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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 23,357

Journal Archives

I'm being serious: Donald Trump discovered America

In the sense that Christopher Columbus didn't REALLY discover America: there were indigenous peoples here for thousands of years prior to 1492, BUT in a certain limited historical, political, and financial context, one can posit that Columbus did just that.

Now in 2015, America was getting by with its "indigenous" culture: the melting pot (which was really just a tossed salad) was humming along doing its primitive thing and along came this explorer who reawakened a pre-Civil War/Reconstruction mentality which had been more or less forcibly repressed for over a hundred years in one form or another. He awakened the sleeping giant a la the Nixon campaigns, but he really tore the lid off the top of Dracula's coffin and it is now perpetual night, where the vampires of hate may roam unimpeded. This is the new America, discovered by the grifter family of Trump. Remember, Columbus was not a hero of mythic proportions, not a statesman, not an intellect like Da Vinci: he was businessman who sought profit.

I rest my case.

I figured out the secret of her Kidneys:

M: Donald, Iím on Bialysis

D: Melania, Iím taking off my shoes and socks.

M: your toes are awful

D: well I have Toelio.

M: what? I thought Iíd was called Polio

D: now Iím taking off my pants

M: omg! Your knees are frightening.

D: I have kneesles

M: I thought it was called measles

D: now Iím taking off my underpants

M: oh ho! Now youíre going to tell me you have smallcox, right??

Hey Chuck Todd: The pressure is now all on YOU

because, you slimy motherfucker, you college dropout, David Brinkley-Wannabe, when the history of this era is written, they're gonna be all over you cable hosts, particularly the hosts of the venerated shows, for allowing this renegade, tinhorn Mussolini, this fascistic, perverse, Russian-controlled tool, to have taken over the Executive branch of the United States Government, without calling him out for what he is: what I said before in all my posts plus a brazenly lying son of a slumlord who has no, and I mean NO, redeeming qualities. Even John Gotti was loyal to his underlings and dressed beautifully, for crying out loud. This raft of show hosts, who claim to be journalists, are the sorriest bunch of assholes I've seen in a long long time.

Oh and Chuck: your new beard looks like someone pulled your pubic hair up onto your face with a ratchet wrench.

Now see...THAT's how you go after these assholes...like the Ferret does...no punches pulled. No mealy-mouthed shit.


I "dreamt" that Mueller pulled an Al Pacino from And Justice For All, wherein he as a criminal defense attorney gets up to begin his defense of the miscreant, perverted, abusive judge, brilliantly played by John Forsythe (cast against type) and he posits as to why the horribly abused prostitute would lie about what happened to her. He puts forth various reasons why and then negates them, finishing with the utterance that SHE'S TELLING THE TRUTH. That he's a sick, twisted human being who should go to jail for the rest of his life.

It was the first, I believe, of the Pacino screaming soliloquies which became a staple of his films.

"Feeling sorry for Melania" and other horseshit...

My father, whom I've referred to countless times in my posts, once told me that the most frightening two words a soldier can hear are the words "Unconditional Surrender". That means and meant that the military must fight until the last breath of the enemy is taken from him and the capitulation is forced rather than elective. For my Dad, who agreed with the policy as implemented in WWII, it meant that he would most certainly die on the shores of the islands of Japan, since they were readying his battalion for the land invasion. The bomb was then dropped of course, and the rest is history, and he, unlike hundreds of thousands of others including the resident populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, was spared.

We must fight and force unconditional surrender of these fascists who have co-opted the Federal Government and are systematically destroying anything and everything which promotes liberty, health, welfare, education, science, and Truth. The process can give no quarter to the enemy...not one iota, because even if half-dead, they will rise up and attempt to destroy us.

So I don't particularly want to hear odes to the sanctity of the wives and children of these miscreants. There is a pervasive evil which is imbued in them all and like the Anopheles mosquito or the Medfly, we must eradicate them from the positions of power, starting with dogcatcher and proceeding up the ladder to the Presidency. I for one give not a millimeter of ground. There is no falling back, only marching forward.

AZ: A new term...not the state...

I'm driving in to work this morning and this pops into my brain: as I've stated many times before, I have treated in my practice approximately forty thousand people and supervised the treatment of at lest that many at a dental school here in Philadelphia. I have dealt with the whole gamut of individuals: from literally a Nobel Prize Winner down to convicted rapists and murderers; from venerated politicians down to the lowest scum of street politicos who, in this town, are and were shakedown artists; from clergy who are almost literally saints down to clergy who are accused and sometimes-convicted child molesters. You get the idea...

But this guy in the White House is in a class all by himself, and watching that video of his non-reaction to the young lady telling him that her family was annihilated led me to this conclusion: he is ranked at a Universal Constant:

Absolute Zero: AZ (pronounced AyZee)

When they say there's no moral or ethical floor for him or his behavior they are correct in all respects. As his behavior asymptotically approaches the possible nadir, he approaches the Absolute Zero of human behavior. Thus he shall be known in my parlance as AZ from now on...

I'm old enough to remember bumperstickers in the 50's and 60's:

Keep your (symbol for heart) in America or get your (symbol for back end of a jackass) out

America: Love it or Leave It

Impeach Earl Warren

and others...

This sentiment is of course, hardly new. This malignant tinhorn Caligula has lowered the level of tolerance/acceptance to depths unseen since the MccArthy Era or the worst of the Vietnam War era. Actually even lower...America has great potential for rallying around the oppressed. Unfortunately it may have a GREATER potential for destroying the fabric of Civilization.

I will give this guy credit for one thing: he has taught me how to hate again. I'd almost forgotten how, but I hate him, his repulsive cadre of syncophants, and his equally disgusting family with a passion which rivals in intensity that of the first woman with whom I fell in love. I just want to live long enough to see the end of this and them.

Trump reanimates Bin Laden, resegregates baseball!

Film at 11!!

They uncovered Leonardo DaVinci's computer

It was a miracle. Itíd been left at the Apple store for repair and never picked up. It booted right up and had the MAGA screen saver of course. He and his wife Mona were good friends of the Trumps and of course, if Donald had a shot at her sheís really have been Monaín. Thatís what Donnie told Howard Stern on his radio show. Why do you think she was smiling? She was thinking of Donnie.

You know, I was reading this pathology report to this patient

and it was thundering an lightning outside my window. I read to her that she had an inoperable squamous cell tumor in the floor of her mouth and that there were metastases throughout her body and she may, if she were fortunate, have three months to live but during that time she was going to suffer horrifically increasing pain for which we could do absolutely nothing.

Actually, she was fine: the weather outside caused me to say the above.
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