Useful evidence for impeachment and any Trump criminal and civil trials related to the riot:
Posted by BeyondGeography | Thu Jan 14, 2021, 11:15 PM (5 replies)

Dopamine rushes and making losers feel like winners: How Facebook incubated the insurrection

A disturbing analysis of three people whose social media presence grew exponentially when they started riding the Stop the Steal wave:

...Ms. Hayden, Mr. McGee and Mr. Panayides shared an entrepreneurial streak. They expressed a desire for connection with others and sought to achieve it online. But their attempts at conventional influencing (via modeling, reality television, running a small business and sharing motivational content) brought only modest attention.

It wasn’t until they tapped into an ecosystem charged by hyperpartisan politics that they were able to access the levels of engagement they desired. In each case, these newfound influencers recognized the opportunity and had the digital savvy to siphon off a portion of the attention and outrage generated by the news cycle for themselves. Quickly, they seized on hashtags and refined their messages, occasionally posting the same thing numerous times — testing their language to see what would take off. Most realized that the same post on a personal page generated only scant attention compared with the likes, shares and comments it could get on a group page.

Facebook groups for like-minded people are where lies begin to snowball, building momentum, gaining backers and becoming lore. Organizers refine their messages and titillate followers with far-fetched predictions and analysis, often recasting Mr. Trump’s loss as part of a master plan to get re-elected.

They’re also a way to bring together disparate conspiracy factions into a larger movement. Not long after his group took off, on May 6, Mr. Panayides laid out what was, essentially, his growth strategy to his followers. “This is not a group for socialising,” he said. “I don’t care if you’re a 5G person, you come from QAnon, you’re a mad super believer in all this stuff that’s happening, or you’re just new to the group, you’ve just had your eyes open, you have to understand, we’re a mixed bag.”

Much more at https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/14/opinion/facebook-far-right.html
Posted by BeyondGeography | Thu Jan 14, 2021, 12:15 PM (4 replies)

Elissa Slotkin and Chris Hayes

Great conversation.

R’s have been crying on her shoulder about threats to them and their families and raging calls from angry constituents. Her response: “That’s like a Wednesday for me.” She’s from a swing district in mid-Michigan.

Posted by BeyondGeography | Wed Jan 13, 2021, 09:39 PM (3 replies)

The FBI/DOJ presser is getting panned on CNN

Basically, a skeletal presentation by the B-team.

Hard not to think the basic problem is Trumpworld disarray and its spillover effects into everything, especially an incident with the President himself at the center of it.

Looking forward to the adults taking over next week.
Posted by BeyondGeography | Tue Jan 12, 2021, 04:53 PM (20 replies)
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