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Member since: Mon Jan 5, 2004, 09:48 PM
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Why haven't any of the members of Vanilla Isis been charged with terrorism?

Most of the charges, so far, are relatively minor for the few, out of thousands who committed acts of domestic terror. Do you think if these weren't white, middle-aged, "patriotic" American men every single one of them would have a charge related to committing a terrorist act tacked on to their rap sheets.

What the fuck. These guys stormed the United States Capitol and put elected representatives of our government in fear for their lives. They literally shit and pissed on the worldwide symbol of democracy and freedom and ripped down an American flag to replace it with the flag of their dictator, Donald J. Trump.

Do better DoJ, pretend like they were people of color or worshipped in a mosque.

Find 'em, frisk 'em, and fire on them if they resist.

This is what the map could look like after election day

If support and early voting trends for Democrats continue to rise. I don't want to jinx things so we must still fight like we are ten points down and as broke(n) as Trump's campaign. But if the good Lord is willing and the blue creek continues to rise, Biden could hand Trump a defeat the likes of which has not been seen in a presidential election in over a quarter-century.

Voters can smell defeat and fear on a candidate and will flee from him in droves. Trump stinks of the fragrance he most fears, loser, and he is going to drag the Republican Senate majority to hell with him as Larry Sabato has Dems potentially winning 6 Senate seats, and possibly 7.

According to fivethirtyeight.com, Texas, Georgia, and Ohio, and Iowa are all trending blue.

To quote 2016 Lyin' Lindsey Graham, "If we nominate Donald Trump, we will get destroyed...and we will deserve it."

A Trump supporting co-worker said this after last night's Town Halls:

"Biden is like a butterscotch candy your grandpa gives you," I replied, "Well butterscotch candy is not my favorite candy. If I had my choice, I would choose a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup or a Snickers, but when we have been force-fed fetid bullshit for the last 3 1/2 years, that butterscotch sounds amazing"!

Biden was not my first, second, or third choice, but goddammit, he is my choice now, at this moment, in this election, I am 100% ridin' with Biden. My wife and I voted absentee for him already, I have donated to his campaign more than any other campaign in my lifetime. I have a sign up in my yard and a bumper sticker on my car (in Oklahoma). I am volunteering as a poll worker. I have sent money to other Democratic candidates and I will happily eat hard candy for the rest of my life if it means we can end this Trumpian nightmare.

So, if the candidates are candy, Trump is those weird orange, circus peanuts coated with bitterness, bigotry, and Covid-19 and Biden is good old fashioned hard-candy butterscotch, like the ones given to us with empathy and support by a kindly grandparent to lift us up when we are feeling down. America needs butterscotch now, more than ever.




Biden's Super Tuesday

It is still very, very early but we are seeing a possible trend with many more Democrats voting for Joe Biden than we thought would be just a week ago.

My preferred candidate, Elizabeth Warren, is running a distant third or fourth behind Biden, Sanders and even Bloomberg. It is obvious America was not and is not ready for a women president which is some seriously sexist bullshit and I, for one, am disgusted by the way female candidates are treated by the press, by their fellow candidates, and by voters.

Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer have spotlighted a fundamental difference between Republican and Democratic Voters; Democrats don't give a shit if you are a billionaire, in fact, we will actively campaign and vote against you if you are uber rich and perceived as trying to buy your way into the Democratic primary.

I think what we may be seeing is a desperate longing for normalcy to the point many will accept boring when it comes to our next president. We are also seeing a deep seated fear in the Democratic Party (and in many conservative and moderate Independents and Republicans) that Trump will win another term and we are going to get behind whichever candidate we believe can take Trump out behind the school and give him the ass kicking he so richly deserves.

The sudden swing back toward Joe Biden, I believe, is indicative of a desire to move away from chaos and disruption that has been the standard operating procedure of Donald Trump. I think many voters fear similar chaos if Bernie Sanders is elected as he has run on the promise to smash the status quo and take on, not only Republicans, but also the "Democratic establishment." If you speak to those outside the democratic bubble, which I do routinely, you will hear a dissatisfaction with Trump but an even greater fear of electing a "socialist." Bernie drives away many of the working class voters his platforms, if enacted, would benefit. Don't ask me to explain why so many are still willing to vote against their own interest, but they are and they will do it again if we don't nominate someone palatable to a wide swath of must win swing states.

Why is Joe Biden resurgent? Biden is the establishment. He has the support of many Democrats and some Republicans. He has more endorsements than anyone else running. He is the favorite, as indicated by South Carolina and polls, of African American voters. He has been in politics for over four decades. He is the safe choice. The nice guy. The boring but reliable American made sedan, who may not make your heart skip a beat when you get in, but will get you where you're going smoothly, safely, and at or under the posted speed limit.

After being strapped in to a stolen souped up monster truck for over three years with an irrational, angry, impaired, mentally deranged driver who routinely steers his terrified passengers over cliffs and into walls for no apparent reason, having a grandfatherly guy who makes sure everyone is buckled in, tunes the radio (yes he still listens to the radio) to a classic rock station and tells us stories about the good old days sounds like welcome relief.

But what do I know? It's just my opinion, and it has proven to be pretty worthless when it comes to predicting elections.

Yes, Kevin, Trump is a threat to our Republic and Democracy.

A facebook acquaintance of mine reacted to a post urging unity from Democrats in the primaries and election in order to defeat the most dangerous threat to our democracy in the history of country. The former co-worker, a conservative republican responded and asked for examples of how Trump is a threat to the republic. This was my response.

Kevin, Facebook would not allow me to post my response to your question in the comments sections because it exceeded 8000 words. So I had to make a new post.

For those who did not read Kevin's insightful question, here is a perfect transcript: You (Steve) histrionically claim Trump (sorry if his name triggers you) is a threat to our Democracy and Republic. Please give examples of how? Also a follow up question, you are so smart and handsome, how do you do it? (Okay, I made up that last question).

Great question Kevin, here is my verbose response, with receipts, as the kids say.

All right. First of all my post was written to encourage unity between Democrats, Independents, and rational Republicans who have been disaffected by Trump's blatant cruelty, and shredding of historical political norms. I doubt you fit into one of those categories, but I may be wrong and if you Identify with one of these groups, welcome to the fight.

As to what Trump (the name does trigger most sane people who have witnessed his actions over the last three years but not in the flippant way you use it here as a means to delegitimize accurate criticism of Donnie and imply weakness on those who are legitimately concerned and afraid) here is a long list:

Personally financially profiting from the presidency: Trumps companies have raked in millions of taxpayer dollars with no accountability or oversight. The treasury department and Secret Service are refused to abide by legally required reporting to hide how much Trump is costing and profiting from US taxpayers.



Nepotism: The entire Trump family (with the exception of poor Tiffany) have been granted wide ranging politically powers including, but not limited to: attending government meetings at home and abroad, seeking and receiving foreign government favors for their personal, for profit, business entities and directing US policy on a range of topics and issues, for which they are wholly unqualified or cleared (see Jared, Ivanka, Don Jr., Eric). US taxpayers are footing the bill for the entire extended family's travel and protection. The presidents political sycophants supporter's families are also the recipients of nepotism benefits (see Giulian, Barr, et al). Republicans would scream and hold endless congressional investigations if a Democrat did this, and rightfully so.


Secret and unaccountable to anyone: Trump has expanded the power of the office of president to previously unheard of levels. He uses executive privilege and executive orders to override laws and the oversight of co-equal branches of government for personal, political, and financial benefit. You may say, "Great, the president was elected by the people to break up the log jam of Washington politics." But how will you feel when another political party is returned to power and does the same thing? Trump has radically expanded the idea of an all powerful, unaccountable executive branch and has abused the powers of the office increasingly since day one. Trump has set dangerous precedents which can be used by successive presidents, and probably will to some extent.

Vendettas and payback: Trump has had the highest turnover of cabinet members and secretaries of any president in history. He fires people like he is still on The Apprentice. There has also been a winnowing down of career government experts in the fields of national security and diplomacy. Many have quit in frustration or protest but some have been fired by Trump because he believed conspiracy theories about them or they simply disagreed with him on one of his many spontaneous and ill advised spur of the moment policy changes.

Directly interfering with the Justice Department, FBI, and military court system: Trump has routinely and robustly violated precedent and, possibly the law, by meddling in investigations, overturning judicial decisions, and using the pardon power to grant clemency as political rewards. There is supposed to be a separation between the president and the justice department. Trump has used his attorney general as his personal attorney. He has used the bully pulpit of the presidency to publicly demand (and sometimes received) firings and demotions of people within the government and military who either truthfully testified about his corruption or investigated complaints of illegal acts.

Lies: All politicians shade the truth to benefit them but no politician in US history has made as many blatant, provably false statements as Trump. He lies routinely and robustly. He never admits to being wrong. He makes false statements in every press conference, in every rally, every time he opens his mouth. Remember how mad you guys got when President Obama said, "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor." Imagine that times x 16,000 (and counting).


You asked, "Would the country be better to elect an avowed Democratic Socialist who, in his 40s, still praised Communist Cuba and the Soviet Union?" My answer is, unequivocally yes. The country would be better off electing a man who made positive statements (you did not provide a source and I have not confirmed this allegation you make against Bernie Sanders) about aspects of Cuba and Russia nearly four decades ago as opposed to one who kowtows and defers to russian president/dictator/former spy Vladimir Putin RIGHT NOW.

Trump also robustly praises authoritarians, dictators, and homicidal leaders of countries like North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the Philippines, and China. He publicly muses and appears to want the powers of Putin to silence the press (Putin has a long history of jailing and killing his political opponents and members of the press who report on his illegal activities, as does the person Trump shares "love" letters with, Kim Jong Un).
While praising and siding with dictators, Trump has gleefully alienated and excoriated US allies who have stood by our side for decades. Here is a list of some of our allies Trump has attacked:

Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Sweden, The United Kingdom.


Spending: Remember the Tea Party? Patriotic Americans who were so upset at the thought of continuing and increasing federal deficit spending and national debt, that they mounted their trusty steeds (buses) across the country and with their tricorn hats adorned with tea bags, loudly protested President Obama for not reigning in government spending and shouted down their representatives in town halls. Remember Republican members of Congress shutting down the government because of unbalanced budgets?

Obama inherited a recession and two wars. Budget deficits actually decreased in the eight years Obama was president but have now skyrocketed under President Trump. Trillion dollar deficits are the norm now, exacerbated by the huge tax cuts for millionaires, billionaires, and corporations pushed through congress by Trump...and nary a peep from the Tea Party patriots in parking lots or Congress. Where are the teabaggers when you really need them?

Trump promised to eliminate the national debt in 8 years, instead he has increased it dramatically and unapologetically. Rapidly increasing debt is unsustainable and represent a direct fiscal threat to our Republic and Democracy and is another example of the blaring hypocrisy of Republicans and fiscal conservatives when it comes to this president.


There are many more things Trump has done and a multitude of ways in which he has subverted and bastardized the massive powers of the president for his own personal gain, but I have run out of time and I doubt most people will read this missive.
You are a smart guy, Kevin. You are politically astute and knowledgeable. You have to see what Trump has done to shred political tradition and norms. You have to be concerned by a president of any party who uses the power of that office for personal financial gain and bludgeons perceived enemies with vulgar tweets and retaliation by our formerly non-partisan divisions of the judicial branch. We should all be concerned about a leader who not only encourages and accepts foreign interference in our democratic elections but also demands and now extorts it.

Finally, Trump and his acolytes use the word "triggered" as an insult to undercut valid criticism and justifiable alarm about the abhorrent behavior exhibited daily by, arguably, the most powerful man in the world. Triggered defined is: causing an intense and usually negative emotional reaction. Do Trump's narcissism, pathological lies and daily assaults on our Constitution, norms, allies, and traditions cause me and the majority of patriotic Americans to have intense negative reactions? Yes.

The question and criticism shouldn't be why are we triggered, but, why aren't you?
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