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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 23,346

Journal Archives

Update on Dentists who happen to be assholes

Sometime ago I posted about A Facebook group to which I belong which is comprised entirely of dentists and dental personnel. I posited then that there was a decent size group, although a minority, of people on the site who were disciples of Trump, who were making the case that this pandemic responsewas an overreaction if not an outright hoax.

Well nothing has changed in this time. This information and lies and general stupidity is posted there routinely, and the moderator, Who claims that he disagrees with these individuals allows the postings. However when we attack these people and their absurd fallacious posts, He posits that we are not being constructive in our criticism, or some such infantile grade school response.

The funny part is, it got personal between two individuals, and one of the anti-sensibility people posted that he was much better looking than one of the people who is on our side. So I did a search online, found a photo of this asshole, and posted it next to the rather nice looking Facebook photo of the righteous fellow. The caption underneath which I wrote was one word: ďReally?Ē I sent a PM to the board moderator and administrator and told him in no uncertain terms that if he strikes my post Iím going to exact revenge online, because heís a rather public figure. I told him that I was sick and tired of his tolerance of stupidity, lies, inanity, and Advice which borders on the genocidal. The post stood.

Most people however, will not speak out against this stuff because they are, and it is typical on chat boards, afraid of the right wingers taking off after them. I have no such fear.

Of course there's reinfection:

And itís going to manifest itself about now the way you can get another cold four, five, or six months later. This is not some wishful thinking exercise: this is a real coronavirus which does what coronaviruses do. It is also probably a self mutating virus and is seen by the body as a different entity than the previous one which infected, or it is more than entirely possible that the immunity is minimal after some number of weeks or months. It is going to be an endemic virus, and we are going to live and die with it.

When I was in school we asked the virology professor why there was no vaccine for the common cold which caused tremendous numbers of hours to be lost in the workplace each year, and also lead to more serious complications in infirm individuals. His response was that if we couldíve had one we wouldíve had one. But we canít have one because itís not so easy.

It is not random that we are beginning to see reinfections in areas where in early cases were noted. It all does in fact make good sense. The fact the common sense is not prevalent these days, the virus has no issue with. Because, the virus doesnít care what you think, what do you feel, or what you think should be the case. Itís going to do what itís going to do: itís like the story with the scorpion and the frog: the frog is the victim because the scorpion does what scorpions do.

I have a confession to make:

No, Iím not a Republican in disguise.

The reason you havenít been hearing from me is because Iíve been watching West Wing starting season one for the last four days. Weíre binging out over here, since I canít bear to look at his ugly face.

Itís a good show although a little contrived. But not as contrived as the show thatís been on since Monday

I Finally figured out why he wears that mess on his head

It is because he thinks itís spelled ďto payĒ, and and thereís nothing better for him than to have someone say that they have to pay him.

You know, itís hard to believe that this old piece of shitÖ Was once a young piece of shit.

I'm upset that it would be a grotesque violation of DU rules

to discuss this Falwell business in the manner in which I would like to.

Now donít get me wrong, I respect those rules and have no problem with them. But oh boy do I have some thoughts.

You can be a cult leader and lose...

My parents, all their friends, everyone we knew were absolute devotees of Adlai Stevenson. He was everything a postwar progressive intellectual could ask for: brilliant, wonderfully spoken with a gigantic vocabulary, able to think on his feet and make sense of anything, fully understood the powers that be in the world following World War II, previously successful politically, well read, and aristocratic in his own right.

Iím not kidding when I say that my parents and everyone I grew up with such shiva for 30 years following his losses in the presidential elections. Every time somebody would stick up their head they would be compared with Stevenson in one regard or another, favorably or unfavorably, the phrase in my household ďwell he still no Adlai StevensonĒ was as common as ďplease take out the garbageĒ. Yes, heís lost resoundingly to a war hero but it didnít matter to them. They felt that Eisenhower was dwarfed in every way by Stevenson, and the rubes of America elected Ike Because they just didnít know any better. The term ďeggheadĒ was coined in order that that Stevensonís intellect would be denigrated.

Of course Iím not comparing Stevenson to Trump, but this notion of inevitability of Trump winning because he has a loyal base is fallacious.

He is going to lose, and lose badly.

I'm done. I've had enough.

Time for TCM or Netflix.


His placard.

I guess thatís how itís spelled now.

I am seriously thinking of leaving the country if He is re-elected

The answer to the obvious question is that I do not want to live with a people who would do this again. Period. I can practice dentistry anywhere or teach. I can barely deal with this now much less if heís validated as a leader.

I have professional and academic connections in Israel and despite everything going on there, at least I can return to my roots for my final years. There is very little left for me here in any sense. And yes, I can still contribute here on DU!!!

Hey! Lookit this!

Itís like time travel! I was watching Andy of Mayberry and there was Steve Bannon in jail!!! Back in the 60ís!!

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